How to negotiate with a person like Trump?

Perhaps this is a question to lots of people that what is the root of the different human behaviors? Lots of reasons have been identified for this question. One of the most important issues in human behavior is their physical condition. In a particular behavior every human shows a specific type of reaction that is very logical and reasonable in its own right.

When we invite people to behave wisely ،in most cases ،they consider that their behavior and their attitude is so intelectual and correct. Now we compare the behavior of cold nature and hot nature people and then we present the analysis of the personality of US president Trump.

In a simple category human beings can be divided into hot and cold in terms of the warmth of existence. Of course not all human beings fall into this category but each has a part of this state. Trump is an example of a very hot nature man. This means he has a very active physical condition. And his liver is very hot ،that his subconscious reactions are caused by this intense heat in his body.


1. Love and affection :

a hot natured person loves itself and he is more concerned with itself ،while a cold natured person cares more about the other and forgets himself. We see among the officials of many countries and we see that they have a prosperous life. But they don’t care about the suffering of the people of their country ،because if high energy levels won’t be controlled properly ،it leads to complete selfishness of the person.

On the other hand it has been seen that if a job is entrusted to a cold natured person ،he works hard in it. To the extent that he completely forgets himself.  He may forget to eat his meals.


2. Self confidence:

A hot natured person has high self confidence but on the other hand a cold natured person has very low self confidence and it’s  shy and doesn’t believe in himself. It’s interesting to know that a hot natured person has false self confidence and he believes in and accepts himself more than his abilities. But the cold natured person may have many abilities but never dare to present his abilities to society.


3. Fear and courage:

a hot natured person doesn’t fear easily and doesn’t let anything cause fear. As much as possible to dare, some fear is necessary for human beings. But the very hot natured person finds this fear foolish. This temerity has taken the lives of many young  people while driving، Cause they don’t have any fear and they have temerity. It can be said that a very hot natured person is reckless. On the other hand there is the cold natured person that fears from every thing.from proposing to the person he loves ،to working on a project or anything big or little ،even if they have a very bad life together ،they still don’t think about divorce because they don’t dare to do so.


4. Financial and career developments :

the hot natured person follows up a lot and tries so hard. He likes to be rich and he sees himself capable of achieving his goal . If this hot nature and energy is extraordinary ،he is very likely to be ambitious. He doesn’t give up anything for financial developments. On the other side of the story there is the cold natured person that because he is not capable of doing anything he gives up trying and stops trying In  this field and he won’t make much progress in this work. In proper parlance this financial development is called skill. The energetic person has power but the cold nature person can’t and is powerless.


5. Honesty and truthfulness:

the people with a high level of energy that can’t control themselves suffer from gossip and lies. Such a person makes a false claim to introduce himself as an important person and others to be afraid of him and to fulfill his wishes. It was reported that Trump had set a record for lying. Trump itself and people like him have great desire to be seen and be famous. They fear isolation and don’t like loneliness. These people upload lots of images of themselves  on social  media. On the  other side there is a cold natured person with low energy that is scared  of being seen and even if it needs to be seen، It hides itself just like a student who refuses to ask questions in the classroom. He doesn’t like to be seen at all.


6. Release emotion :

the hot natured person releases his emotion easily، but he may do this very fast that makes everyone upset. Now the cold natured person can’t release his emotions. He regularly thinks by himself what to say and what to do?? He scared that his releasing emotion makes others upset. he Scares that by releasing emotions he will be judged،but the hot natured person doesn’t care what others say about convincing others the hot natured person convinces others about his wills. For example ،he propose easily and can get positive answer cause he is so energetic ، but the cold natured person because of fear and low level of energy can’t convince others. Such a person can’t convince his beloved one in proposal serenony. Now it must be considered that energy has different levels. A man may have high energy levels and be a so -called hot natured person. But he has a lower energy level than his family. This leads to The man not being able to easily say no to the demand of his family ،but he says no easily to his wife and ignoring her wishes. In facing other people the hot natured person because of having high levels of energy doesn’t like a person with low levels of energy. He sees him as a weak and miserable person. Therefore he constantly forces him to impose his will on that person. A hot natured  person likes strong and powerful people to compete with them. That’s why it’s  often the case that a hot natured  man hates a cold natured ،timid،low-energy woman.


