What was makeup like in the past and why do we wear it?

History of makeup in the world

Make up means to add, and in contrast to the word trimming, which means to reduce.  Nowadays, in general terms, both words are associated with beauty of the head and face and mean operations that make people look better.  Usually make-up for women and trim for men goes.

For centuries, a pale or white face was considered desirable because it determined a person’s social status.  In that time It was said that the outdoor working class had sunburned skin and these people should not associate with the upper classes of society who had white and clean skin.  As a result, to achieve a white appearance, men and women used a powder that contained a combination of lead oxide and several chemical substances.

The comb and mirror were the first favorite cosmetics of all men and women.  Remains of the past show that colored materials in makeup and to dye hair, nails and skin, and tattoos were also common.  Make-up dyes from the roots of trees, leaves and other plant natural materials.  A powder called kohl (like kohl) was used to make the eyes clearer and bigger. The soot of the lamp was applied to the eyebrows and Iron oxide was used to make magenta in facial makeup.

There are a variety of cosmetics in museums belonging to the ancient period.  From beautiful combs and hand mirrors made of copper and sometimes silver to stone slabs Shaved in the shape of animals and used to powder kohlrabi and green marble for eye makeup to  small and large dishes in which Cosmetics, pastes and powders or perfumes were stored.  Next to these, the remnants of human hair can be seen, which shows the wig and also used hair extensions and finally a large number of samples of beautiful jewelry complete this collection.

Due to the disadvantages of bleach made from heavy metal compounds, an attempt was made to replace it with a zinc oxide powder and it was made and it is still used.

From 1558 to 1603, face masks became popular.  In this period, masks were made  of egg skin powder, white alum, borax, almond, Poppy seeds, milk, wine, butter, fruits and vegetables.

In the 1800s, they raised their eyebrows and used rice powder to whiten their faces.  They turn the beet juice to redden their cheeks.  In 1820, mascara was invented.  This was the first non-toxic mascara.

Wide eyebrows became fashionable in 1950and 1960, and the cheeks and lips had a soft color.  In the late 1960, restorative and complementary makeup became popular, and again the eyebrows  became narrowed.  From the year 1970 onwards, factories and cosmetics for beauty, health and cleanliness of skin and hair and different colors for day and night make up were offered  and women became more and more attracted to these substances.

In 2002, Botox injections became popular among women as a means of skin rejuvenation.  An invention that actually revolutionized the cosmetics industry.  A method of skin rejuvenation that is still one of the most popular methods in the world to generate lots of money income for manufacturers and its injectors.


The effects of makeup on the community

The face is something that many people do every day.  On average, women spend 29 minutes on makeup to achieve the desired look And a third of women never leave home without makeup.

Once upon a time, only women wore make-up in order to attract the attention of others, and in fact, the eyes, lips and cheeks with  make-up were a sign for propaganda.

These days, makeup-free faces are rare, and sometimes people believe that applying makeup can show their competence and professionalism.

The appearance of people is very important. Handsome  people in job interviews, in court defense, in election campaigns, and finally in finding Beloved, bring more desired results and are more successful.  So it is not surprising that we try so hard to have more appearance and beauty. Because from a social point of view, women are judged more by their appearance, they are more likely than men to use makeup to enhance their beauty.

Our behaviors affect others, and when a person improves their appearance, it affects not only that person but also other people around him.  When we are looking for a potential mate, we are actually competing with other people to get one, and When we improve our appearance, the victory we win in this competition will be to the detriment of others.

Simply put, if we increase our attractiveness a little, our competitor will be less attractive.


What effect does women’s makeup have on men?

The philosophy of women’s makeup for men has two historical roots;  The first is individual beauty and the second is attracting attention and acceptance from people.  Men are  not  robots or a specific group of people to have the same taste, some like a lot of makeup, some a little and some do not like any makeup.

So women’s makeup for men will sometimes be attractive and sometimes unattractive.

But what studies have shown can almost certainly reflect the tastes and beliefs of the majority of men.

But what is interesting to us is that women’s definition of makeup may be different from what men know about makeup.

I know people who use 15 types of cosmetics on their face but still their face looks natural.

There are those who become artificial by applying just a cream.

Most studies have shown that women’s makeup is ineffective for men because they like a natural, makeup-free face.

It can be concluded that everything on its own balance,has its  beauty and charm.

Just as a face with a lot of makeup is unpleasant, a tired and untidy face can also transmit negative feelings to those around it.

