The most important difference between men and women in terms of physics and psychology

Man and woman are both human beings and naturally have many similarities with each other, while in some cases there are differences.

  1. Men and women have different criteria for life satisfaction. Men for a good job and success at work and women for the family and Children.
  2. Men understand situations in general and have a general and comprehensive thinking, but women focus more on details and subtleties.
  3. Men are constructive, creative, risk-averse and seek new experiences, but women choose the most valuable information and pass it on to the next generation.
  4. Men need to put their goals into action, but women are primarily concerned about their relationships with others.
  5. Men get twice as sick as women, but women care more about their health.
  1. Women tolerate pain and monotonous work better than men.
  2. Women and men have the same feeling of jealousy, but men can better hide this feeling.
  3. Women accept the influence of their husbands more easily. But men resist the influence of women.
  4. Women are afraid more than being angry, but men are more angry than being afraid.
  5. Women are more tolerant of physical suffering and less of emotional suffering, but men are more resistant to emotional suffering.
  6. a mother loves all her children almost equally, but the father loves children who listen to him and study andbe more successful.
  7. Fear, anger, surprise, calmness, anxiety and pleasure are clearly visible on the face of women when talking, but men when listening are calm and their face does not change much.
  8. Women pay more attention to the past during their lives and look to the future a little. But men pay more attention to the future and they easily forget the past.
  9. Men are affected by sight, but women are more affected by hearing
  10. Loyalty is more in women than men.
  11. Women become kind and aggressive in their youth, and violent and selfish in their old age, but men become violent and selfish in their youth and kind in their old age.



What is the difference between the brain and nervous system of men and women?

Why do men and women often don’t understand each other?

– In the female brain, there are more connections between the left and right hemispheres, which gives women the ability to have more speech skills.

– In men, there is less communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, that give men the ability to have more skills in abstract reasoning and visual-spatial intelligence.  Men are better at solving technical problems.

– Communication between two hemispheres of the brain in women is 10 percent more than in men. Women do better communication between the hemispheres of their brain and have The ability of doing multiple and different tasks at a time. That ability of multiple tasking Is less in men.

– Men tend to categorize information and store it in their brains.  Women tend to browse information over and over in their brains.

– Women have an inductive thought and reach from the part to the whole; They want more emotion and affection and are hesitant to make decisions; in deciding they need more information but easily admit their mistakes.

– Men argue in a deductive way and go from the whole to the part and ask for more information.  They decide faster and less willingTo admit their mistake.



Differences between men and women in understanding different issues

1. Auditory perception

Women have an extraordinary ability to hear that almost they hear them from 100 audio stimuluses.

A study was conducted in a large orchestra hall where about two hundred and fifty people played various instruments and most of them were recognized by women; While the gentlemen who were the conductors of the orchestra could not hear the sound of some of these instruments. This not hearing isn’t  due to weakness in their  hearing, but because humans have a filter in the brain through which all sounds pass and a pleasant sound passes through it, it seems that this filter is less sensitive in women’s brains, so women hear almost all sounds and men only hear the chosen sounds.


2. Ability of sight

Women have more eyesight than men, and this is because women have partial perception and men have general perception.  Ladies see all the details and men only see generalities. In this sense, women are faster at perception than men.  Understanding means that the person is fast and accurate Understanding the details of something.  On the other hand, men are stronger than women in facial recognition.


3. Feeling and perception of smell

The sense of smell is greater in women and is stronger in pregnant women than in normal women.  This is because the amount of estrogen and estrogen increases during this period. Olfactory power is the emotional connection between mother and child.  In one study, a number of mothers were blindfolded and then placed one by one in front of babies and mothers recognized their baby through their sense of smell.


4. The power of taste

Women have a higher taste power than men.  Sometimes women complain that their husbands praise their food before, but after a while they become indifferent. This indifference is related to the poor sense of taste of men.


Stereotype thoughts about women

Most people consider the following traits as female characteristics:

1 – Conservative work

2 – Concern for the emotions and feelings of others

3- Has deep religious tendencies

4 – A desire for security

5 – Intense interest in art and literature

6 – Simply express subtle emotions.


Stereotype thoughts about men

Just as there are stereotypes about women, there are stereotypes about men.  Men’s ideal social characteristics should include traits Such as aggression, independence and self-sufficiency, insensitivity and self-confidence, and the following characteristics are attributed to men:

1 – He is very independent.

2 – Aggression and hegemony.

3 – Not easily affected.

4 – Deeply fascinated by mathematics and scientific papers.

5 – In the face of crises, maintain his self-control.

6- He is active in many fields and has deep competitive tendencies.

7- He acts almost like a leader.

8- He has a lot of self-confidence and is very ambitious.

9 – Deeply aware of the customs and cultures of the world.


Do men live longer or women?

