Identify the fabric with a match

There are many ways to identify the kind  of a fabric, but almost the best way is to separate one or more threads from it and test it with a small flame.The reactions that this yarn shows near the flame indicate its material. Check the following characteristics and identify the fabric material.


Threading of the thread during ignition.

When the yarn is brought close to the flame and the fibers are conglobated  as it approaches the flame and heat, it means that the yarn is made of synthetic fibers or polyester.  Natural fibers such as cotton wool or viscose are pelletized, ignited and pulverized.

The residue of the yarn after the flame is extinguished in natural materials is usually gray and very small, but in the yarns with the remaining innocent fibers, it assumes the shape of a ball and burnt nylon.


The color of the smoke after extinguishing:

From the color of the smoke obtained after igniting the yarn and turning it off, the type of fibers can also be understood.

Cotton and most natural fibers such as wool, etc. When they burn the color of their smoke is white  and polyester and most other synthetic fibers such as plastic when burned have the color of black smoke.


The smell of burning yarn

In distinguishing the material of yarn and fabric, each type of yarn fibers have different odors when ignited.Which refers to the composition and material of its fibers. The burning smell of viscose cotton yarns is almost similar to the burning smell of wood or paper due to their plant bases. The burning smell of polyester is completely different and due to aromatic compounds, they will emit a smell similar to the smell of sweets.And other natural fibers, such as animal-based wool, are known to smell like burning sheep’s wool.  The smell of burning plastic is also quite clear and burns like ordinary plastic that we have experienced many times in our lives.


Tips of recognizing yarn and fabric by ignition

The fibers may be mixed and have synthetic and natural materials in their structure, in which case the situation is a little more difficult and requires more precision when we are  performing the test.

Some fabrics have more than one type of yarn in their weaving. This means that in the structure of their texture, two types of yarn have been used as one in between or in parallel, which must be taken into account when we’re  performing this method.It is recommended to separate more pieces of yarn for this purpose. Numerous experiments on different parts of the garment and accuracy in the texture of the garment and separation of yarn from different parts increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.


You do not need to go shopping with matches

The seller will not allow you to easily approach the fire with the clothes and you do not need to set up a firework to identify the clothes.Start with the clothes you have at home and complete your knowledge by recognizing their kind. With multiple tests on personal clothing, you no longer need to use matches for other clothing. As long as you recognize that which one is like your own  clothes is enough.



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