Cheap and affordable solutions to increase your memory

Cheap and affordable solutions to increase your memory

You may have heard that great scientists throughout history, despite their amazing inventions, have used only a little percentage of their  brain power.  Because the capacity of the human brain is so great that it is stronger than the most advanced human computers.  Here are some tips to increase brain power and memory.

1. Eat frankincense and read with  laugh

It is a medicinal plant of the Sapindales whose gum is also used as a fragrance.

They are usually burned with Esfand seeds.  The sign of its purity is that it catches fire quickly while its counterfeit does not catch fire.

Researchers have found that the administration of frankincense, in a critical period of development of the fetal and neonatal nervous system, significantly increases the capabilities of learning, in particular, strengthens and maintains memory.  Therefore, it seems that frankincense can have a positive effect on the evolution of the Brain and increase the child’s memory.

1.Eat frankincense and read with laugh

The scientific name of this plant is Boswellia thurifera or b.sacra.  Frankincense eliminates heartburn, strengthens the back and increases the intellect. It enlightens the mind and brightens the eyes and eliminates forgetfulness.  You can put it in your mouth and use it as chewing gum, but it is a little bitter. If you have stress, depression or headache, just inhale frankincense smoke.  This smoke is invigorating and disinfects the air in the house.

1.Eat frankincense and read with laugh


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2.Celery, brain’s food

According to studies, celery is said to contain brain nutrients. Celery can play a significant role in reducing brain inflammation, fighting with  brain damage and strengthening the  memory.  In fact, celery is a vegetable that is a gold mine of essential Nutrients.

Some of the properties of celery are:

  • Opener for blocking arteries and clogging arteries
  • Tonic the brain and increase memory
  • Invigorating and antidepressant
  • Eliminate fear and madness

2.Celery, brain's food finger of spoon

Eating honey increases memory.  Eat at least 1 finger of honey every morning. In addition to strengthening the immune system and the reduction of toxins and stressors, it increases the efficiency of all organs, including the brain. finger of spoon

4.Wooden toothbrush saves eyes and brain

Cleanliness of the mouth

Increase eye performance

Teeth whitening

Eliminate tooth decay

Gum strength

It is appetizing.

Increases memory and brain function

Wooden toothbrush saves eyes and brain

5.Eliminate fatigue with raisins

Eating 30 grams of raisins at the beginning of the day relieves depression and relieves nervous discomfort, and it increases brain efficiency and memory  by relieving fatigue and increasing  concentration.

5.Eliminate fatigue with raisins

6. Sweet almonds and boosting memory

Tonic for the nerves

Memory tonic

Strengthen the chest and lungs

Liver cleanser

6. Sweet almonds and boosting memory

7.Increase memory much easier  by combing hairs.

Using a wooden comb, twenty to thirty minutes a day, can increase memory.  Moisture in the brain is the enemy of memory.  The Wooden comb  reduces moisture, increases heat and speeds up blood circulation to the brain.  It is interesting to know that combining in addition grooming and hygiene is a type of massage that eliminates waste, increases blood flow and gently stimulates the nerves.

7.Increase memory much easier by combing hairs.

8.Go to bed on time

The best time to sleep is 2 hours before midnight.  Sleeping at this time is very different in value from sleeping near morning.

In sleep before midnight, all the organs, especially the brain, get enough rest and get good energy.

By waking up before sunrise, the brain receives a lot of oxygen.  By waking up at this time the blood is purified and during the day It receives blood and oxygen easily and increases the efficiency of all organs, especially the brain.

9.Eat two meals

Sleep in the afternoon due to lunch and fatigue from daily activities, has severe side effects such as:

Body contusion,



Boredom and …

And generally, after waking up, people are bored for a while, especially if sleep with a full stomach and fatigue is accompanied by autumn.

What makes lunch so harmful?

One of the reasons why lunch is so heavy is that it is difficult for the body to digest food at this time.As we go, digestion decreases and another reason is the need of the gastrointestinal tract to rest.

Digestion takes about 6 hours in the stomach and about three hours in the intestines.  After that, we just reach the liver digestion.Then There should be about 10 hour between two meals.  The noon meal is harmful and causes blood clots.  That’s why  two meals are recommended in the morning and near sunset.  Not eating lunch and resting instead, is good for your health and fitness .  The hottest time of the day is noon and the body should be cool at that time, so eating causes Blood concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract and a lot of energy is lost.  Therefore, the body must be energized during this hour of sleep.

Some benefits of gradually leaving lunch:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Prevention of obesity
  • Prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia
  • Prevention and treatment of diabetes
  • Prevention and treatment of fatty liver
  • Prevention of memory loss and treatment of memory loss
  • Prevention of high pressure on the stomach and adjuvant treatment to clear  the stomach

10.Learning a new language

Learning a new language reduces the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia at an early age. Recent studies have Shown that people who are fluent in more than one language compared to monolinguals who showed symptoms of these diseases at the age of 71, They get Alzheimer’s at the age of 75 and more.

