What is shaving powder and how is it used?

What is natural shaving powder and what are its properties?

What is natural shaving powder and what are its properties?

Shaving powder is a powder that was used in ancient medical sources with the names of yellow henna, tin, medicine and in modern era terms with a new composition and different names such as cleaning medicine, sharpener and trimmer.

This hygienic substance has been one of the essential items of the bath in the past, and men, women, old and young have taken it so seriously that it seems to be an obligatory practice.There are three vital ingredients in shaving powder, including arsenic, lime and sulfur, of which arsenic is a substance used in Chemotherapy and is anti-cancer!

Shaving powder is one of the methods of treating diseases:

Smell this powder on the skin at the same time you rub it and take a deep breath, when using the shaving powder,apply some of it on the tip of your nose and smell or use shaving powder in a small and cool environment to smell the shaving powder and through the smell,  it enter the blood.The maximum time that the shaving powder can be on your skin is the same time that the shaving powder removes excess hair and it absorbed to your body through the skin, in addition to its cleaning properties, it has a therapeutic effect.

Natural shaving powder is a good anti-cancer and anti-dirt medicine.  Apply shaving powder to the soles of the feet and wash off after ten minutes.  If you have dirty blood, the soles of the feet become black.  Because the foot is the place where most of the heavy blood and its excrement accumulate.

Composition and properties of shaving powder:

Shaving powder is a powder, with natural ingredients that is obtained from a combination of limestone and arsenic, which is obtained during a process in a special kiln and to eliminate excess hair, it is combined with water and applied as a paste on the skin. The nature of shaving powder is very hot.  That’s why this powder,In addition to providing optimal cleanliness, it has a significant role in the treatment of many diseases.

Composition and properties of shaving powder:

History of using shaving powder:

Historical evidence also shows that humans have used shaving powder for many years.  Documents in ancient Egypt show that shaving powder has been considered by the pharaohs as a cleanser.  They used this powder to cleanse their body and beautify it.

Wrong habits of modern life:

Today, unfortunately, a misconception and a wrong habit has spread among the people of different countries by not cutting the hair of the genitals and armpits and nails, in their opinion, are more attractive to people and they experience higher pleasure in appearance and sexual behavior.  They are obviously unaware of this health issue that With this carelessness in removing excess hair and shortening the nails, the agents block the output of toxins in the body.

Tips on using shaving powder:

  • Shaving powder must be prepared with its correct formula. Therefore, it should be provided  only from reputable agencies or reputable people who produce shaving powder.  Because the goal is not only to remove excess hair, but also to enjoy the extraordinary properties of natural and healthy shaving powder.
  • It is better to use gloves to use shaving powder so that your hands do not burn.
  • First of all, the body must be dry.
  • The container containing the shaving powder should be dry.

Tips on using shaving powder:

Steps of use:

1- Pour some powder in a bowl and mix it with a very small amount of hot water and mix well.  The amount of water should be small enough to thicken the shaving powder. If the shaving powder is watery and thin, you should add some more powder to it to get the right concentration.

2 – Then with both hands (with gloves) take the shaving powder and very quickly first rub under the armpits and then the legs and then the genitals soak in the powder paste till all over the body become covered by paste .

3 – After about 4 minutes, the water of the shaving powder dries and takes on a state similar to dried plaster, which is a good position to remove it.

4 – Before going under water, it is best to first remove the dough from the body as much as possible by hand. (Do not do this too harshly with your nails to not to scratch the skin)

5 – After removing the shaving powder from the whole body, go to the warm shower and gently remove the powder from the body with a bag or woolen cloth(Be careful to not burn your skin)

6 – After washing the shaving powder from the body, it is better to apply the whole body from the scalp to the toes of the henna and wash yourself after about five minutes, which will have a wonderful effect on your skin and Is the treatment of all kinds of skin, mental and psychological diseases.

7- After finishing the bath, dry yourself and lubricate the whole body with olive violet oil or olive oil and massage for about ten to fifteen minutes.

8 – Then go to the shower again and massage with warm water for five minutes and then dry yourself and put on clothes.

9 – It is better that your clothes be made of natural fibers and soft linen.

10 – It is better to wash your feet with cold water after bathing, whether in winter or summer.

When is the best time to use shaving powder?

1- Among the days of the week, only Wednesday is not suitable for this work.  The exact reason for the ban is not clear and it was a law that were very observant by the predecessors

2- It is better for men to use shaving powder once every 15 days and women once every 7 days.

Skin and hair health:

Hair removal has not only been common but also recommended;  To the extent that this practice was included in the weekly health affairs of the individual;  Because hair and nails are permanent growths that must be removed regularly and continuously and this helps the evacuation process from the body, happen faster and more regularly.

Shaving powder is natural, comfortable and inexpensive

One of the valuable recommendations for maintaining the health and hygiene of the skin and hair is the use of shaving powder that people use to remove excess hair and it’s from the most natural materials and the easiest and cheapest way.  With the arrival of the new era and the variety of new shaving tools such as razor, epilation, wax, formulation and laser, a traditional and very useful method of using shaving powder in hair removal, has been forgotten and insured.

Natural chemotherapy and cancer prevention:

Shaving powder makes the body a natural chemotherapist, the substances used in shaving powder prevent skin cancer, women if use it a little to remove excess underarm hair will never get breast cancer.  Also use of  Shaving powder prevents leukemia.

Its unpleasant smell is also curative and preventive, if you smell it, you will never get leukemia and insure your body against diseases. The use of this powder is very useful for men and women who have difficulty reducing sexual desire.  Rub a small amount of it on the tip of the nose and sniff it. It warms the brain and relieves depression.

