How to identify the causes of halitosis and eliminate it?

How to identify the causes of halitosis and eliminate it?

halitosis affects about 50% of adults during their lifetime.halitosis can be caused by poor hygiene of Oral or chronic diseases.  This problem can lead to isolation of is Impressive in social communication and decreases the person’s popularity. Other people distance themselves from a person with halitosis.

Causes of halitosis

1.Bacteria break down food particles left between teeth.  This breakdown process  and retention of nutrients between the teeth cause halitosis . Oral hygiene, use of mouthwash, floss and toothbrush can easily solve this problem.

2. Your stomach, when you eat garlic, onion or foods with pungent odors, digests and absorbs the substances in these foods; This material is imported in the bloodstream and reaches the lungs through the bloodstream, causing halitosis. This bad odor usually lasts up to 72 hours and after that, it disappears. Some strong-smelling drinks, such as coffee, can also cause halitosis.

3. Smoking such as cigarettes and hookahs can cause dry mouth and halitosis.

4. Brushing in the bathroom

5.Washing the mouth with chemical detergents (such as mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.): Rinsing with strong chemicals causes the destruction of the inner layer(This layer prevents material and fat from sticking to the wall of the mouth.)

6. Consumption of unhealthy foods: Consumption of ready-made foods and fast foods such as sausages causes corruption and body odor.different Types of fast foods and especially pizza because of having cooked cheese, make the whole body especially the stomach suffer from widespread corruption.

7. Various diseases

8. Constipation

9. Infections

What diseases cause halitosis?

Sinus infections, chronic bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, and tonsil stones can all cause halitosis;  Abnormal breath odor can be a sign of some diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes and stomach reflux disease (GERD). Stomach reflux (Return of stomach contents to the esophagus) is One of the most common causes of halitosis.

If you have kidney failure, your breathing may smell like fish;  Also in people with diabetes, because the body can not get glucose For its own fuel, fats are broken down, and as a result of their breakdown, a substance called ketone is released, which smells like Aston.  Having at least half an hour of regular physical activity per day and daily consumption of 3 to 4 units of fruits and 3 to 5 units of vegetables, consumption of whole grains as well as avoiding sweets, chocolate, too much bread and rice, processed foods and fast foods can prevent from high diabete.

What diseases cause halitosis?

Oral odor solutions:

  1. Onion (Onion in the short term and for a few hours temporarily stinks the mouth, but because it is germicidal and cleans the mouth of germs,In the long run, it eliminates the root of the stench and makes the mouth fragrant)
  2. Eating leek vegetables (kills oral germs)
  3. Using toothpicks (picking with the wood of flowers, reeds and pomegranate wood is wrong)
  4. Dyeing hair with henna(Everything we wash our heads with enters the bloodstream.)
  5. Brushing with Arak wood or olive wood
  6. Eat 12 raisins on an empty stomach
  7. Melon: It is better to eat melon with your teeth because eating it with a knife reduces its benefits.
  8. Eating pomegranate with its tallow (tallow is the white part between pomegranate seeds and its their curtains)
  9. The beginning and end of the meal with basil
  10. Eating cheese
  11. Wash your face and mouth at least 3 times a day and draw some water into your nose.
  12. Sleep with your mouth open: Dry mouth can be one of the causes of halitosis. Problems with the salivary glands of the mouth, sleeping with the mouth open or Taking certain medications, such as medications for high blood pressure or urinary problems, can cause halitosis by causing dry mouth.

Be.  Consumption of water, liquids and sour foods can increase saliva secretion.   A little open mouth is enough and Prevents tooth decay.  Because sometimes tooth decay is caused by stomach fumes.

  1. Sinus infection: One of the symptoms of sinus infection is that in the morning fasting nose and mouth smell bad, the treatment of which is the treatment of sinusitis. You can apply 2 drops of violet oil to your eyebrows every night and pour it inside your nose.
  2. Gum Infection: Disinfection and rinsing are treated with sea salt.
  3. Sometimes the cause of bad breath is the consumption of artificial sugars that should be discarded.
  4. Constipation: The problem is solved by eating healthy and using some plants and seeds. Consume olive oil, sorrel and turmeric, honey syrup with hot water and …. Take constipation seriously.  The gastrointestinal tract should have regular activity and 1 to 3 times a day (depending on the number of meals) you should have repulsion.  In this way, halitosis is largely eliminated.
  5. .Figs and olives eliminate halitosis
  1. Apple is the best perfume and stomach tonic that is available to everyone. Eat an apple early in the morning before sunrise. It is better to chew its kernels as well. By doing this, you will get less disease during your life.
  2. Other things that completely cleanse and strengthen the stomach: eating beans with skin,quince fruit, sesame, rice bread, cow’s milk, pear, boiled water, Nutrient powders (roasted wheat and barley powder).
  3. The miraculous composition of “digestion” is very effective in eliminating halitosis. The recipe is as follows.

Oral odor solutions:

How to prepare a miraculous composition (digestion) :

You can make this medicine at home.  Combine equal amounts of the following herbs. Add less salt so that it does not become salty.

Thyme powder

Anisette  powder

Unpowered black seed

Mix evenly.  If you eat before meals, you should add a little salt to it, if you want to eat after meals eat with a little honey.

How to use: Take one teaspoon before and after meals.  You can pour it on food and eat with food.

How to prepare a miraculous composition (digestion) :

Tips for use: How to use, before meals with sea salt or after meals without salt.  Because of the power of this compound in cleansing the stomach if a person consumes large amounts of this compound before and after meals can be problematic, especially in cases where there is severe stomach weakness.  Dosage of Digestion is a tablespoon of jam that naturally should be less if it is to be used for children under 5 years old.

Return of milk during breastfeeding is not due to stomach weakness and the use of this combination is not recommended.


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