The changes that the corona virus made in world cinema

With the spread of the Coronavirus, the economy and the market were disrupted and collapsed widely throughout the world.  Most businesses were shut down and quarantined by the Government has practically brought a new part of jobs to a new level.  Some became familiar with the concept of telecommuting and some lost their jobs bitterly.  The corona outbreak has closed theaters and cinemas in most parts of the world.  Here are some of the changes that have taken place in cinema in different countries.


Germany: Reopening of theater and cinema with spacing

Germany has reopened cinemas in some of its states in May.  The country’s success in controlling Corona over its counterparts and neighbors, has created an opportunity for cinema lovers to return to their shelters sooner than others.  However, this reopening was limited to June 2 reopening Cinema nationwide should be implemented while maintaining social distance;  But what was more in the news in Germany than in the cinema was the theaters.

One of the most historic theaters in Germany realizes that out of 700 seats in the former theater, only 200 seats are active.  The seats are open and between them Social distancing has prevailed.  Although the show will not be performed by the Berlin Ensemble, a reopening date has been announced for September 4th.  According to German law there should be a distance of 1.5 meters between the seats in the halls and the first seat of the hall should be at least 2.5 meters away from the stage.


Italy: Group movie experience

With the outbreak of Corona, the Italian people decide to revive the old tradition of summer cinemas.  Light projections on the white walls of tall city buildings in

Italy is lit up so that the neighbors of a neighborhood or a block can sit next to each other from the windows to watch a movie.

In August 1932, at the Venice Film Festival, a film will be screened from the balcony of the Excelsior Hotel so that the behavior of the Italian people has historical roots. This procedure has been done by the non-profit organizations that do not benefit from the screening of the film. However, the film’s distributors are not satisfied with the situation.  Free distribution of films means a threat to the film market, and it is a threat to capitalists of the cinema.  Italian cinema officials say 30 million tickets worth € 200 have been lost so far;  In a country with 4,000 cinema  halls.


France: 78% drop in audience!

On June 22 the  French cinemas reopened after a three-month government crackdown on the coronavirus.  Contrary to popular belief, news from France proves that a line  has been formed from cinema enthusiasts in front of the halls, and this has been beyond expectations;  But a month later they feel that the global movie industry  is falling.

According to reports, 90% of cinemas in France have now reopened;  But filmmakers are looking for The Hollywood busters, films that do not enter the release cycle due to the closure in the United States.  For this reason, cinema in France is in a suspended state French cinemas host French films at the box office;  But there is no American film, and that means a loss of 70% box office.

The director of the French National Cinema Federation described the situation as pessimistic and said that the federation was a little depressed.


England: 95% of cinema employees are on leave!

On July 21, Executive Director of the British Cinema Association announced that according to schedule, few cinemas in the UK will reopen on July 27, by this condition That any should not be sold in the halls and the rules of social distance must be observed.  However some local authorities in the UK are against the reopening of cinemas.

With a distance of two meters in the UK, a 250-seat auditorium can only host 60 people, which is only 20% of the auditorium capacity.  Reducing the number of audiences and lack Selling food means that the cinema hall is closed, and with such a situation, the cinemas will not be able to pay their employees.  British Cinema Association estimated that 95% of cinema staff in the UK have been laid off and the release of films has been marred by skepticism;  Because the industry of British cinema is also tied to the global film industry.


America: Waiting for Christopher Novalen’s miracle

New York cinemas have not  yet  reopened, despite government progress in controlling the corona.  In California, the doors of cinemas are still closed.  with this, all eyes are on Novalen’s new film, and the closure of cinemas in the United States has finally left the 2020 box office in a state of ambiguity. The film, which cost $ 200 million to produce and whose director believes it will only be released in cinemas.  There is no news about online screening.According to researchers, cinema sales in the United States will reach $ 4.4 billion in 2020, a large number that means a decrease of 61% compared to The year is 2019.  Last year, the United States grossed $ 11.4 billion at the box office.  This is the case as in France and the United Kingdom is Significant,and it has affected the whole world.


