13. Brand registration and custom attributes

If you did not see your desired value in the product creation and editing section and in the product attribute section, you can send your product information to the site administrators by creating a “custom attribute” to be included in the attribute list. Consider the following example:

Brand registration: If you want your brand to be registered in the list of brands, it is enough to create a “custom attribute” in the first product you send and name it “brand” and enter your brand information and at the end with Save product Add to brand list. (Like the photo below)

Brand registration and custom attributes

In the figure above: First, click on the Add attribute button, and after creating a “Custom attribute”, enter its name as the word “Brand”, and then enter your original brand name in the “Value” section. In this example, the brand ((Jafi)) is registered. Use the same method to record any other attributes such as: size, country, usage, etc.


Determine the minimum and maximum order quantity and number in each gin:

  • Simple product: Jafi’s site strategy is based on clothing wholesale, and for this purpose, the minimum number of orders and the number of products in each gin must be specified exactly. If you wish, you can also register the maximum number of orders with the method we teach, so that the customer can not buy more than a certain amount in each order.

To record Min (minimum number of orders), Max (maximum number of orders) and Step (number per gin), you must enter the value of each in three separate lines in the section ((short product description)). The image below shows these values for a simple product.

Brand registration and custom attributes

In the figure above, for a simple product, for example, the minimum number of products per order is recorded min = 10, and the maximum is max = 110 and the number of products per gin is step = 5. These numbers mean that you intend to sell a minimum of 2 gin and a maximum of 22 gin of the product, and in each gin you have put 5 products in different sizes and colors or the same. Detailed details of sizes and colors can be stated in the description so that the customer is familiar with the exact specifications of your product. If the maximum number of products does not matter to you and you can send as many products as the customer wants, then you must set the value max = 0 so that this amount is recorded infinitely on the site. Obviously, the values ​​of min and max must be a factor of the value of step.

  • Variable product: The following figure shows the location of min, max and step values ​​in variable products. In fact, in a variable product, you can specify these values ​​individually for each variable you define and in different values ​​if desired. For example, if you have a product in two colors, blue and red, which have different prices and specifications, you should create this product as a variable and record 2 colors in different amounts. For each value (blue or red) you can enter the values ​​of min, max and setp differently. For example, for blue it can be min = 6, max = 36 and step = 6, but for red it can be min = 14, max = 56 and step = 7. The customer will see their own values ​​for each color.

Brand registration and custom attributes

The following video shows how to display and operate the min, max and step values in a practical way.

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