Stress management methods

Stress management methods


In this article, we want to talk to you about the biggest concern of the 21st century.  This concern is  “stress”.

Few people are not involved with it.The poor for supporting themselves and the rich to increase their wealth and well-being and maintain it from thief damage, war, and unforeseen events are always stressful.  maybe it can be said:

The fairest thing that exists in all human beings is “stress” and almost no one is safe from it.

Definition of stress

When a person experiences a threat or a great challenge and is forced to react, we say that he is stressed.Under these conditions, the body produces substances and hormones that a person can cope with threatening conditions.If the number of these situations will be to much or stays in stress for a long time, the body will suffer serious injuries.

Complications of stress

Negative, persistent and long-term stress has devastating effects on us, including:

  • Hair loss
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of creativity
  • Permanent fatigue
  • Severe headaches
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Excessive sleep or insomnia
  • Sweaty hands and feet
  • Feeling embarrassed
  • Heartburn and bellyache
  • Pride and anger
  • Excessive overweight or emancipation
  • Many and continuous thoughts and fantasies
  • Absurd thoughts and delusions
  • Hairy body
  • The appearance of moles, spots and black and brown grains on the body
  • Depression
  • Disappointment

Complications of stress

A short list of stressful things to do:

1- Being away from spiritual matters

2 – Not having a purpose in life

3 – Not having a healthy diet: Consumption of white sugar, soft drinks and delicacies, fast foods and unnatural oils, etc are the reasons of Many Problems including stress.

4 – Low mobility

5 – Communication with pessimistic  people

6 – Lack of order in life

7 – Unhealthy sexual relations

8 -not  sleeping  on time

9 -not  waking up on time

Treating  stress with available and simple items

1- Spirituality:

The best, cheapest and most accessible way to treat stress is the same as psychological treatment.  One of the best ways is Psychotherapy of stress is spirituality, a clear example of which is the relationship with God and prayer and supplication with a powerful being who

has the ability to solve all problems and eliminate all worries.


Waking up 2 hours before sunrise provides high energy for the brain and prevents stress during the day.  Sleeping in the first half of the night from 23 to 3 in the morning is the best time to relieve physical and mental fatigue. Adequate sleep prevents stress by providing energy to the brain.



In order for your soul and body to relax, you must have a healthy diet, because nutrition plays an important role in calming the nerves.There are foods that can help our nervous system decrease stress and even make us feel relaxed right after eating them.The best way to supply salts and Vitamins needed by the body come from the foods you eat.  For example, fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants Including vitamins A, C, E and selenium and adequate intake of B vitamins including B1, B6, B9, B12 along with other nutrients that may work together to promote health, and many foods, such as whole grains,Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, legumes and meats provide all kinds of B vitamins naturally.


High levels of calcium and magnesium in celery have a strong sedative effect and by reducing stress and anxiety helps in the natural treatment of insomnia in people.  Celery contains a lot of potassium, vitamins C, is B1 and E, and all of these nutrients are capable of coping with stress.  Celery contains substances that can Calm the nerves and calm the brain.


Honey is rich in potassium, which soothes the brain and body.  Potassium for relaxing the nervous system, Helps fight acids and stress hormones in the body.


Almonds benefit from the content of vitamin E, vitamin B complex and minerals and beneficial fats.  This material helps improve mood and increase energy levels.  Also, consumption of almonds due to the presence of fiber in it, is involved in managing stress .  Fiber helps to improve the digestive problems that result from stress.


Because it is rich in calories and various vitamins, including B vitamins. it is very convenient for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and nervous problems.

3.5- Raisins:

The compounds in raisins can reduce the density of blood and help the elasticity of blood vessels and blood by moving more speed and force in the reproductive system.  Helps in heart pumping and liver function and warmth and distributes heat throughout the body.  Due to having B vitamins, it reduces the intensity of stress and strengthens the brain and nerves increase the power of understanding and motivation.  Strengthens the nerves and relieves fatigue and bruising.

3.5- Raisins:

3.6- Fruit:

causes vitality and freshness and eliminates sadness and by strengthening the heart, increases the power of risk in humans and In other words, it makes a person brave.  By improving the good circulation in the body of mother and child, it beautifies the child’s face.

3.7-Lettuce :

(without sauce) is the best medicine for nervous patients. It calms the nerves, is hypnotic and calming, and even relieves anxiety (stress) and (anxiety). Lettuce has an anticonvulsant effect and is useful in treating melancholy.

Lettuce also increases breast milk, purifies the blood, and reduces excess heat in the blood.Having iron and folic acid is also hematopoietic.

