Do you know what lipstick is made of?

Do you know what lipstick is made of?

Most women go to extremes in their

makeup. Even if they do not wear any makeup, they will definitely use lipstick.  Researchers have yielded shocking facts about the dangers of using lipstick that are shocking to know.

Recently a campaign in France called  Jo’s cervical cancer trust justified the fact that lipstick is the cause of many diseases such as precocious puberty in adolescents and premature menopause and cervical cancer in women.  This

campaign asked all its members to take a photo of themselves removing lipstick and share it with their friends on social media and invite them to stop using lipstick to stay healthy.

Ingredients in lipsticks

Although the amount of each of these ingredients in making lipsticks is different,  but the main ingredients of different types of lipsticks are as follows:

Wax: Wax is used as a shaping element in lipsticks due to its high flexibility.Three waxes can be found in lipsticks: beeswax, candle wax and carnauba wax from Brazilian palm leaves and  It is more expensive than other waxes.

Oil: Castor oil, vegetable oil, nolin and mineral oil are used in the preparation of lipsticks.  Cocoa butter is also an ingredient in making  lipsticks. Wax and oil are the most important components of lipstick and make up about 60% of its weight.

Toxic substances in some lipsticks

Unfortunately, a high percentage of lipsticks contain substances that increase the risk of lung and breast cancer when it’s used.

Many researches have been done on this popular cosmetic and in all of them, even very famous cosmetic brands have been accused that their products contain heavy metals that can lead to cancer and other diseases in the body.

Lead: In case of unauthorized use of this toxic substance in the composition of lipsticks and its entry into the body,lots of diseases like infertility diseases, anemia,mental deficiency and cancer can occur for you . The lead in lipsticks can cause brain damage, high blood pressure and kidney problems.

Toxic substances in some lipsticks

Mercury: Accumulation of mercury in the body leads to hearing impairment, muscle tremors, general anesthesia, disturbance of internal metabolism and Itching of the fingers, toes and lips, and most importantly, it disrupts the function of the nervous system and the growth of brain tissue and  It causes serious damage.

Aluminum: Diseases such as

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bone Diseases, Autoimmune Disorders, Allergies, Epilepsy,

Constipation, heart problems, hyperactivity, kidney disease, osteoporosis and schizophrenia are all associated with high aluminum intake.

Coal tar: Used as a pigment for coloring red lipsticks.  This toxic mixture, if swallowed, causes nausea, headaches and skin irritation.

Lake paints: The use of water-soluble colors  in lakes which are produced  due to the  chemical reactions of the  plants and rocks in rivers are very toxic and carcinogenic,they  irritate the skin and cause skin cancers.

Chemical fragrances: This type of perfume, due to its chemical composition, can cause inflammation, dryness and cracking of the lips.  According to the collected statistics, regardless of the skin absorption of cosmetics, women swallow  2 kg of lipsticks during their lifetime , which significantly increases the risk of lung and breast cancer in women.

Now that you know the ingredients of lipsticks, be more careful when choosing it and choose a lipstick that contains natural compounds and as much as possible and no toxic substances have been used in it.

Look for these words on the packaging cover:

1 -Paraben

Look at the lipstick package and look for any phrase that has the word paraben in it, for example propylparaben,

ethylparaben, etc., which indicates that one of the family members of this harmful substance is present in lipstick.  This chemical can Slightly disrupt glandular activity, in other words, it can ruin the balance of  the state of hormones in your body.  This material is widely used in cosmetics and is actually a preservative that prevents the growth of germs.this substance is also present in mascara, face creams, sunscreens, deodorants, etc.

2-Oxybenzone (causing severe allergies)

If you want to buy lipstick or any kind of lip cream that is claimed to protect your lips from harmful rays of the  Be sure to see it on the label so that it does not contain oxybenzone, this substance can cause Allergies or hormonal disorders and can even damage cells.

3-Fatal (causing hormonal disorders)

Phthalates may be found on lipstick

labels. A material which has been discovered that causes Hormonal disorders , and experiments on animals have shown that they cause defects in their embryos.

There are usually two types of this substance used in cosmetics;  One is benzyl phthalate (BBP) and the other is dibutyl phthalate (DBP.)

4-Butyl hydroxy (carcinogenic)

Hydroxyanisole Butylated is known as a preservative, but recently the US National Toxicology Service says it can lead to cancer, but unfortunately this substance is present in many cosmetics such as lipsticks and eyeliners.

Formaldehyde(Causes of internal complications) Formaldehyde, which is found in many of these products such as lipstick, nail polish, etc.,  and can cause inflammation and skin irritation and in case of chronic contact cause general weakness. Numerous chemical dyes are used in various products, especially in beauty products and cosmetics, and can be problematic if you do not follow certain standards, and in addition to skin side effects, It can also cause many internal complications.

