How to treat thinness and become a healthy obese person?

How to treat thinness  and become a healthy obese person?


Today, many people, especially women and girls, are looking to become thin.  Doctors know health in slimming.  The media show beauty in slimming .  While slimming has many side effects for the body. Slimming diets injure the body irreparably, and congenital ulcers also hit the person.

There is a lot of talk these days about the dangers of being obese or overweight.  Companies manufacturing various supplements and sports brands with

Providing images of slimming and relate it to being healthy and fit and instill the belief that if you want to be healthy and fit

you should be thin,and  they play a big role in this.

Many men and women do everything in the struggle to get fit  but most of these  slogans and beliefs are nothing but deception.  Being too thin has dangers that everyone should be aware of, whether they are with the regime or food and exercise tend to get thin and, and whether  people who are naturally thin.


Does being thin means being healthy?

If a woman’s body mass index is less than 18.5, she is more likely to suffer from various diseases and chronic complications And even the possibility of death due to being thin can be raised.being slim  does not always mean being healthy;  So If you are jealous of your very thin  friend who eats whatever he likes and does not give up any food and Most importantly, he does not exercise, but he is still thin, it is better to think again.  Rest assured there is a problem and soonComplications will occur.

There may be a problem

Another important point to know is that people who can eat whatever they want and never exercise, but still slim, They may have a problem than other people that makes it difficult to absorb nutrients.  In other words, these people eat a lot, but their bodies can not get what they need from all this food, Therefore, they are in a situation where they are prone to many health problems.

New researches show that being slim does not guarantee good health.  In a genetic study involving more than 75000 people, A group of scientists found that slim people had a special genetic trait, despite the low percentage of fat

Their bodies were more prone to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What are the dangers of being too thin?

1. Slimming diets reduce bone density because they don’t provide the nutrients needed to produce estrogen. When estrogen drops significantly, the bones become brittle and Their density decreases. Also, if someone is on a low-calorie diet in the hope of getting slim, it is likely that  He is reluctant to do bodybuilding exercises because he is afraid that his muscles will become bulky.  But the fact is that thestrengening  exercises and bodybuilding help prevent bone loss, and also bodybuilding exercises don’t bulkley women’s muscles like men.

2. Women with low body mass index are more prone to amenorrhea or menstrual irregularities, or They do not ovulate regularly or may have a problem with the wall of their uterus.  By the way, these ladies are more likely to have an abortion.  According to statistics and researches, women who have a low body mass index before pregnancy, in 72 Percentages are more likely to have an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, but by eating Fresh fruits and vegetables greatly reduce this risk.  If you think low body mass index puts just  Ladies in trouble , you are wrong.  Men with low body mass index are 22 times more likely than others to  Have a sexual disorder.

3. When a person does not get enough nutrients, he is more prone to anemia. anemia is said to be a disorder that is due to the deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin. If the red blood cells don’t  have enough iron, vitamin 12B and folate to do their job (for example, they carry oxygen to the whole body and deliver carbon dioxide to the lungs) the whole body will suffer. Symptoms of anemia are lack of energy and feeling fatigue.  So whatever weight you have, you need to make sure your body receives the important nutrients.

4. Another complication of excessive slim is skin, hair and tooth problems.someone who Does not receive enough nutrients on their daily diets , may experience symptoms such as thin and sensitive skin, hair loss, Dry skin or weak teeth.

5. Nutrient deficiency due to low calorie diets or insufficient absorption of nutrients means that the person may

Has weakened his immune system.  Adequate and regular supply of nutrients for the body helps the health of the intestines and Safety function,to be  supported.  People with weakened immune systems are more prone to seasonal viruses and bacterias And may also be prone to more serious diseases such as cancer.

There are also people who overeat, but do not get the nutrients they need, so poor immune function It is not the only consequence of being thin, but anyone with a poor diet can have a weakened immune system.Our body needs nutritious, fresh and healthy foods to maintain its health and survival.

What is the psychological effect of being drunk?

You must be surprised to know that the risk of heart disease and diabetes in slim people is as high as in obese people.  The point is here that  Excessive thinness  can give a person a false sense of self-confidence about their health and cause them to not to care about their lifestyle.

Some people think that they are healthy because they are underweight and continue to eat unhealthy foods.They do not consider the necessary experiments important and probably do not want to exercise, because they do not see the need to do this care. All this can create a storm behind an apparent calm!

As you can see, being super thin  can also be dangerous.  The important thing is to instead of paying attention, Let’s look at the external aspects of health, the internal aspects and know what is going on inside our body. Our weight is just one of the pieces of our health puzzle.

What is the psychological effect of being drunk?

