4. Track and edit customer orders

The list of all orders can be seen in the customer orders menu. The operations of deleting, editing, changing the status of orders to completed or stopped modes or any other mode as well as filtering orders can be done according to the customer’s name and the time of order registration (photo below).

The photo below also shows the order page, which includes customer and product information. Different modes of changing the order number, editing the order status and sending notes to the customer or the seller’s own private note can also be seen in the image below, which will be explained one by one below.

After clicking on the refund button, the items in the picture below can be seen that the seller can request the refund of a number of products and determine whether this number wants to be added to his inventory or not. In the example below, 25 products have been ordered, 4 of which have been requested for refund, so finally 21 products have been sold and sent to the customer. By activating the “Restock refunded items” option, these 4 products will be added to the inventory. Of course, at this stage, the refund request must be approved by one of the site administrators, and without the approval of the administrators, the customer order will not change. As a result, after requesting a refund, you must wait for the managers to respond, and the final result will be displayed in the order notes section.

After confirmation of the refund request by the administrators, the order will be displayed to you as a photo below.

In another part of the order editing page, the order status box can be seen, which can be seen in the photo below of the different statuses. After clicking the ((Update)) button, the order will be in your desired state.

In another part of the order editing page, the order note box can be seen that you can see the process of order status changes or any other change in the form of short messages in this section. In this section, you can leave a message for the customer and also send shipping information (shipping and product delivery tracking number). If you send the wrong message, you can delete the note and resend the correct message.

In this section, you can also write a private message for yourself that this message is not shown to the customer and is only visible to you.

In the picture below, the message of shipping information and confirmation of sending the order has been sent to the customer, and the rest of the messages, which are seen as a faint background, are visible only to the vendor.

In the picture below, you can see how the seller notes are displayed in the customer dashboard. If the customer also wants to send a message to the seller, he can easily proceed from the online chat section or support message. The image below shows the support button at the bottom of the page. Contact information for the seller can be found in more detail on the special store page for the seller.

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