10.Learning a new language

Factors of memory impairment: is forbidden to eat raw and unripe fruits

Apples not only strengthen the brain and memory, but also prevent some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Smelling an apple and eating it has a great effect on brain health and strengthening it.  Apples are very useful for the body to be healthy, and we should eat ripe and sweet  apples  because eating sour apples cause forgetfulness. is forbidden to eat raw and unripe fruits

2.Don’t  do bad things so that you don’t  become weak

Bad and immoral deeds are against the nature and creation of we humans.  For this reason, these acts are very harmful to the human body and soul.  Immoral acts do the most damage to the human body.  One of these injuries is brain damage, intelligence,Focus and human memory.

3.Eating too much low-energy foods

The human body needs energy from high-energy foods on a daily basis.  Eating too many useless and low energy foods only causes fullness of the stomach and doesn’t  transfer any useful energy to the body and brain. For example, eating rice with yogurt increases brain moisture and its cooling and laziness of the brain and makes you forgetful!

3.Eating too much low-energy foods

4.Chemical perfumes

The Austrian Environment Agency has conducted a comprehensive study on different types of chemical perfumes and colognes and announced that these perfumes are composed of harmful substances, which we will discuss only one of them, like benzalide.  This chemical causes wilting and depression of the central nervous system of the brain, and with severe damage to it, causes diseases such as memory loss and forgetfulness.

4.Chemical perfumes

5.Eating cheese increases too much calcium

Cheese is more concentrated than other dairy products, including milk and yogurt, and therefore has a very high calcium eating cheese our body  gets a lot of calcium, which ruins  the body’s calcium balance.

5.Eating cheese increases too much calcium

The golden ratio in the body should always be between calcium and phosphorus, when the blood calcium increases with eating cheese, the body for keeping this golden ratio removes phosphorus from the brain, which reduces phosphorus in the brain, while

Phosphorus is essential for brain function. Walnuts, on the other hand, are a rich source of phosphorus and can therefore be used with cheese.

Maintain the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body.  Eat cheese at night with walnuts.

6.Eating  beef

Boualisina associates sixteen deadly diseases with beef and veal consumption, the first of which is cancer and the second of which is (melancholy)

Schizophrenia and ( third hemorrhoids) hemorrhoids. Beef is extremely harmful and causes an increase in blood concentration and for the liver is heavy.  Beef causes nervousness and depression, obsession and mental retardation and poor memory.

6.Eating beef

7.Afternoon sleep

Sleep is the best time for the process of digestion and most of the waste and raw materials accumulated in different organs at this time is digested or excreted.  In fact, a good night’s sleep promises the possibility of eliminating body wastes and living a healthy life.

Afternoon sleep causes a lot of damage to the body, including:

  • Unintelligence
  • Forgetfulness
  • Depression
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Bad face color
  • Causes blemishes and pimples on the face

8. Masturbation (types and varieties)

Masturbation comes in all shapes and sizes, such as listening intently to the opposite sex, exchanging romantic words  and full of lust, thinking and imagining lustful issues and watching pornographic movies and pictures are also in the same category.

The first result of getting used to this is that the strength and clarity of the eyes decreases.  The face loses its original color and It become droopy . In the eyes of patients with this work, a state of congestion appears.  Their eyes are surrounded by blue rings.  Memory impairment, loss of appetite, difficulty digesting, shortness of breath, completely irrational change of morals, sadness and turbidity,Melancholy and withdrawal from the ominous consequences of this sexual perversion.

This action has not only individual effects;  It also creates social problems for the person. The researchers calculated that the energy a person consumes at one time of masturbation is 30 times more that  the energy that a person consumes at one time Spouse consumes, for better understanding we can give the example that if a person masturbates 3 times a week it’s just like That, he has had sex with his wife 90 times.

In other words, if a person masturbates once, it is equivalent to bleeding continuously from his nose for half an hour. 40 drops of blood are used for each drop of semen.  According to the same research, patients with masturbation suffer from weakness of libido

They become cowardly, lethargic, and low in energy, they lose their courage to start things, and as a result, if it goes as the routine progresses in life, it will become failed and lazy who will not be able to get their rights and live their lives.

Masturbation has a negative effect on the nerves and psyche;  Because this person  imagines certain scenes in it’s mind to satisfy lust and this imagination causes exhaustion of mental powers and mental disorders such as: anger, impatience, weakness and weakness of will and …

All of these things eventually have a negative effect on a person’s memory and cause severe distraction.


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