China: loss of 1.6 billion yuan

China, the world’s second-largest film market, reopened its theaters on July 2 after a 20 month nationwide shutdown.  China Cinema Directors have acknowledged that cinemas are in a low-risk situation and there is no need to worry about their situation around Corona.

However, under Chinese law, each theater can only use 30% of its capacity, which means that China’s film industry is under pressure.  According to estimates, films can only use 50% of their audience capacity.  The situation becomes painful for cinemas when the permission  to sell Food and drink is prohibited in cinemas.

The Chinese box office recorded $ 69.2 billion in 2019 to become the second largest consumer cinema market.  Wanda Film Company with the ownership of 600  cinema halls in China had said that it expected a loss of 1.6 billion yuan;  Last year, it made a profit of 542 million yuan.

On the first day of reopening cinemas in China, a new film grossed $ 500 at the box office;  News agencies have described this sale as painful.


What did the Corona virus do to the film industry?

Film and TV series production has stopped, major sporting events have been canceled, and cultural parks around the world have closed.  So The “media”, industry like other sectors of the economy, is limited by this epidemic.

Theaters around the world are closed.  The biggest film projects have been closed, including the Oscars in the United States and the Cannes Film Festival.

On the other hand France has also a loss, the film industry lost more than $ 7 billion in box office closures by mid-March , and on the other hand  Netflix sales, an online movie and series distribution company, have increased by 21%.

In mid-March, The global box office loss was about $7 billion, according to the World Economic Forum. In China , there were 70,000 cinemas closed . But now, with the spread of the Corona virus around the world, the film industry is expected to lose $ 17 billion in ticket sales.

In Canada, $ 5.2 billion will be lost by the closure of filming projects by the end of June.  The Canadian Institute of Media Producers has announced that These closures affect the jobs of 172000 people.

In the UK, the British Film Institute has set up a € 4.6 million package to help producers, of which € 2million goes to independent producers to resume production after cancellation of quarantine.  € 2.5 million has been allocated to the industry’s volunteers and “freelancers”.

In France, the Cannes Film Festival, scheduled for May, has been postponed to June.  But it is still not clear if it will be held this month or not.


Strategies and Perspectives on Corona Film Festivals

If the  Coronavirus had not spread, the Cannes Film Festival would have opened on Tuesday, May 12.  While the Cannes Film Festival has been canceled,Small cinema festivals have come up with other ways to survive.

Few areas have not been hit by the Coronavirus outbreak.  Cinema, theater, music and exhibitions are among the areas the corona epidemic has hit them  hard.

The screening of the film has been transferred from the cinema screen to the framework of televisions and has been made available to the interested parties through the Internet.  Of course, the opening screening of many Films in cinemas have been delayed due to the Corona crisis, and production of a number of films has been suspended.

Film festivals face a great challenge.  The Berlin Film Festival is perhaps the only major festival this year that tastes the  normal festival.

Smalle festivals, however, have taken other approaches during the Corona crisis.  Especially in May, several festivals are held in Germany Including Oberhausen, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Munich.

Although these festivals are not held as usual as the Cannes Film Festival,unlike the Cannes Film Festival, they have tried to provide other frameworks for holding them and prevent the cancellation of programs completely.

The Stuttgart Animation and Cartoon Film Festival also had a positive experience in the digital context of their festival.

Speaking of collaboration, it is worth mentioning that the film festivals of Cannes, Venice, as well as Berlin and Toronto and a number of others International festivals plan to present an online festival to all film lovers around the world via YouTube from May 29 to June 7.

The online festival is titled “We Are One: World Film Festival” and includes films, short films and documentaries.


The movie that predicted Corona 10 years ago

Warner Bros., the film’s production studio, said: “When the first news of the discovery of the corona virus in China was heard, the film was two hundred and 70th most popular title in the studio’s product catalog.  Now, three months later, it is less popular than just eight Harry Potter films.  The reason for this is  the Corona virus and the similarities between its prevalence and the story of this film, which was made a decade ago.

