How is the right way of bathing that cures diseases?

How is the right way of bathing that cures diseases?

Bathing is one of the main treatments for diseases.  It also eliminates waste products from the body and cleanses it, thus in this way it promotes health and prevents diseases.  Bathing is necessary to excrete body wastes.  But note that bathing does not mean taking a few minutes shower!  In the below You will get acquainted with its correctness and measures.  Bath means a very hot place and a place that is not hot is not called a bath.  Warm room is generally a benefit for the body.

General benefits of the bath:

1- Body cleansing

2 – It is a basic and very good treatment for diseases with a cold origin.(extremely hot bath) of the symptoms of cold overcoming the body :sputum behind the throat, low nail and hair growth , hair loss and whiteness, halitosis and …

3- Softening the nerve

4- Hygiene and cleanliness of the whole body

5 – Eliminates fungi and germs

6- Softening the arteries (treatment of obstruction)

7- Removing feces from inside the body

8- Body fattening (if the bath is taken every other day and about an hour after eating)

9 – body slimming (if the bath is fasting every morning)

Softening the arteries (treatment of obstruction) with bath:

Doctors in “angiography” try to open the vessel, but sometimes the deposition of the vessel becomes so hard that it can no longer be opened.  Bath and a lot of warmth Which is present in the bath, melts the sediments of the vessel.  These sediments melt only with heat and bath.

Nerve softening:

Nowadays, it is especially common in women that, for example, they cannot close their hands because their hands and nerves are dry.  The bath softens the nerves.In addition to blood vessels, nerve softness is also desirable.  If the nerve dries out, it can cause serious problems for the body.  One of these problems is pain Which occurs in all areas of the body.  People say my whole body hurts like my back and legs.  Many people cannot move their legs or arms so the treatment of it is the bath as it  mentioned.

Remove feces from inside the body:

Blood is excreted in the form of sweat.  The intense heat of the bath removes all the feces from the blood in the form of fat.  Some of we humans are upset about the oiling of the body, while this is useful because the body excretes with this oil.  The presence of fats in the body is harmful and It is necessary to get it out of the body.  Sweating brings blood deposits out of the body.  If one sweats a lot, should not be upset and this is a sign of health,It also indicates that sugar is being burned in the body and converted into heat.  Of course, sweating in some cases is a symptom of a disease and it’s because of the Intense body heat, but sweating in general is a good sign of burning sugar in the body.

Remove feces from inside the body:

How many times a week do we take a bath?

The best number of baths is every other day and at least once a week.  Bathing every day is allowed if we have to(like losing weight)every other day of bath makes the body fat. Of course, the bath that has these effects is a completely warm bath, and the minimum stay in the bath will be three quarters of an hour.

When is the best time to go to the bathroom?

Going to the bathroom when the abdomen is full is strictly forbidden, fasting is also not good, there should be some food in the abdomen. Don’t take a bath With a full and empty stomach ( in Hunger) . For example, 2 hours after a meal is a good time.

How to enter the bathroom:

Gradual contact with water: In the bath, first contact the hands and feet with water, if you first contact the head with water, it will cause headaches and memory loss and cause hair loss and the body becomes cold. First you have to contact your hands and feet with water, then taste a little water, then wet your body, and finally wet your head.

Heat the water slowly: It is not right to go under hot water at once.  Washing should start with lukewarm water and gradually heat up.

Take a bath while sitting: You must sit in the bathroom.  Standing bathing causes hair loss, weakness and fatigue.  Entering Suddenly from a cold place to a warm place is also harmful .  We have to prepare the body.  It is recommended that a person should take 5 sips of warm water before entering the bath and pour five handfuls of warm water on the head to enter the bath environment with readiness.

Rubbing oil: To prevent freckles and pimples, before entering the bath, rub the body with violet (olive) oil (at least face oil rubbing should be done).

