12. Store settings

The last part of the vendor dashboard is the settings section, where the most important vendor information is entered. In the picture below, the settings button can be seen in the dashboard.

The first and most important part of the settings is the store section, where the following list of items can be set:

  • Store banner: Take a beautiful photo related to your store in 625*299 pixels and upload it in this section. If the photo you have taken has other dimensions, in this section you can edit its dimensions and save it in standard dimensions by cutting parts of the photo.
  • Profile Picture: This image in small dimensions in different parts of the site, introduces you to customers.
  • Store name: This is the name you chose at the beginning of registration and in this section you can change the store name. Your store URL cannot be changed, but you can change the store name at any time.
  • Store Categories: In this section you have to determine in which categories you want to sell your product and in which areas you are specialized. If you are active in all categories and have the ability to sell in all fields, in this section you must select all categories.
  • Store Products Per Page: Your product list is visible in your personal store. If you have a lot of products for sale on the Jafi site, you can help speed up your store display by properly paginating products in smaller numbers. 12 numbers per page is a standard and appropriate amount.
  • Addresses and phone numbers: Jafi site customers are in different countries and most of them want to see the addresses and ways to contact the store and call you if necessary or come to your store. So complete this information carefully.
  • Email: By selecting this option, your email will be displayed to all users in your store
  • More products: By activating this option, a number of your products can be seen on the page of each product, and in addition to seeing a specific product in your store, the customer can also view several other items of your products as a list. Like the photo below.

  • Map: This section is not currently activated in Jafi Store and will be activated in the future. In this section, you can show the exact location of your store on the map so that customers can find vendors on the map.
  • Terms and Conditions: Enter your sales rules in this section so that customers can buy from you without confusion and with complete information.
  • Store opening and closing time: In this section, set the days when you can respond to customers. Service all week and 24 hours a day can make customers optimistic about your store.
  • Store Open Notice: In this section, specify what message you will display in the store if your store was open and you were able to respond to customers.
  • Store Close Notice: In this section, specify what message you will display in the store if your store was closed and you were unable to respond to customers.
  • Go to Vacation: If you want to close the store for a few days, enter the time and message of closing from this section by selecting the option ((Instantly Close)) or ((Date Wise Close)).
  • Discount: In this section, you can consider a general discount for all your orders by specifying the minimum order amount and discount percentage. This discount is applied in the order shopping cart and if the customer’s order is more than the minimum amount you have specified, the general discount will be considered for the customer’s order and will be displayed in the shopping cart and settlement. Photo below.


  • Biography: In this section, enter a complete description about yourself and the history of the store so that the customer becomes more familiar with you. The information you enter in this section will help a lot in building trust in the customer.
  • Enable Support: Specify where the support button is displayed. The text of the support button can also be adjusted by you in this section.
  • Enable Live Chat: Enable this option if you can communicate with customers via Live chat. It is recommended that you always be available to the customer.

The parts that are described are shown one by one in the photo below.


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