Replace the wrong and chemical diets with a healthy and natural diet

In the name of slimming, to the point of death

Women care more about their appearance than men, so they are more interested in losing weight and achieving the desired weight.This view among women has led to a more crowded office of doctors and nutritionists in recent years, and women who consider themselves obese, make them to line up behind the doctor’s room to get slimming prescription.

Apart from the number of people who, really suffer from the problem of obesity, there are also some who use actors as their role models.Despite not being overweight and not suffering from obesity, they decided to just look like their favorite actor.

According to a nutritionist, most people who visit doctors for getting slim, want to take glyphosate supplements rather than exercises, to achieve their goal as soon as possible. These people, regardless of the risks of taking these drugs, are deceived by profiteers and they are drawn to quick solutions to lose weight.


The big lie in losing 20 kg in a month

Losing 10 to 20 kg of weight in just one month can tempt anyone suffering from obesity to pick up the phone and dial the phone number that appears on the screen of the TV or social networks and order a package of these pills,  Unaware that 99% of these ads are false and that one percent, even if true, is definitely with this amount of weight loss In a short period of time, an irreparable blow is dealt to health, which may last for the rest of its life.  Even if thinness is useful, but its timing is long and in the short term, by any means, it will be harmful.


Slimming  drugs are nothing but harm to the body

  • According to a nutritionist, all kinds of pills and slimming drugs are harmful to the health of the body. For example, some of these drugs cause the excretion of body fat, which after the use of these drugs, all body fat is excreted and the body can not get vitamins and can’t use fat-soluble minerals and over time the body becomes deficient in nutrients.
  • In another example, the drugs which contain hormones, increase metabolism, but the arbitrary use of the hormone May pose very serious risks to the consumer. That’s why nutritionists forbid people from consuming Hormones.
  • A number of these drugs affect the appetite center and reduce a person’s appetite.  But we must note that a slimming diet does not mean not eating or eating less, but eating right.  There are even drugs that cause diarrhea Or are diuretic, excrete food and water, causing gastrointestinal diseases.
  • But the free shipping of these drugs and their low price compared to the visit of nutritionists may be the reasons for the tendency of people to use these pills and medicines that have now been determined not only to be 100% herbal, but also contain industrial substances such as amphetamines.


Slimming  drugs are a messenger of death and disease!

  • Weight loss drugs, especially “Oxyelite”, which are used in powder and capsules for weight loss and energy: These slimming drugs include three groups of appetite suppressants, fat repellents and volume receptors in the digestive system and causes 50 cases of acute liver failure, and this failure causes death of people or loss of liver and they will need liver transplant.
  • Appetite suppressants, including sibutramine and phentermine, affect the appetite center and, in fact, the hormone Serotonin reduces appetite. Taking this drug has many side effects such as anxiety, increasing heart rate,Increasing  blood pressure and shortness of breath and therefore its use is prohibited in people over 50 years and patients with asthma and Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Fat remover drugs in the digestive system, including “Orly Acetate” or “Xenical” by affecting intestinal enzymes inhibiting the absorption of 30% fats that are eaten, but this drug has no effect on the elimination of carbohydrates. Side effects of this drug such as diarrhea, leads to deficiencies in fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins E, A, and D.  These slimming  drugs are also known as Gastrointestinal drugs, including “agar” compounds, that cause nausea in the person by filling the stomach and it leads to dangerous side effects.
  • Miscellaneous drugs that contain substances such as thyroid hormones or “amphetamine” compounds or other compounds increase the body’s metabolism and causes thinness in the person, and in women it causes premature menopause and Cyst cavities in the ovaries.
  • Obesity drugs will also have adverse effects on the body due to synthetic hormones, corticosteroids, etc. Some of these disorders Due to the disruption of the body’s natural hormones are: oily skin and pimples, premature baldness, Severe reduction in libido associated with short-term, long-term or permanent infertility, cardiovascular disease due to the Improper and prolonged use of anabolic steroids, the possibility of rupture of tendons and ligaments and the risk of Prostate cancer in men and the incidence of liver cancer. The use of this group of drugs is not approved by any scientific source due to the disruption of the body’s natural hormonal system.
  • Do not be deceived by TV commercials, fitness clubs and hairdressers that encourage the use of this drug. All of these chemical drugs cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes, and cause 60% of deaths in the world.  Of course, in most developed countries, the side effects of these drugs are known and not used at all, but in less developed countries, profiteers try to import and sell  these drugs through advertising without considering its irreversible side effects.


The herbal nature of slimming  drugs is just an unproven claim

In the advertisements of these drugs, on several points, such as the US Food and Drug Administration license, being 100% plant-based and reducing 10 to 20 kg of Weight is  emphasized only in one month.  The interesting thing is that there is no sales center for them and only you can buy them  by phone and Courier delivery is on the agenda of sellers, sellers whose phone numbers are constantly changing and even they have also created an SMS system for themselves.

During the contact with one of the sellers, we asked him to come to receive the product himself, but the seller stated that They do not have a sales presence and it is only offered through the product courier,  and he left the call half-finished.


Methamphetamine is the main ingredient of  slimming drugs

According to research conducted at a toxicology center, slimming drugs that  were advertised on various networks contain stimulants substances and methamphetamine . The easy sale and purchase of substances containing methamphetamines and narcotics raises concerns among citizens.


Terrible effects of slimming regime

Did you know that thinness  is not good for everyone and the normal posture of many people is large?

