8. Hiring employee

In this part of the store dashboard, you can hire an employee. Please note that the email belonging to your employee should not have already been registered on the Jafi site. The email entered in the image below is created for the first time on Jafi’s site. If your employee has already registered on the site and has an account, you can not add him to your list of employees from this section and you must register your employee with a new email. If for any reason you fire your employee and remove him / her from the list of employees, all information about your employee such as orders purchased from Jafi site or support messages and generally all information about your employee account It is completely removed from the site and can no longer be restored. So choose your employee very carefully.

Even if you delete your employee, the changes your employee has made in the store will remain, and only the employee’s personal account information will be deleted. As a result, your store will not change, but your employee will no longer be able to see their personal information. Given the above, it is better that your employee has two user accounts on the Jafi site. A special account for your store and a personal account to buy from the site and send a personal ticket. This is because if you decide to remove him from your list of employees in the future, there will be no important information in his personal account.

By selecting the ((edit)) option in the image below, you can change your employee information or set an employee password.

The password is entered at the end (as in the photo below). Your employee can log in to the site with the email and password you registered and change and view the sections you have specified.

By selecting the ((Manage Permissions)) option, you can select the desired accesses for your employee. For example: If you do not want your employee to have access to the orders section, disable the orders option from this section. There are many options in this area so you can easily manage your employees. You can hire several employees with different access levels. In the picture below, you can see some of these settings.

After you create the employee, Jafi site sends an email to your employee as shown below to ask her/him to enter the site and change the password if desired.

After your employee arrives, the following photo will be shown to him / her, which can start working by entering a new password and confirming it.

An example of your employee dashboard could be as shown below. The options that are enabled in the employee dashboard depend entirely on the settings and permissions you specify.

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