1. Register and Verification

In the following two ways, you can register as a vendor on the Jafi Company website.

  • First, register as a customer and then upgrade the access level in the user panel to vendor.
  • Select the option to register vendors at the beginning of registration on the site and enter the required information.

From the photo below, you can see the registration button at the top of the site.

As explained, the user can register as a vendor at this stage and complete the form as shown below and enter the sales panel by clicking the ((Register)) button.

If you have already registered as a customer, after logging in to your account, select the option ((Become a Vendor)) similar to the photo below, and after completing the form (similar to the previous photo), enter the vendor account.

After registration, the sales dashboard (pictured below) with limited features will be displayed for you. From the “Settings” section, you can enter your information and upload the required photos and documents to speed up your approval process by site administrators and increase the level of access and points of your account. Information, photos and documents related to ((Store)) and ((Verification)) are the main priority. If you complete other additional information, Jafi site administrators will give your store a higher score.

After this step, you must wait for the approval of the site administrators to activate your account. If the approval of the administrators took more than 24 hours, follow your request from the ticket section (in the customer account section) or ((Contact Us)) or Live Chat (in the lower left part of the site).


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