In this film, a businesswoman (Paltrow) gets an unknown and deadly virus during a trip to China, loses her life, and in the meantime, the world Suffers from a medical crisis.  The connection between the Corona virus and China is one of the similarities between this film and current events.

The movie “contagion ” has striking similarities to reality. Ms. Paltrow’s character is infected with the 1-MEV virus after losing her cooking in Hong Kong.  The virus is transmitted to cooks through the bite of a pig bitten by a bat.  He became seriously ill after returning home

And she dies a short time after that .  His son also dies quickly, but it turns out that his wife, Matt Damon, is up against the virus.

In the real world, experts believe that the starting point for the outbreak of the new corona virus was transmitted from animal to human in December in Wuhan.

It is even thought that the main carrier of the corona virus was the bat, which is like what happened  during the SARS epidemic between 2002 and 2003. The virus was probably transmitted to humans through another animal.

Just like the  Coronavirus, the imaginary virus in this film is transmitted through direct contact with infected surfaces between humans.  Both viruses, the Imaginary and real cause breathing problems.

One difference between this movie and reality is that it is far less deadly than the current epidemic compared to that fictional virus. The characters of this movie are arranged by Mortality rate reported to be 25%, while according to the World Health Organization the death rate of Covid-19 disease is currently around 3.4%.

In the movie contagion , the 1-MEV virus kills 26 million people worldwide in just one month.  But about 3 months after the virus appeared, the number of people who have lost their lives due to it is less than 25 thousand people.

The outbreak of the virus in the film prompts staff from the US Epidemic Intelligence Service – a real body – to identify and quarantine infected people.

The city of Chicago in the United States is being completely quarantined, which is similar to the complete quarantine of various cities in China and other countries.


Which Hollywood movies release dates did Corona changed

With this in mind, we mention the initial date of the films that were supposed to be released from March 20 to July 17 here to see What movies would be released if there weren’t any virus ? This list includes films that were to be widely screened, as well as a few Films that wanted to be shown in a few limited cinemas.


1 ((a quiet place) (Screening postponed to September 2

2  Blue story: Show on VOD networks

3 “Wild Cows” Show on VOD Networks

4 «so’oud» Deleted from the display calendar

5 “Mulan” Transfer to 21 August

6 “Military Women” Show on VOD Networks

7 “love birds ” show on netflix

8 ” the New mutants” Transfer to 28 August

9 “Peter Rabbit: runaway” Screening to January15

11 ” There is no time to die” Transfer to November 20

11 «Trolls world tour » Show on VOD Networks

12 “Holy Flower” Transfer to an unknown date

13 “My Spy” Show on Amazon

14 “Antlers” Transfer of release date to indefinite time

15 “Bad Trip” Show on netflix

16 “Before the War” Screening to August 21

17 ” Black Widow” Transfer of show date to November 6

18 “Running” Transfer to an unknown date

19 ” David Copperfield’s personal history” Transfer of the show to August 14

21 “Skub” Show on VOD network

21 “Spiral” Screening to May 20, 2021

22 “Woman in the window” Transfer the release  to an unknown time

23 “Fast and Furious 3” Screening on April 2

24 “SpongeBob Movie” Screening by CBS Internally, International Screening by netflix

25 “Artemis Fowl” Show on Disney Pulse Network

26 “Wonder Woman 1984″ Transfer to the second date of October

27 «Greyhound» Show on Apple TV Plus

28 ‘candyman” Screening to October 16

29 “Soul” Transfer of the show to November 20

31 “the King of Staten Island” Show on VOD Networks

31 “I take you with me.” Transfer to an indefinite time

32 ” In the heights” Transfer of screen to 18June 2021

33 ” Top Gun: Maverick” Transfer to December 23

34 «Minions: The Rise of the Gru “changing the time of screaming to July  2, 2021

35 “Free Man” Screening to December 11

36 “Soul Hunters: After Life” Screening postponed to July 9, 2020

37 “Announced” Screening postponed to August 12




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