6- Do not trust scents

Look at the label on your cosmetics that does not contain the phrase Fragrance.  Even sometimes in the production of perfumes and colognes,Large amounts of fragrance are added to the product, which can cause headaches, dizziness, skin allergies and discoloration. Whenever you want to buy a cosmetic product, make sure it has the phrase free fragrance written on it

 7- Vaseline (do not use light skin)

Vaseline is present in many lip products and we have heard a lot that it can protect the lips from sunburn and crack and nourish it.  Vaseline is a mineral fat made of oil and these mineral fat oils cause problems in people with bright skin. (for example, they aggravate sunburn) and it interferes in the natural mechanism Moisturizing of the skin,and It makes the skin become dry and fact  You’re  buying a  products with the intention of making your skin soft, supple and beautiful, but Vaseline creates the opposite of this.  Different companies in  producing beauty products use this material because it is extremely cheap.

 7- Vaseline (do not use light skin)

Cosmetics and lead poisoning of children

Lead poisoning in children is a global

problem that leads to complications such as mental retardation and stunted growth.

In the past, contact with paints used to paint buildings was a major cause of lead poisoning, but today, although the amount of lead in paints has decreased, but still lead poisoning with watch batteries (in toys), cement,Cosmetics and jewelry and gasoline and gasoline vapor have been replaced.  Children put everything in their mouths and are likely to accompany dust and paint on equipment and eat lead, too much.  Children grow faster and therefore lead absorbed by bones and organs faster. Unfortunately, all the cosmetics, dyes and oils that are used on the face of some children,Although  they are standard, they are contaminated with heavy metals, and these substances not only transmit infection, but also damage in the long run.In 1991  a study in the United States found that one in every 11 children has lead poisoning.

Cosmetics and lead poisoning of children

Although everyone knows that contact with lead should be reduced as much as possible, still we see that parents allow children to apply lipstick considering that as a safe pastime.  Drowsiness, imbalance, increased activity or growth retardation, increased intracranial pressure and coma are the symptoms of lead poisoning and they are treated after diagnosis. It Recommended for prevention,Keep Plastic toys and batteries out of the reach of children and do not allow them to be put in their mouth and never allow cosmetics for children, even if it is for taking photos or having fun as a child.  Replace lipstick-like items that are available in pharmacies and contain

Lubricants are harmless materials  and can be a good alternative for children.  Once you  let the kids have this fun experience , they want to repeat it, so for their own health, give them a definite negative answer.

Production of lead-free lipsticks is very limited

The issue of lead in lipsticks is not new and sometimes it has been said so much that it is repeated and no one takes it seriously But the issue is so serious that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) starts to investigate and publish the  painful news;  That more than 70% of lipsticks contain lead;  It is not a small amount but above 3.06 ppm

(part in Million) and interestingly, as a result of the second report published in June 2012, this amount of lead has increased in the production of lipsticks and has reached 7.19pp.  It is interesting to know that in this research, the products of many reputable and famous brands are also contained lead;Brands that we buy cosmetics at high prices and think because they are produced by reputable companies in Europe and the United States are healthy they  but full of mercury;  Even lipsticks with the natural title written on them.  According to these reports there is not much difference between lipsticks. The important  thing is to use them properly to reduce the amount of contamination.

What does lead in the lipsticks do to you?

Lead, which enters the body through cosmetics such as lipstick, enters the bloodstream to reach a constant level and over time this extra lead enters soft tissues, especially brain cells.  High doses cause kidney failure and  permanent damage in the brain.  In adults, an increase in the amount of lead in the blood may increase the blood pressure in people and even there is the possibility of passing this amount of lead from mother to baby.  Children are affected by lead that enters the body before or after birth and may suffer from psychological and neurological damage.  The most harmful effect of lead has been seen on children’s behavior, accuracy and IQ.  Therefore, there seems to be no level of lead safety that does not have a detrimental effect on infants and fetuses.  Research in Europe shows that 85% of lead reaches the body through cosmetics while only 7% through water, 5%

enters the human body through food and 3% through air.

 Counterfeits are more troublesome

It is harmful to use different cosmetics ,and it’s worse if the cosmetics are made from counterfeit brands and substandard brands and these losses are multiplied.  Due to embargoes , reputable global companies are refusing  to send standard cosmetics to countries that  are developing and most of the cosmetics that enter those countries are counterfeit.  Use of  Poor quality cosmetics cause skin infections, skin wounds, brittleness and hair loss, baldness, acne and irreparable  injuries in the body.

What to do with these lipsticks?

When lipstick stays on the lips for long hours, it may be unintentionally  swallowed by eating and drinking.

As a result, the body’s contact with the toxins in lipstick increases.

Researchers have found that women and girls who use a lot of lipstick in excess of the daily allowance, receive elements such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium and manganese. Therefore, these elements accumulate in the body over time and cause poisoning.  also

Sleeping with lipstick increases the risk of these side effects.  So before going to bed at night, be sure to clean  your makeup completely and remove the lipstick.


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