7. Social and political activities :

a cold natured person  doesn’t  enter the political and social arenas at all. Because he doesn’t have the ability to face and confront powerful and warm people and he will be eliminated Unintentionally.


8. Connection with God :

people with a high level of energy،they don’t accept God as the God who must be obeyed. In Fact it’s because of their pride. But the cold person is looking for someone to obey. He likes the powerful God and seeks refuge in him. But the hot natured person considers God to be superstitious. Of course it must be Said that the cold person seeks God to place his responsibility on him.for example about being rich ،the hot natured person believes that he must try and work hard and God doesn’t have any role in his life. The cold natured person stops trying and thinks  that achieving welfare is dependent  on God’s will. How many times have we seen people praying to get rich.


9. Serenity :

the hot natured person is very restless in appearance. The cold natured person is very calm  in appearance but he is a wanderer in the rough sea of his thoughts.


10. Sexual issues:

A hot natured person has a high sexual desire, which if not controlled can lead to many disasters.  A cold natured person also has less power and desire to the extent that it may make a person unmotivated towards marriage


Now let’s analyze Trump’s personality

This person is very energetic and hot natured. This energy is evident from his speeches and his shouts. He is so extroverted. Release his emotions and can’t control himself. For example if he gets angry he expresses his feelings immediately. He doesn’t treat his wife well. Because of his high level of energy. Which is not controlled، leads him to be mad with those who are around him. If his wife is very strong and hot natured ،she will suffer less. A very hot natured person like Trump basically thinks it’s useless to pay attention and to  love his children and wife. He is not used to loving. Not even he doesn’t scared of anything  but he is so daring and fearless . For example in moving the US embassy from TelAviv to jerusalem he did things that even George w. Bosh had not done it with all his experiences in the history of war، He doesn’t dare to do so.

Trump is known for his madness. This IS provable and true. Very hot and very cold natured people are far from rational. Avery hot natured person whose energy Is not controlled reaches aggression and inasity and permanent end. He gets nervous about the smallest issues. Trump has a lot of power and desire in the field of sexual issues. And we have heard a lot of moral corruption from him for not controlling it ،this person has high physical strength.

As it was mentioned earlier،by this high level of energy that this energy doesn’t control ،he doesn’t like God and spiritual values at all. Rather his great energy leads him to have and do all evil deeds. He has no sympathy. If he sees a human being in the worst and most miserable condition. He will not be affected. Trump with his unstoppable energy must be a fun loving person. As if we have heard about him being a gambler. While a cold natured person is so low in energy that he does not seek pleasure and enjoyment meanwhile an cold person is afraid of having fun outside of the moral framework. As we said the hot natured person has lots of energy that if it doesn’t control،it can lead to actions and behaviors that are outside of social norms. So it can be concluded that Trump has a highly lawless character. On the other side there is the cold natured person who is so patient and strictly obeys the rules.


How is the communication of the cold and hot natured person with others?

Other people’s relationship with a hot natured person is like that if they have more power, they can achieve what they want in the face of this person.Now this energy can be physical or mental. There are people who have little physical energy but have tremendous spiritual energy.  About collection management ،Someone like Trump thinks he has to control people at all costs, and he’s very hard on them.

He believes that in this way he can subdue his subordinates. On the other side there is the cold natured person that  if he has a group of people  under control,  he behaves so kindly that his group may no longer hear from him and don’t obey him.


How to negotiate with Trump and win?

Anyone who wants to negotiate with Trump must have a high level of energy and courage،Be strong and powerful ،and don’t laugh in vain and do not pretend to be stupid. It is enough to see a bit of weakness and fear in the other party, and then he has the upper hand in the negotiation. It is interesting to know that for someone like Trump, weak people are much more disgusting than strong people.

Trump pulled out as soon as he saw the Iranian side as weak in the Borjam international agreement and did not fulfill any of the US commitments. The experience of negotiating with people like Trump shows that they do not adhere to any of the international rational standards and the only effective language in relation with them is the language of power and coercion. If you are strong and energetic, you will succeed in the face of hot natured people, otherwise failure is certainly  for you.

Here are some examples of behavior and the opposite behavior of Trump. Both of these behaviors are problematic. We need a balance of these behaviors.



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