Diseases that cause thinness:

Hyperthyroidism: One of the diseases that causes thinness  is hyperthyroidism.  If your thinness  is due to this disease You must treat it first.

Anemia: Anemia is also a cause of weakness and thinness, which by observing the principles of proper nutrition and by the consumption of appropriate foods, even It can also be treated without medication.

Anorexia: If you have anorexia nervosa, you should treat it first.  One of the causes of anorexia can be the number of angry things that you need to correct.

The first step to gain weight and treatment of thinness: Improving the condition of the liver

The nature of the body of some people is obese and the nature of the body of others is thin. Thin people are not supposed to reach the same weight as obese people.  But Everyone is supposed to have a balanced and proportionate weight in their nature.  This fit is based on nature.  Now by knowing people’s nature we help people gain weight.  If weight gain is not normal, it will cause a lot of problems for the person.  We first examine the person.  If the liver is too cold or too hot, we will correct it.  One of the most important points is to treat constipation.  If the digestive system is functioning properly, the problem of excessive thinness  will be solved to a large extent.

The second step to  gain weight:

correcting the stomach

If you have a stomach problem, correct it first.  Stomach problems such as bloating and indigestion or sourness

… must be treated first.  In the following, we provide the necessary solution for warming the stomach.

Weight gain and thinness treatment, how to get fat?

Hot Dry and  cold dry foods: As we mentioned, the main cause of thinness  is dry liver, so thin people who want

To gain weight, they should avoid these dry food groups.  For example, excessive consumption of spices is harmful

Because most of them are dry in nature.

Prohibitions and abstinences:

Abstinences that people who are thin  and those who want to gain weight should follow:

Fish meat: Fish meat melts the body.  Therefore, people who are thin, especially those who are arrogant, should avoid eating fish. If consumed, 7 dates should be consumed after eating fish.

Frying: Frying is generally dry in nature.  Especially if their oil is not healthy, the amount of dryness they create is  more than.

Fasting bath: Taking a bath on an empty stomach, as well as taking a bath every day, causes the body to become dehydrated and thin.  On the other hand, bathing one every other  day causes obesity and is useful.  Also, prolonging the bath is not good and causes thinness.

Do not drink water in the middle of food: it has many harms and causes various diseases.  Disrupts digestion and Troubles the organs of the body.

Anger, strenuous exercise and high activity, high consumption of eggs and cheese are other abstinences that must be observed.

Tips for gaining weight:

1. Roasted wheat powder + elm powder + fig juice

2. The raisin whose core you have removed

3 .Cow milk

4. Cooking mutton with cow’s milk

Tips for gaining weight: Tips for gaining weight:

5. Beet leaves

6. Honey + 5 black seed

7. Figs

8. Fresh black plums

9. Almond tree (Almond milk: 14 almonds + a glass of water + honey in a blender and then drink)

10. “quince fruit” with kernels: Eat early in the morning

11. Eat grilled mutton

12. Eat a lot of squash and greens

13. Sleep with a relatively full stomach

14. Eat dinner in more detail

15. Eat lots of beans

16. Drink water after meals

17. Eat a nutritious breakfast early in the morning

18. Delay your lunch meal every day by fifteen minutes until evening (evening) and then gradually to dinner to make two meals. Contrary to popular belief, they think  overeating strengthens the body. But quite contrary and eating enough strengthens the body and brings lasting health.

19. Eat dinner 1 hour after sunset in the evening

20. Go to the bathroom one every other day between two hours after a meal and clean your body with a woolen cloth (wool bag).Use natural shaving powder made from mineral yellow arsenic. The (purpose of the trimmer is not only to remove excess hair, but has healing properties)

Tips for gaining weight:

21. Use natural floral fragrances regularly. One of the things that makes the body fat is the use of perfume.

22. The clothes of you that come in contact with the skin of the body must be made of soft linen.

Tips for gaining weight:

Fattening snacks

If you feel weak or hungry during the day, especially those who have started to skip and postpone the lunch meal, eat the following fattening snacks:

1. Carrot juice and honey

2. Sweet almond kernel powder + honey

3. Yellow halva (yellow carrot)

4. Apple + Quince + carrot: Cook over medium heat, then add some raisins and eat.

5. In three snacks, 10 in the morning, noon, 4 pm: Eat 3-4 fresh cucumbers + 5-7 dates.

Note:avoid From the use of drugs and pills for obesity and slimming  with different names and even as herbal that cause damage to the liver and kidneys


For obesing  women breasts , raisins are recommended.  Because by opening the chest ducts, it facilitates blood flow to the chest And becomes obese in a short time.



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