3.8-Talbinah food:

This food is prepared by combining wheat or barley flour with milk and honey.  After combining these materials, put on the Heat for 5 minutes.  Consumption of this food stimulates the body’s glands to secrete beneficial hormones that eliminate sadness and create happiness.

3.9-Chamomile tea:

Chamomile is a very effective herb for reducing stress.  Its soothing nature acts as a painkiller on the central nervous system.  Chamomile relaxes muscles, relieves anxiety and helps to sleep  better.  To fight stress, you can drink 4 cups of chamomile tea daily.  To prepare this add  2 teaspoons of dried chamomile to a cup of warm water and leave for 10 minutes.  Then add some honey as a flavoring and drink it.

3.10-Olive oil:

This oil makes people feel good and patient by relieving stress.  (use Purifying fragrant olive oil). You can use it both in eating  and for massage.

3.10-Olive oil:


Strengthens the heart, reduces stress and relaxing are all the result of foot massage. Body massage is also very useful as a painkiller.It works to treat anxiety and stress.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, massage helps to unblock the energy chakras of the body and help reduce stress and improve health.  Massaging the legs, hands, back and head with warm oil helps to relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation and reduce anxiety.  For massage therapy, you can use  almond oil, olive oil or chamomile oil.

5-Shoes and socks:

The foot is in direct contact with the internal organs of the body, especially the liver.  Any cover that weakens and decreases the strength of the legs has a direct effect on other organs as well. Use bright colors specially yellow for your shoes and socks and avoid dull colors.

6-Looking at verdurous landscapes:

Researchers have stated that staring at a natural landscape, whether a photo or  a realistic scene for at least 40 seconds can increase brain power.  That is to say, doctors tell people who are affected by

Work pressures or excessive workload have reduced concentration and reduced their mental capacity to look for 40 seconds at a natural landscape. The results of a study on students showed that the level of cortisol (the hormone that shows the tension) in students who were sent to the forest for two nights were lower than in those who were in the city.

researchers have found cortisol levels and heart rate in subjects who spent time in the woods were decreased  in comparisons with people in the city.  Frequent walks in forests and green spaces relieve stress, Improves mood and reduces anger and rage and generally increases happiness and joy in humans. Green spaces and trees also have a positive effect on the immune system, as do some cellular activities

manipulates the natural killer and thus destroys the cancer cells.

7- Spouse Relationships:

researchers from the University of Canada selected 96 couples to review their research.they  gave men a clean shirt and were asked them to wear it during the day and not  use perfume, cigarettes, household detergents and aromatic foods. At the end of the day, these clothes were given to women for testing with a persistent smell.  Researchers utilized  advanced technologies for  measuring  women’s stress by measuring blood cortisol in smelling men’s clothes.  Women who smelled  their husbands clothes had lower cortisol levels than smelling strangers’ clothes, and no stress was recorded.


One study had showed  that people who had  sex in comparison with  people who had masturbation, had a better response to stressful situations such as public speaking.

9-Bathing and personal hygiene:

Personal hygiene helps  personal relaxation and good feeling. Hot water bath causes natural relaxation and helps for disappearing stress.  Be careful not to take a bath with an empty stomach as it will cause weakness in the body.

9-Bathing and personal hygiene:

10-Fragrant scent:

Inhaling natural fragrant scents makes a person fresh.  Strengthens the heart and relieves stress.  Apples, cydonia oblonga  and all kinds of flowers calm the person.

11- Combing hair:

If this comb is wooden, you will get better results.  Combing should be in a sitting position and take about 10 to 20 minutes.

Useful stress:

An appropriate stress can be useful and protect people from danger.  For example, You are caught by a wild animal in the jungle :

  • If you continue on your way without stress, you will be easily hunted and become an organ of that animal.
  • If you get very stressed and lose your confidence , you will easily fail again with a hasty choice.
  • In severe stress, a person may not even be able to move at all and be nailed there.
  • In only one way you can  make the right decision and save yourself. You Must control your stress and use all of your energy to choose the best way and save yourself.

Another area where having a little stress can be helpful is worrying about the future and trying to meet potential needs.

It’s good for humans to worry about their future so that this driving force causes the elimination of laziness and can save them  from poverty and other problems which may happen to them.

Be calm but don’t be lazy:

The facilities of the earth in passing on between different generations, and these facilities don’t make anyone so needless to live their lives without stress. But being so sure about the fleeting of life and world  shouldn’t make us not to feel stress  and  not to try for a brighter  future.  Control your stress and use its power to improve your life; and do not let it dominate you.


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