Do you think that in order to defeat the powerful army of the enemy, a stronger and better equipped army should be built against it?


At this historical moment that Corona army has invaded the health and what can be seen is that the army of the white blood cells of the humans are so weak to resist Corona ،even with quarantine and using chemical high side effects drugs ،we can not get rid of Coronavirus permanently. Even if the vaccine of Corona is discovered ،there might be a new disease in the future and cause the same problems.

Now there are conflicting opinions about  vaccines and making and spreading the virus itself in the world.

The only definite way is to become permanently  stronger. We have to strengthen our immune system.


I draw your attention to the researches of the scientists:

Corona is like the flu virus ،ride on the bed of an underlying disease that the result of that is the conversion of body waste and over flowing to the outlets of the body such as the kidney and lungs. The greasy and sticky of these mixes cause severe congestion in the kidney and  the symptoms are similar to kidney stone. Those whose immune system is on alert ،they won’t have so much problem by getting this virus. These people won’t feel any symptoms in their body or with symptoms like the common cold. By home treatment and resting they will easily go through it and pass it. Even it can be said that healthy bodies use this disease through cleaning and strengthening their body and eventually this disease will end in their flavor.

The major problem occurs in those ،whose immune systems of their body have been under supper and weakened by using antibiotics and drugs like antihistamine ،corticosteroids and painkillers during years and doesn’t have the alertness and necessary preparation. The body of this group of people is like a country that doesn’t have a powerful army  and defense forces and become surrounded by the slightest  threats of a foreign enemy.


How to help our body to defeat the Corona?

The way of dealing with viral diseases is the same. The most important pillar is to strengthen the body defenses and opening the obstructions and helping to repel the removal of rotten impurities from our body.

You may have noticed from news related to Corona that the corona patients that have severe and dangerous symptoms will comfort themselves with accumulation of infection in lungs and respiratory disorders. We must open the body outputs by herbal medicines and proper nutrition that the body can repel rotten impurities  and also strengthen the body for limiting the scope of activity and its destruction.


A weak immune system is like a football team that scores a goal on its own team

Unfortunately the immune system of most people is not healthy and this weakness in the immune system has developed during years and it has different reasons.


Some of the reasons :

Early treatment of diseases that act as a mono- immune system and prepare the body’s defenses ، like ( colds and flu) prescription and high consumption of antibiotics in recent years. Using immunosuppressive drugs such as antihistamines and corticosteroids ،unhealthy nutrition and eating food that are not in line with the nature of the body. Like(abnormal oils ،salt ،abnormal sugars, genetically modified animal meats such as poultry and Trans genetics ،and…) and also eating foods that ruin the body’s balance،like cold and dry foods. By doing the wrong things we use a lot of force on our body to compensate.just like a football team that instead of focusing on taking the opponent suffers a lot of players’ margins.


Suggestions for strengthening the immune system :

We can’t expect to eat anything and still stay healthy. For being healthy we should avoid some things and do some things which are against our will.


A) Dietary recommendations :

  1. Maintain body heat by avoiding cold food ،frozen foods , leftover foods ،fatty foods ، fries ،fast foods ،compote ،canned foods،pickles (except natural vinegar) yogurt and cheese ،spaghetti salad ،olowie ،sausages and cold drinks such as non alcoholic beer ،buttermilk.
  2. maintain proper body moisture and relieve constipation by eating laxative foods ،olive oil،foods like pumpkin soup ،plum soup ،turnip soup ،bouillon ،Quince or apple stew ،using useful fruits and vegetables regularly. Consume hot drinks (like boiling water ،hot milk and herbal teas with mild and drown taste.


B) Lifestyle tips :

  1. Overeating is the reason for many diseases and also the difficulty and prolonged treatments. If you can just limit the meals to morning and night and use only salad or fruit between them. Chew your food  as well and stop eating before you become full.
  2. cleaning the body with a long hot bath(at least half an hour) and using henna and depilatory regularly.
  3. washing hands specially before and after the meals.
  4. cleaning and disinfection of the mouse and digestive system. By eating a little natural salt ،before and after the meals or eating a spoon of vinegar after the meal.
  5. wash the respiratory Tract (nose and mouth) by warm water permanently and if possible roll  out salt water.
  6. strengthen the lungs by breathing correctly, throw the nose and exhale  through the mouth and deepa binomial breathing.
  7. scent the body with natural fragrances disinfection such as  daffodil or rose or natural mint  perfume.
  8. observe sleeping and waking times (sleep early and wake 2 hours before sunrise).
  9. fear and apprehension are the main cause of weakening fraud and ultimately the weakness of the body’s defense system so ask God for help and don’t be afraid of anything by relying on God.


C) perform nature immunization (vaccination) :

We have to use natural vaccines to strengthen the immune system ،not to use separate vaccine and chemical side effects for each disease.

Some natural vaccines to boost the immune system against all diseases:

1. taking a combination drug once in every 10 minutes for prevention، especially  at the beginning of the cold seasons or at the times that viral infectious diseases are becoming more common. Antiviral properties ،anti inflammatory ،antioxidants and strengthening the immune system are all three of the properties of this drug.

2. phlebotomize at least two times in a year at the first of spring and fall. People with anemia and pregnant women should have phlebotomize under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

3. highly recommend using natural salt before and after the food.

4. inhale the scent of the daffodils.

5. eating turnip and garlic

6. using antiviral  therapeutic decoction :

  • decoction of ten plants (thyme ،marjoram ،lotus ،mountain tea، lavender، marshmallow، Mix them all equally and boil it in the morning and night and drink it with honey.
  • Decoction of thyme +fennel (or mint) +oregano. Use it like the above way.

7. controlling body temperature by the following methods :

  • Fleawort and flex weed juice
  • washing hands and feet with cool water.

8. Combine garlic and milk to clear the lungs and remove rotten impurities :peel and crush 7 fresh garlics and boil it with 2 glasses of fresh cow milk till it remains 1 glass. Then mix it with a spoon of honey and drink half of it in the morning and drink the other half at night.

9. Open and clear the airway and lungs with inhaling and gargle with saltwater with a little natural vinegar ،dropping violet oil with sesame base of black seed oil inside of the nose and use snuff ،it makes you sneeze like pepper and black seed powder but be careful not to pollute every where.

10. massaging the back and chest with black seed oil and putting a hot towel or a hot water bag on the chest.

11. cupping back of the chest for about 15 minute، two or three times in a day depends on your intensity of cough and shortness of breath.

12. And the most important part of treatment : Encourage and pay attention from the doctors and the relatives and families and get help from spirituality.


preparing the environment for the prevention and treatments of the patients

1) while appreciating the sincere efforts of the medical staff of the country ،we ask all hospital staff not to weaken the  respiratory system and the immune system of the patients by using acidic and alcoholic disinfectants as the cause of exacerbation of patients’ symptoms. At the time they enter the hospital and health centers are breathing the disinfectants.

2) For cleaning the home use vinegar and salt (warm boiled water)+a glass of natural vinegar +tablespoon of natural salt.

3) disinfect the air with frankincense smock and hot pecans.herbal decoctions like thyme ،eucalyptus،mint ،marjoram، lavender at the patients resting place helps relieve lungs weakness patients recovery and also perfume the atmosphere of the house with incense and roses.

4) hot incense by using herbs like thyme ،coriander ،seeds eucalyptus and some others like these. In addition to creating heat and disinfectants and air system opener it absorbs more oxygen and sends it to the heart.

5) And at the end of the disease and beginning of the  recovery، strengthen the body with healthy foods such as sheep kebab ،oleaster and hot milk.



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