Shaving powder: Use body shaving powder, once every 15 days(Using a razor to remove body hair is very harmful)

Henna: After shaving powder, apply henna all over your body.  This has several general benefits:

  • Blood purification and elimination of blood concentration (The longer it stays on the head, the more effective it is. Example: stay on the head for about 5 hours and then go to the bathroom and wash it).
  • Relieve chronic headaches such as migraines
  • Eliminates pimples and skin diseases
  • Cures dandruff completely.
  • Increases sexual potency.

Cheap shampoos are better!  All chemical soaps and shampoos are harmful because they are absorbed into the skin.  Even herbal shampoos that are highly promoted are also harmful and their main base is chemicals.  If you have to use chemical shampoo, use cheap shampoos Because they have fewer chemicals and are less harmful.

Leaving the bathroom without taking precautions causes illness:

Pour cold water on the legs when leaving the bath, we must prepare the body to leave.  It is common in swimming pools to enter hot water first and then they enter cold water, which is very dangerous. We should not shock the body by changing the extreme temperature.  As at the beginning of the bath the body gradually warms up we should gradually cool down when leaving the bathroom.  It is very important to cover your head after a bath.  If the outside environment is warm, you still have to cover your head with a towel or scarf for a few minutes.

Things to avoid in the bathroom:

1 – Do not drink cold water in the bath.

2 – Do not pour cold water on the body.

3 – Do not lie in the bath, because the fat around the kidneys melts.

4 – Do not sleep on your back in the bathroom because it causes the appendix.

5 – The head should not be cleaned with a cotton cloth.

6 – Do not comb your hair in the bath, because it causes hair loss.

7 – Do not wash your head with mud because it makes the skin of the face ugly.

8 – Do not brush your teeth in the bathroom.

9 – Do not wash your feet with pottery.

10 – Do not wash yourself with water which others have washed themselves.

11 – Do not wash the body with water heated by the sun (like the water in water tanks whose water is heated by the sun).

12 – Do not piss in the bathroom.

Things to avoid in the bathroom:

Other bathing measures:

Pumice regulates sugar and eliminates waste products. Pumice in the bath removes toxins from the body and has numerous benefits, from its benefits is that it regulates blood sugar. Most of the insulin accumulates in the heel.  People with diabetes or high blood sugar should use pumice 10 minutes daily because it will regulate insulin, and this action in healthy people regulates sugar and thus causes more fat burning and fitness.  Pumices made of molten material and volcanic melt were very effective in the time of our ancestors.

Bathroom geometry:

The bath has a special geometry that has 4 sections and is designed based on the four natures of the body:

1 – First room;  cold and dry.

2 – Second room;  Cold and wet

3- Third room;  Warm and wet

4 – Fourth room;  Warm and dry.

Which must be entered in each of these rooms, respectively.

Natural soap for bath:

The mixture of flour and olive oil should be poured on a cloth with natural fibers and rubbed on the body for cleansing.  Plastic fibers are harmful.

Natural soap for bath:

Natural shampoo for bath:

1 – Use ground cedar leaves.

2 – Wash your head with white hollyhock (especially on Fridays)

Benefits of hollyhocks:

  • Hair softener and conditioner
  • Eliminate fat and pus
  • Eliminate depression
  • Treatment of dandruff and head lice
  • Migraine treatment
  • Prevent baldness and thinning hair

How to use hollyhocks:

1- Grind Hollyhocks and apply it on the head and body (for those who have short hair)

2- First, soak the hollyhocks in warm water for half an hour to 2 hours, preferably, and wash the head with the liquid obtained after straining, and Prepare this material a few minutes before use because the liquid does not last long;  Henna and cedar can also be mixed with it.

Important Note:

You should not take a standing shower in the bathroom.  Due to the warmth of the bath and the rise in body temperature, the arteries and veins dilate and the blood supply to the human head, which is the highest part of the body is slow and the pressure of showering and shampooing while standing causes hair loss.


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