Strengthen the body using shaving powder:

Perhaps the most important property of shaving powder is to strengthen the adrenal glands, the adrenaline gland that strengthens the body.  Long body hair causes weak joints and a lazy body.  The use of shaving powder strengthens the body and makes the body cheerful, fresh and healthy.

Strengthen the body using shaving powder:

Treatment of many neurological diseases:

Shaving powder cleanses the body and relieves depression and anxiety and antidepressant and sadness because it removes toxins from the blood.  Toxins in Blood cause disturbed thoughts and depression.

Treat heat rash and help rejuvenate the skin:

Shaving powder is one of the best treatments for heat rash.  It also refreshes and softens the skin over time and opens the pores of the skin.

Bone Strengthening and Osteoporosis Treatment:

If you use natural shaving powder, you have provided the calcium your body needs because shaving powder is the best bone builder and the strongest calcium medicine in the world which contains pure natural calcium.

Treatment of undersexed in men and women:

The use of shaving powder for men and women who suffer from undersexed is healing and increases sexual desire.  If the adrenal glands are weak, sexual desire is greatly reduced.

It also eliminates male undersexed and premature ejaculation and strengthens sexual power.  To increase the number and movement of sperm,use shaving powder for armpits, groin, and back of the knees at least once every 40 days. If you have severe weakness, you should use more of this miraculous powder to get tangible results.

Prevention and treatment of rheumatism:

Anyone who uses shaving powder will not get rheumatism!  Rheumatism is one of the diseases that occurs due to acidification of the body.shaving powder  is very successful in alkalizing the body.

The only way to get rid of underarm insects:

If the hair under the armpits is not removed, they put small insects under the skin, which are called six-legged and are almost like lice, and by no means they do not cure even with alcohol.  The only definitive cure for this problem is shaving powder paste.

Treatment of skin fungus:

Shaving powder also kills all skin fungi that grow in moist areas of the body.  This kind of magnifying mushroom can only be destroyed with this natural powder.

Treatment of skin fungus:

Strengthen the immune system:

Regular use of shaving powder increases the ability of the body’s immune system, activates white blood cells and makes the body resistant to disease.

Muscle growth for athletes:

If athletes use shaving powder every week, it will increase their body muscles.  Also, use shaving powder to prevent sagging and looseness of the legs, groin, bladder, abdomen and flanks contract and the breasts contract.  If you apply henna on the body after washing the shaving powder, it will cause stiffness and

Muscle strength increases.

Properties of shaving powder if used under the armpits:

When shaving powder is applied under the armpits, the light in the eyes increases, the shoulders become stronger,and it’s very useful especially for breastfeeding mothers who suffer from hormonal disorders.

These hormones increase the risk of breast cancer if they accumulate.

Properties of shaving powder if used under the abdomen:

When shaving powder is applied under the abdomen, in addition to removing excess hair,  it eliminates kidney and bladder diseases.

Properties of shaving powder when used on the soles of the feet:

Those who are violent and bad-tempered: They can apply shaving powder on the soles of their feet and wash them 5 minutes later.  The foot is the place where toxins accumulate because it is the extremities of the body, Earth’s gravity is constantly pulling blood and waste, especially the heavy part, down.

Properties of shaving powder when used on the soles of the feet:

Other benefits of shaving powder:

  • Ant-slimming: increases the fat of the kidneys and makes a person fat and obese; Excessive slimming is caused by kidney failure.  If the kidneys are not strengthened, the person can not gain weight.
  • Leukemia: Some research suggests that arsenic in shaving powder is a beneficial drug to prevent leukemia. Arsenic in shaving powder enters the body’s arteries through the skin and smell and prevents a person from developing leukemia.
  • Uterine cancer: Some believe that the smell and vapors of arsenic that enter the vagina, cervix and the uterus itself through the entrance of the female penis, It is a natural form of chemotherapy and prevents women from developing cervical cancer.
  • Varicose veins: Shaving powder is very effective in treating varicose veins as well as varicocele.
  • Fungal infection: Rubbing shaving powder on the female genital area cleanses this area of ​​fungal infection of the vagina.
  • Vaginal itching: Fungal infections cause itching that the use of natural shaving powder can solve this problem.
  • Bad penis odor: One of the concerns of men and women is the unpleasant odor of the penis area, which causes annoyance to the person and the partner,use shaving powder several times to eliminate the annoying odor of the genital area (caused by infection).
  • Darkening of the skin: Constant use of shaving powder prevents blackening and darkening of the genital area and armpits.
  • Skin softness: Contrary to Gillette, shaving powder softens the skin.

Other diseases for which shaving powder is very useful:

  • Hemorrhoid
  • Split
  • Fistula
  • Sciatica
  • Diabetes
  • Bed sores
  • Bad body odor
  • Severe colds
  • Prevention of scabies, psoriasis and acne

One of the side effects of using other shaving tools:

The use of some shaving tools, such as razors, causes the hair to become prickly and split end , and during hair growth, it causes them to get stuck under

The skin and the resulting pimples.  However, the use of natural shaving powder softens the hair and makes it  non split end during growth and the problem of pimples won’t happen for the skin.

Important Note:

These benefits are related to natural hair removal powders that contain arsenic and are slightly turbid and somewhat smelly and rough.Industrial hygienic powders only have the property of trimmers and their natural properties are taken from them and the said items cannot be expected from chemical trimmers.


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