The longevity of men and women is different and this difference is rooted in some habits and their whole body system. In general, the average human life has been reported to be about 78 Years, 9 months and 15 days that on average, men usually live 5 years less than women. According to medical research, the reasons for longer life of women are the followings:


1. The fetal period of girls is more resistant than boys

Infectious diseases during pregnancy are more common in boys than girls, which leads to earlier mortality and lower age and life expectancy among men. Also, the lack of body tissue formation is more common in boys than in girls, for example pulmonary insufficiency at birth can be noted that many of these people experience death earlier than natural death.


2. Women are less likely to be reckless and fearless than men

The cause of accidents in men has been identified as the third leading cause of death and the cause of accidents in women has been identified as the sixth leading cause of death and this to the biology of men. Risk acceptance in men is much higher than women, which is a risk factor for shortening life in men.


3. Women have less  heart attacks in comparative to than men

Heart attack is a common cause of death between men and women.  But men are more likely to have a heart attack than women. The average age of men in having a heart attack is 30 and 40 years and there have been reports that women will have a heart attack 10 years later and this attack is  after women’s menopause. This factor can also be very effective in reducing the average life expectancy of men.


4. Women have stronger social networks and make friends easier

Studies show that those with stronger communication levels are 50 percent less likely to have a heart attack than those with weaker communication levels.

Men are less likely to get advice about their problems, and women are more likely to talk about problems.It can reduce the risk of heart  attack to 50 percent.


5. Is suicide more common in men or women?

Studies show that 10% of the world’s deaths are related to suicide, which is about 800 thousand people in the world and  Suicide is one of the 10 leading causes of death in the world, as well as every 100 thousand death in the world, more that 12 of them commit suicide.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death between the ages of 15 to 29 worldwide. Women are 3 to 4 times more likely to commit suicide than men, but if they commit suicide, men are more likely to die than women.

Women are more likely to use non-violent methods such as drug overdose, while men are more likely to use violent methods  such as shooting or execution , which makes them more likely to die.


6. Are women more tolerant of pain or men?

Research has shown that men and women have different sensitivities to pain, and women suffer from more chronic pain in life.

This may not be good news for women, but women suffer just as much as the most severe pain of humanity,  which is childbirth and suffer from chronic pain more than men. In fact, women experience more severe and annoying pain in their lives than men.

According to researchers, women are often unable to perceive heart attacks because they are more tolerant of pain. And the heart attack is not diagnosed in women because of their high pain tolerance. This means that women are more likely to suffer from a latent heart attack, but they do not understand what is happening.


Why are most of the perpetrators male?

Global statistics show that only 14% of those sentenced to imprisonment are women.The difference in crime between men and women is significant and in fact the face of crime in the world is still masculine.

According to global statistics, most men are slightly more likely than women to be victims of crime.  For example, judicial statistics show that more men are victims of crimes such as theft and violence.  In contrast the possibility that women are victims of domestic violence, violence by the partner and sexual harassment are more common than men.

Women are less likely than men to be present in society, less likely than men to learn violent behaviors, and less likely than men to associate with offenders.

As a result, women are much less likely than men to commit offenses.  In addition, in case of committing a violation, women pay a lot of social and psychological costs, so they are less likely to be willing to take the risk of risky behavior.

However, some researchers have questioned the accuracy of global statistics showing that crime is manly.  In their opinion, the rate of commission to crime is not so different between men and women, but society is more tolerant of women committing crimes than men. In the opinion of this Experts, women are less likely than men to report crimes to the police or judicial authorities, and if women are charged, for a variety of reasons, They are less likely to be convicted, and even if convicted, women are always more likely than men to be entitled to a reduced or pardoned sentence. And plaintiffs whose defendants are women are more likely to drop their grievances.  That is why statistics tell more about men’s crime.


What is the difference between the speed and manner of learning in men and women?

Every human brain is made up of millions of neurons and contains 100 trillion connecting cells; an adult human brain has three layers; The cerebral cortex which is located in the upper part, the lymphatic system is in the middle and the brainstem, which is the lowest part of the brain and is connected to the spinal cord;  each of these layers also have a special function.

There is no doubt that there are fundamental differences between the learning of men and women,we don’t mean and  it can not be said that the one is the  superior gender and one is  the weaker gender.

In terms of memory, there are significant differences between men and women, women can keep more information in their memory in the short term.

But men, if something is interesting to them, they keep it better in their memory, while women are better in terms of memory, men are especially strong in space skills, and men’s reasoning is such that they start from the whole and go to the part, and the speed of their reasoning is also faster than women, which is why men are more successful in multiple-choice tests.

Women’s  thinking in such a way that they start from the small details  and go from the part to the whole;  Men learn better when mathematics is taught But when form and object are used to teach math and teaching becomes more objective, learning becomes easier for women.

Men are more advanced in logical and mathematical intelligence and rely more on this intelligence than women, but recent studies show, women’s mathematical intelligence has also been strengthened.


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