11. Customer ticket management by the vendor

Customers can send a ticket to the vendor through the support button. These tickets are stored in their account and they can return to it in the future. In the picture below, the ticket submission button for the customer is shown. This button is also displayed in different sections of the site, such as the product page and after registering the order.

After selecting the support button, the box shown in the picture below is visible to the customer, and after filling out the form and selecting the send button, the ticket will be sent to the vendor.

In the picture below, the list of customer tickets can be seen in the seller’s dashboard. You can close the ticket or view its details through the items specified in the photo.

After selecting the ticket, you will enter its details page. In this section, the answer to the ticket is written and if you wish, by selecting the option ((Close Ticket)) and then ((Submit Reply)), you will respond to the customer’s message and the ticket will be closed at the same time. If the customer sends you a ticket to track a specific order, you will also see the order number and link at the top of the ticket details page.

In the picture below, the customer can see the list of tickets he/she sends to the vendors in him/her account and receive the vendor reply and send the message again.

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