The fastest way to quit smoking at home

The fastest way to quit smoking at home

Home remedies are always one of the most popular options we choose.  There are several ways you can quit smoking at home and Use them to quickly break this bad habit.

Smoking is one of the most common drug addictions that doesn’t have a particular age.  Studies show that living with a smoker  On average,it seems like  it is the direct annual consumption of 80 cigarettes and increases the chance of lung cancer by 20 to 30%.

Lifestyle changes are one of the most important factors that can help you quit smoking. You have to try yourself out of the situation that encourages you to smoke. Quitting addiction to any drug or other abnormal behavior requires going through the right steps.  In the first correct step to quit smoking or other drugs, it is necessary to consult an expert.  Then enter the main methods.

Why do you smoke?

First, make an honest list of your top causes for smoking.

“Take a piece of paper and cut it in half with a line,” says Dr. Daniel Lieberman of George Washington Medical Center. Write down on one side what makes you smoke, and on the other side what makes you hate it, such as how smoking affects  your health, occupation, family, and other negative effects.

From time to time, think about the list you have made and make changes to it.  If you are brave enough, ask your relatives and friends about the negative feedbacks of your smoking.

If the negatives outweigh the positives, it’s time to quit smoking.

Why do you smoke?

1- Deciding to quit smoking and practice it

You must first convince yourself that you want to quit smoking.  You are now ready to choose the closest day to start .  But before that, remember not to forget the psychological advice of quitting smoking so that your motivation to continue does not decrease.

2- Commitment and behavioral support, the best way to quit smoking in young people

The support of family and loved ones for someone who decides to quit smoking is especially important, especially among young people.  But in the meantime the issue of commitment plays a more important role in a person’s motivation.  Feeling addicted to nicotine can weaken the ability of the person to quit smoking.  This dependence can be replaced with a commitment to a psychotherapist, family or even addiction groups.  When the  person sees himself in front of a commitment to loved ones or the supporters, the process of quitting smoking becomes easier and he is less likely to return to smoking.  If you broke your promise, start again.  Do not accept failure. Some people quit smoking more than seven or eight times before succeeding.

3 – Treatment aids to quit smoking

Here are some alternative ways to quit smoking that, in addition to helping you quit smoking, make you a healthy lifestyle habit.These methods include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Yoga
  • Aerobic or heavy exercise, such as bodybuilding
  • Massage therapy and …

Why is it difficult for you to quit smoking?

Make a list of why it is difficult to quit smoking.  Even if your list is long and discouraging, do not despair and complete it. Important parts here: In addition to what you are learning, consider ways to overcome that challenge.

One of the reasons: Smoking helps reduce stress, and your choice: Walk for 5 minutes instead.  The more challenges you anticipate and find solutions to it, you will be more likely to succeed.

Specify smoking cessation date:

Make a smoking cessation contract that, in addition to your own signature, be signed by a witness to encourage you.

Why do you want to quit smoking?

Things I have to act on: my daughter, my grandchild, my wife, and so on.  You have become purposeful.  Always have this list with you.

Stop buying packs of cigarettes.

Instead of buying a full pack of cigarettes, start buying one by one .  Only have two or three cigarettes with you at a time.  Finally you realize,Even if you want to smoke, you do not have anything available right now.  This helps to gradually reduce smoking and eventually quit.

Stop buying packs of cigarettes.

When are you tempted to smoke?

One week before quitting, make a list of times when your cravings for smoking increase.

“Pay attention to what times of the day and what hours of the day you crave smoking and what activities increase your desire to smoke? ,” says Dr. Gaillen Mooney, director of the Center for Respiratory Diseases Related to Cigarettes and Tobacco.

What is the alternative to cigarettes for you?

Make a list of things you can do when you feel like smoking.

Suggestions include: walking, drinking a glass of water, talking to your spouse or children, washing the car, cleaning the dashboard or storage room, washing your face, brushing your teeth, taking a nap,, a delicious and natural drink, a deep breath and a lighted candle.

Make a copy of this list, always have it with you so that if you feel like smoking, you can take it out of the list and replace it with one of these things.

Quit smoking when you are cheery

Studies show that if you quit smoking when you feel depressed or under a lot of stress The chances of success are greatly reduced.

Quit smoking when you are cheery

Get rid of everything related to smoking

When it’s time for a contract, throw away everything related to cigarettes and their accessories.  This includes cigarettes, other cigarettes, Matches, lighters, cigarette butts, cigarette rings and even car lighters.

How much money did you spend on cigarettes?

Pour all the money you spent on cigarettes into a large glass of jars.

This way you can see exactly how much money you were wasting.  Dedicate this money to the dream you have always dreamed of,

But never think that I can afford it, so I can smoke too, and spend that money on nature walks.

Control tea and coffee consumption

Do not drink black tea or coffee for two months after quitting.  Consume too much caffeine while you are in the early stages of quitting smoking makes me angry.

Be proud of yourself

Think about the difficult challenges you have already faced.

“Ask people who know you well to recall the challenges you have successfully overcome,” says Dr. Lieberman.

This association gives you the confidence you need to make the promise to quit smoking.

Use healthy snacks

Instead of smoking, eat sugar-free candy or frankincense, carrots or celery.  You can also replace your smoking habits with healthy habits like eating nuts, but it is better to use peeled nuts to keep your hands and mouth busy at the same time, which is the same physical and oral sensation That reminds you of what you received from smoking.

