How does the color and material of clothes cause nervous breakdown and various diseases?

The effect of clothing on human health

The effect of clothing on human health


Clothing as a thing that is almost constantly in contact with the human body can  due to differences in color, gender, model and the size has different effects on humans  health and if it becomes  selected properly , can be a factor in human health.


2-affecting factors of clothes fabric

Influencing factors are divided into three general categories according to the type of clothing: production and transmission of electrical charge, permeability of clothing and reflection and repulsion of internal and external waves.

Each of these factors can be different according to the type of clothing and create different effects on humans. Among All types of clothing, those made of cotton or linen are the most suitable clothings  because they do not increase the electrical charge in the body and thus provide peace of mind and increase human tolerance, and because of their similarity to humans skin and it  physiologically permeable to and helps to expel excess body heat and plays an effective role in human health.

3-five types of materials which clothes are made from:

1- Natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk.

2- Natural materials with an intermediate: such as wool, hair, fluff.

3- Natural materials with two intermediates: such as animal skins.

4- Minerals: such as gold, iron, silver, etc.

5- Synthetic materials – synthetic fibers, polyester, rayon, etc.

Currently, about 90% of people’s clothes are from the fifth type.  We need to investigate what is the cause?

Obviously, they are all produced from oil, which changes their nature in special laboratories, and has nothing in common with the first  and the second type. The fifth category causes very heavy physical, mental, psychological and family losses and causes sexual and emotional reluctance, divorce, desire for addiction, aggression, and so on.

The skin feeds from clothing through shedding pores.  Unfortunately, most clothes, especially underwear, are made of petroleum and plastic materials

And have chemical dyes that over time have side effects such as increased dryness, skin sensitivity, exacerbation of infection and eczema.

4-Properties of different fibers and its effect on human health

Fibers are generally divided into two categories, synthetic and natural.

Natural fibers are also divided into three general categories of vegetable, animal and mineral,  which they are used for preparation of various fabrics more than

Cotton, linen, wool and silk .

4-1-Properties of linen fabrics

These fabrics have a smooth and shiny surface and they become  clean faster than cotton.and it was known as the symbol of purity  in ancient Egypt.  They are good absorbers of water and absorb sweat and cause cooling when they get wet. If human underwear is made of linen in four seasons, The skin of the body, which is a manifestation of health, will be soft and delicate and will prevent abnormal thinness.

4-1-Properties of linen fabrics

Due to the smooth surface of its fibers, it is sensitive to dirt and bacteria. Linen is used in hygienic fields and  is usually used to prepare doctors’ gowns and handkerchiefs.

 4-2 – Properties of cotton fabrics

Fabrics which are made from cotton fibers are heat transfers and transfer body heat to the outside, thus They are cool and have good thermal insulation, and the body is better ventilated with these fabrics.

 4-2 - Properties of cotton fabrics

4-2-1 – Properties of cotton clothes


_Eliminates sweat and body odor

_Breast emollient

_Calming and shaking control

_ Obese (good, useful and meaty obesity)

_ Prevention and treatment of gynecological infections

_ Prevention and treatment of cysts, especially in the uterus

_Help treat premature ejaculation

_ Boosts memory

_ Help in infertility treatment

_Prevention and treatment of testicular inflammation

_Treatment of obsession and anxiety

_Increases breast milk

_ Wound healing

_Prevention and treatment of blemishes

_Prevention and treatment of warts


_The best dressing for burns and wounds

_Remedy for shortness of breath

_Regulation of circulatory disorders

_Relieves fatigue

_Helps treat digestive problems

4-3-Properties of woolen fabrics

wool is an animal fiber  that is made up of a special protein called creatine.  FromThe physical properties of wool can be attributed to its elasticity, thinness and elegance, radiance and clarity, strength, moisture absorption, warmth and anti-electricity.Fabrics made of wool are insulated due to the storage of air between their fibers and  heat dissipation and electric charge to the body.

Due to their insulation, they keep the warm layer around the body constant and keep the body warm, and because of their moisture properties. They absorb body sweat and evaporate it slowly, and thus it keeps the body warm.

4-3- خواص پارچه¬های پشمی

4-4-Properties of silk fabrics

Silk fabrics are made from silk, which is one of the animal fibers. These fabrics are beautiful and delicate, and just  like wool,they have great power in absorbing water and weak alkalis such as soap and ammonia have very little effect on it. They do not transfer heat and retain heat.

4-4-Properties of silk fabrics


These fabrics play the role of insulation and prevent the body from expelling and electric transmission to the outside, and of course, they have harmful effects on the active and sensitive posture of men because naturally the metabolism in the body of men is more and should not be  stimulants by other things , this may be why men are not allowed to wear silk.

 4-5 – Properties of synthetic fibers

Nowadays , due to the advancement of technology and modern chemical sciences, synthetic fibers have replaced natural fibers, and unfortunately these fibers do not have anything in common with the natural and biological conditions of the body and can be the source of various disorders in the body in different ways.  All Clothes made of synthetic fibers have the property of generating electricity and thus causing nerve stimulation. They Are Heat conductor and the body feels very hot and because they can not easily absorb body sweat causes allergies and skin irritation.

 4-5 - Properties of synthetic fibers

 5 – The effect of clothing color on human health

Indian doctors believe that color is both internal and external, and colors undergo a level of energy,  effect the body and mind of  the human .  Based on the knowledge of chromatology, it has been  understood that color has a special effect on living beings as well as on the human soul and  humans can distinguish colors in their minds, and experience has taught us that each color creates different feelings for  us.  Now let’s talk about the properties of some colors.

5-1 -Properties of white color

White is a shiny color and because it passes all the waves, it avoids germs and is a sign of purity of appearance and interior.