In fact, it can be said that all human beings like a natural face that does not have a lot of makeup on it.


The cause of excessive makeup of women

Excessive make-up of women can be specific signs of problems, emotional deficiencies and self-deprecation, etc. in them.  Maybe a person who has lots of makeup , is unaware of the views and judgments that others make about him, and is unable to explain the reason for his behavior.  Concentrated makeup means a measure That the real face of the person is indistinguishable.  In the past, a lot of makeup was seen only in a certain group of women, but today with the changes in Custom and society that have been created, not everyone can be seen with one eye, so it is better to know more about the underlying causes that make women want more makeup.

1- Removing emotional gaps

Those who wear thick make-up in order to be more beautiful may have emotional, love deficiencies or lack of attention and affection from family and spouse.  For this reason, these women show themselves in such a way as to attract the attention of others to show that they have an external existence.  Makeup

If it is out of proportion it is considered a mental disorder.  You should know that excessive makeup is a kind of psychological prostitution because

People who wear too much makeup sell their body and soul to the thoughts of others and they have no  self-confidence.

2- Self-deception:

Many women think that they are not beautiful enough and because of this they are dependent on thick make-up and with thick make-up they want to say that they are sorry for their ugliness.  They are afraid of being seen naturally and do not like others to see their true self so

They have a lot of negative thoughts and to get rid of these thoughts, they turn to a lot of makeup or even a cosmetic procedure.

3- Lack of confidence

Some women, even though they have a good and acceptable face, turn to make-up because they find a new identity and feel satisfied by putting on make-up.  The reason for the excessive makeup of these women is their low self-confidence.  These ladies because of lack of self-confidence,with makeup  they feel that they have reached the beauty they want.

4- Modeling others and extreme fashion

In many cases, women’s excessive make-up can be modeled from their mother, sister or friends. Other reasons for extreme fashion and blind imitation could be others.it is possible for a girl whose friends are all very good at makeup to follow them in this way so that she does not feel losing .


What are the side effects of tattooing as makeup?

According to statistics provided, tattoos are increasing.  According to a survey conducted in 2012, 36% of people who get tattoos are 18 to 25 years old.  But people between the ages of 26 and 40 make up 40 percent of all tattoos. This is like this: of those who were born between 1977 and 11994, approximately 70% of them have two or three tattoos that are not apparent in appearance.  According to The same research of people who are interested in tattoos has found that tattooing has not had a positive effect between their working relationship and friendship.

In some cases, these tattoos become so extreme that one tattoos almost all parts of the body.

Tattoos can affect a person’s social life to the point where they call into question health, job status and even social interactions.

Tattooing has many side effects:

1- Being permanent

One of the biggest drawbacks of a tattoo that can not be ignored is its longevity on the body.  Would you like it another 10 years on your body?  Remember, you have no chance of getting rid of a tattoo unless you have damaged your skin or just you can do High cost laser or surgery.  If you tattoo a name on your skin for someone, are you sure he will stay with you, or do you not regret your decision?

2- Tattoos are very dangerous

If you do a tattoo in front of an expert and skilled person and even in a fully advanced salon, with these conditions, the tattoo will still have a lot of dangerous  side effects.  Some people are allergic to ink and using the ink under their skin can cause them painful skin disorders.  This is how  Hepatitis and AIDS can also be transmitted through contaminated needles and dirty equipment in less expensive places.  In some cases, a person has tattooed in the area of ​​his eye, which unfortunately has led to blindness.  Tattooing can also cause severe skin allergies in the body permanently, because the colors cause a reaction in the body.

3- Your blood becomes contaminated with tattoos and you can not donate blood

In some parts of the world, donated blood is not accepted for up to a year from newly tattooed people.  This rule may not be in some other places in The world .  Because each country and region has its own law and policy.

4 – It is controversial

Some schools do not support the idea of ​​body tattoos.  Some plans are unpopular with the public and may seem like racist and insulting. So you inadvertently make enemies for yourself, it will not be in your best interest at all.

5- Hide skin cancer:

Another danger of tattoos is that they can hide the possible symptoms of skin cancer or other skin diseases.  These include red spot detection, and other pimples and signs that may be related to a skin problem that may remain unknown.

6- Viral diseases

The only way to ensure that the tattoo equipment is sterile is to use an autoclave.  A very expensive device that can be said to be less heard its name on these centers.  Infected needles and common between  people increase the risk for many viral diseases, especially hepatitis C and HIV virus.



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