1 – One of the first side effects of slimming  is the loss of brain fat and the onset of depression, forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s and  dementia is the result of that.

2 – Weight loss means melting of belly fat and loss of fat around the kidneys, if kidney fat is lost, a few years later, surely You are on dialysis.  The body’s endurance also depends on these fats, and slimming  regimes cause physical weakness.

3 – When abdominal fat is lost, the intestines become dry, and constipation is a constant complication, constipation the case of all physical and mental diseases.

4 – With weight loss, the eyes also dry out, wearing glasses is also a side effect of high-fat diets.

5 – We must know that slimming doesn’t mean healthiness, but everyone’s weight should be commensurate with the nature of his body.

6 – slimming is not recommended for women and is against their inherent nature and femininity.

7 – What is bad and unpleasant is overeating and malnutrition, which causes disease.

8- A fat, juicy and healthy person is better than a thin, depressed, bad-tempered and forgetful person.

9 – It is enough to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of yogurt,dough and chicken and chew your food well and do not forget to eat breakfast.  These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

10 – Mannequins and actors are not a good role model for health because they have destroyed their health with money in order to grow old.


Complications of rapid weight loss

  1. Hair loss
  2. Wrinkles and sagging skin of the face and body
  3. Weakness of nerves
  4. Hypotension
  5. Weakness and lethargy
  6. Tooth decay
  7. Incidence of gallstones
  8. Swelling and ulceration of the stomach
  9. Constipation
  10. Depression and even the body’s resistance to thinness


 A common mistake in weight loss diets:

Vinegar, ginger and pepper are some of the things that are recommended and used in high-fat diets.  These are very  cold and very hot nature medicines  that  too much consuming for slimming  is tantamount to destroying the body.


Cause of the body’s resistance to rapid weight loss:

The cause of the body’s resistance is actually the need for fat.  The body needs to store fat for times of hunger and tries To deal with this rapid weight loss. Do not fight against your body by using unprincipled diets.


Who needs slimming ?

For slimming , we must first determine the nature (temperament) of the person’s body. Your nature might be obese and your high weight might be normal , and the ratio of height to weight is an incomplete and wrong indicator.

It is normal for people with a wet nature and body to be fat, obese or large, and for people with a dry nature, it is perfect and normal to be skinny.Trying to change these two means moving in the opposite direction to the nature of the body, which can lead to disease.  Until This natural state of the body has not caused the disease, we should not fight it.  Only overweight and obesity that lead to disease conditions should be treated.  Most people are normal, and the basics of obesity are more or less the same.


healthy slimming recipe  without side effects

1- Eat two tablespoons of roasted oatmeal dry at breakfast. Due to the great energy it gives to humans, it makes activities easier by consuming less food without becoming weak.  After eating “Roasted Barley Flour”, eat a complete and detailed breakfast and remember Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either absorb the highest notritions .

2 – Do not eat lunch.  Skipping lunch causes less blood clots in the body and increases the appetite for dinner and eating food with appetite is very useful for health.  By doing so, you also don’t leave dinner, which itself strengthens the body.  The best way to get fit is to skip lunch or replace it with light snacks such as fruit. There is no cost to skip lunch, but it should be done gradually because quitting habits at once causes illness.

3- Use of vinegar in the diet or even as a separate meal: eliminates harmful fats and amplifies the heart . Increases memory and kills parasites in the body and strengthens the gums.  Of course, these properties for original vinegar of grapes that are produced in a correct, standard and natural way.  The best time to eat vinegar is after a meal.( 1 tbsp Dining)

4 – Use of fresh fish: Of course, the consumption of fish for cold diseases such as rheumatism, MS, Parkinson’s, paralysis, etc. is prohibited and healthy people should eat fresh fish with 7 dates.

5 – Use of herbal tea (Senna leaf)  and damask rose , once a week, which removes fats, especially belly fat) Of course, it has many benefits, so that it’s been introduced, the treatment of all pains. Of course, the Senna lubricates the abdomen a bit and Causes severe diarrhea.

6- Using a combination of walnuts and anisette that activates the kidneys and helps to better excrete excess body moisture and slimming. Use one tablespoon of jam a day.  People who have a dry body or high liver temperature should be used with caution and should Consume less.

7 – If you have a lot of appetite, eating purslane before meals helps reduce appetite.


Grape diet for slimming

Grape diet is also very effective for slimming, fitness and health. It’s main use is for obesity and It is also used for slimming which means that it causes fitness.

The way of this regime:

  • In the first week, eat only grapes for breakfast.
  • In the second week, only grapes should be eaten for breakfast and lunch.
  • In the third week, eat only grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Consumption of any food, especially baked goods, is prohibited during these three weeks.
  • This diet makes the skin clear and refreshes the complexion.

 Tips for burning fat:

  • 4 apples during the day
  • Do not eat sugar, yogurt, sweets, potatoes and do not eat bread without bran
  • Do not use frying and do not use industrial oil and use olive or sesame oil
  • Eat brown rice instead of white rice
  • Chewing a lot of bites
  • Do not eat too many cold foods like yogurt
  • Never drink water when your stomach is full of food.


The best weight loss exercises?

  • Increasing metabolism through physical activity and exercise is one of the most important ways to treat obesity and overweight. The best exercises are aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, etc.
  • Massaging the limbs before bathing is very effective in reducing the local weight of the body.
  • Massage for slimming should be done firmly and quickly.
  • Massaging with oil has a better effect and result. Example: Rubbing the body with olive oil in addition to eliminating obesity relieves stress, too.




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