6. Customer discount coupons

In the discount coupon section, you can create a string of numbers and letters by entering information such as the photo below and give a discount to your customers. The list of coupon can be seen from the same section of the vendor dashboard and there is also the ability to edit and delete coupons.

  • Coupon title: It is better to enter a string of numbers and English letters in this section so that the customer can get a discount on your product by copying this string in the desired section.
  • Description: In this section, enter a short text about the store discount plan.
  • Type of discount: In this section, you specify whether the discount is a percentage or a fixed amount. Discounts are usually defined as a percentage, but you can give a fixed amount discount for your products.
  • Amount: In this section, the discount amount is entered as a percentage or a fixed amount. For example, if the type of discount is a percentage and this part is also set to 10, this plan will have a 10% discount.
  • Email Restrictions: You can only give discounts to your specific customers. If you leave this field blank, the discount coupon will be applied to all customers who use it.
  • Usage Limit: The number of times customers are allowed to use the discount is set in this section. For example, if you enter the number one in this field, this discount coupon is only allowed to be used once and in fact only one customer can use it once.
  • Expire Date: The end time of the opportunity to use the discount coupon is entered in this field.
  • Exclude Sale Items: By selecting this option, the discount coupon is disabled for products that have a default discount and can only be used for products without a discount.
  • Minimum amount: You must select the minimum amount that the customer can use the discount coupon from this section. The customer’s order must be more than this amount to apply the discount coupon.
  • Product: The vendor can choose one, several or all of the product he sells in his store. The discount coupon will only work for this product list.
  • Exclude Products: Vendors can also disable discount coupons for one or several specific products, excluding a list of products from the discount.
  • Show on store: Select this option to display the coupon publicly in your storefront.

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