Replace cigarettes with a herbal tea

The process of making tea and drinking it slowly to cool down reduces stress and reduces the urge to consume nicotine.

Or Whenever you feel like smoking, use cinnamon-flavored toothpaste.

Replace smoking with computer games

You’ve spent the same time, but you’ve enjoyed it even more (although it ‘is as addictive as a cigarette). If playing these games at work is forbidden,Do the other 5 minute tasks instead: call, walk, or eat fruit (but not in places where you usually smoke).

Create a no smoking area

Do not allow anyone to use tobacco in your home, car, or even in a restaurant.  Really, get a no smoking sign and vice Install in the door of your house or car.

Install this list on the wall as visible as possible.

When you are tempted to light a cigarette, take a look at this list of harms from smoking:

  • Increased risk of cancer of the lung, bladder, pancreas, mouth, esophagus and other types of cancer, including leukemia.
  • Increased risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.
  • Increased risk of developing diabetes.
  • Decreased levels of folate (a type of B vitamin) deficiency of it, increases the risk of heart disease, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Negative effect on intellect and memory.
  • The cause of bone weakness
  • Possibility of increased impotence
  • Reproductive problems
  • Destructive effect on the sense of taste and smell
  • Leads to the birth of low birth weight and premature babies
  • Increased risk of depression in young people

Change your habits to fight smoking

Sit in another chair for breakfast or take another route to work.  If you drank and smoked after work, Do not go for a drink and walk instead.  If you have a daily coffee with a cigarette, drink natural juice instead of coffee.

Eat a healthy diet

According to one study, eating 1 ml of barley extract up to four times a day helps smokers to Reduce their consumption significantly.

Express your feelings:

Talk about your feelings with your friends, co-workers, boss, spouse or children.  Express your feelings.  If something makes you angry, Instead of trying to recover it by smoking, talk about it, If you are bored, confess instead of lighting a cigarette and do an energetic activity.

Use different cigarettes

It is a convenient solution for quitting smoking. For example, if a person smokes twenty cigarettes a day, he should prepare twenty packs of different cigarettes and in one empty bag put from each of them and take one out of that bag each time he wants to smoke during the day so that it is a new type each time. If it does this  before these twenty envelopes run out, the body experiences a bad feeling and no longer accepts it.  This is one of the easiest ways.

Treatment of addiction to any chemical and non-chemical substances

Powder the leaves of the pecan tree, but do not pulverize the seeds of the pecan because it will be poisonous.  From two grams to ten grams, depending on the amount consumed by the person Pour and lick in the palm of your hand and mix some pecan seeds and soften them with your good thumb and immediately soften the pecan seeds And eat immediately.  Do this regularly when you need to smoke.

The reason for this treatment is that because Pecan is from the opium family, it has all the properties and characteristics of opium, but none of the harms and side effects of opium.  An addicted person can quit without any bone pain, hangover, etc., even without the family knowing that the person has quit.

See an acupuncturist

Dr. Atar Ali believes that there is evidence of the effect of acupuncture around the divine ear and reluctance and eventually quitting smoking.  You can Do this at home with nuts, just tap the acupuncture points with the nuts and whenever you want to use Cigarettes intensely press those points.

What should we eat to quit smoking?

Research has shown that having a proper diet can be effective in many ways to quit smoking.  Some foods are that can reduce the negative effects of smoking and help the body detoxify.  Another group of foods by delivering vitamins and necessary nutrients triggers the release of brain hormones, which reduce a person’s need to smoke by making them feel good. Some of the best ingredients Foods that are effective in quitting smoking include:

  • Blood purifiers such as chicory, lettuce and beet leaves
  • Pomegranate and pomegranate paste and pomegranate juice
  • Consumption of olive oil
  • Consume 7 figs a day
  • 1 to 2 glasses of apple juice and carrot juice daily
  • Honey syrup with a little fresh lemon juice 1 to 2 glasses daily
  • Strengthen the kidneys by consuming anisette with walnuts and elm one spoon a day in the morning and one at night
  • Consume nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts
  • Camel meat kebab and mutton kebab
  • Consumption of borage, lavender and lemon balm is very helpful.

In addition to improving your liver and blood, eat foods that provide the energy needed to fight smoking and increase willpower.  Also having a proper nutrition can help detoxify the body and this reduces the desire to smoke.

Quit smoking with these drinks:

People who quit smoking can relax in addition to preventing lung cancer by eating beverages such as nettle tea That reduces their need for smoking.

Constipation treatment

If the stomach and intestines  work properly, it will help a lot in purifying the body and quitting smoking.  Try with the said cases and natural cases to Treat constipation.

Medical cigarettes

Put various herbs, especially pecans and frankincense in the cigarette pipe and smoke.  This medical cigarette, while psychologically replacing, causes the entry of many useful substances in the body.

Find new friends

Replacing new friends with addicts and smokers is a key.  Because friends and companions have a great impact on human beings.

What to do after quitting smoking?

Since there is a possibility of weight gain after quitting smoking and quitting nicotine, one of the most important things is to have a proper diet. In the next step, keep in mind that alcohol consumption, like smoking, is an unhealthy habit, and it is better to get rid of that habit, too, if you are addicted to alcohol.  Drinking natural fluids such as apple juice, in addition to helping detoxify, can trigger the release of the hormone dopamine, which reduces smoking.


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