It does not cause allergies and captures  all the good reflected waves, so it does not produce much heat and maintains

And regulates body temperature, which is centered in the cerebral hypothalamus.  Prevents damage from mosquitoes because the mosquitoes are afraid of white..  Free of any toxic substances such as arsenic, chromate, lead and aniline, that each of them may cause allergies or poisoning.

5-1 -Properties of white color

5-2 -Properties of blue

The blue color is refreshing and transparent.  It brings inner peace and symbolizes security, peace and order.  Reduces muscle tension,Therefore, it is suitable for those who have high blood pressure and calms the pulse and respiration because it reduces blood pressure and effect in The parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. It is analgesic and it’s useful especially for nervous pains and emotions,obsessive-compulsive disorder, insanity, fever and insomnia.  Flies flee from it and mosquitoes are attracted to it.

5-2 -Properties of blue

5-3 -Properties of green color

This color creates peace, joy and happiness and causes spiritual balance and increases human understanding and tolerance.  Reduce migraine pain and  eliminates insomnia and creates a sense of superiority in terms of power in human beings by creating endurance and resistance to change and  Prevents stomach ulcers and indigestion, which are often caused by discomfort and anxiety.

5-3 -Properties of green color


5-4-Properties of yellow

Yellow has a warming mode.  If it is clear, it will be pleasing to look at, and if it is inclined to orange, it will make you excited and  it  Slowly increases the pulse.  It is seen earlier than other colors and is used more to attract attention than others. It is a sign of happiness and creates a state of hope and can sometimes lead to muscle contraction.

5-4-Properties of yellow

5-5 -Properties of red color

Red is warming, raises blood pressure but reduces respiration, is stimulant, active and sympathetic.  Increases Sexual activity and increases its flow.  It is useful for attracting attention and signaling from long distances and constant contact with this color causes psychological reactions to stimulate the nerves and its effect on public activity causes a loss of calm and comfort.

5-5 -Properties of red color

5-6-Properties of black color

Black represents the absolute boundary.  In some cases, such as mourning and  and the cover of women in society and for preventing greed and reducing sexual desire is recommended.  But it is better not to use it widely by women and youth. Because It increases sadness and depression and the tendency to isolate in a person.

5-6-Properties of black color

 6- The effect of tight clothes on human health

Wearing tight clothes, especially in long hours , have a great impact on the human body and endanger its health.  These effects include circulatory disorders, decreased respiration, increased infectious diseases and Stomach reflux in pregnancy, fatigue and bruising, digestive problems, the spread of breast cancer and urticaria and skin allergies.

 6- The effect of tight clothes on human health

Wearing tight pants can also lead to fungal and microbial infections and the dangerous disease of masturbation.

Masturbation also has harmful effects such as jealousy, sadness, isolation, lethargy and cowardice, low memory, shortness of breath,fatigue, bloating and discomfort related to the genitals and retina.

7-Relationship between clothing model with culture and its effect on human health

Clothing is a symbol of human personality and expresses the inner secrets of people, and everyone shows its thoughts and ideologies in his life with what they wear.

If a person is not aware of life and does not know the principles of his true life, he will be blindly imitating the culture of others and will have consequences such as moral corruption and spiritual decline.  Because  nudity and improper coverage

Cause Numerous deviations and stimulation of sexual instinct in people and if people do not have control over their feelings and emotions, they will do

negative lusts and consequent corruptions such as rape, murder, stalking and sexually transmitted diseases and various diseases and   Intercourse will lead to divorce and non-marriage.  In contrast, proper coverage reflects the soundness of the intellect and the health of the soul

Because the more perfect the human intellect, the less it suffers from mental illnesses such as depression, suicide and sexually transmitted diseases.

8-Plastic fabrics pose a serious threat to human health

Many people suffer from irregular and vague symptoms such as nausea, headache, pimples and blisters, hives or skin irritation, The basis for these symptoms in sensitive people may be in reaction to the clothes they are wearing.  Synthetic materials such as acrylic, Nylon, polyester and plastic chemicals used in clothing are heat generators and cause skin problems.  Unfortunately nowadays  Emphasis is placed on beauty and cheapness and the number of garments produced, which is possible only with oil-based plastic clothing.

Teflon additive is now increasingly used in fabrics made of synthetic fibers for durability Against stains, and increases the resistance to wrinkles of the fabric.  This substance is a serious threat to the skin.

Researchers are seriously concerned about the effects of these toxins on human health.  Because these materials which are used in new products damage the liver and kidneys in laboratory animals and may lead to fertility issues and the risk of cancer.

Therefore, to avoid the effects of these materials, look for clothes made of natural fibers such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, wool,silk and linen.

It is interesting to know that according to research conducted by medical researchers, one of the main causes of breast cancer in women is the use of non-cotton  underwear and with chemical materials.  Due to the high plastic damage to the human body, the entry of non-cotton underwear is considered smuggling to some European countries.

Our ancestors used plants and animal wool and natural dyes to make handicrafts that had lots of different modern machine weaving.  Differences that may be part of the feeling of restlessness of human beings.

Polyester and nylon fibers due to mass production capability, cheap processing, strength, uniformity and order of filament sections, no wrinkles and shine  and various delicacies that can be used, have been the most products of the spinning and textile industries. In the figure below, a raven fabric is shown.

8-Plastic fabrics pose a serious threat to human health

Dyeing factories using chemical dyes are much simpler and faster than natural dyes without human intervention and They have significantly increased their production.

The feeling of coolness in cotton clothes is something like the mechanism of water air conditioning , in which water is spread on the straws and  by absorption the heat inside the air conditioning chamber evaporates and the temperature inside the air conditioning  remains lower than the environment.  Reverse of  this situation can be seen  in animal fibers.


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