How to be beautiful without any makeup


Many women like to start their day without makeup and have a refreshing face.  However many of them are afraid of appearing in the eyes of others without makeup.  If you are one of these people, we recommend that you join us, because we are going to offer tips for having a fresh face without makeup. Having beautiful and at the same time simple and unadorned faces has many effects on a person’s mood and the quality of his social relations.  At all Encounters A beautiful and simple face helps a person and improves the quality of his communication with others.


 In what situations we look beautiful?

 Face color:

Face color should be light, fresh and transparent.  Yellowness, darkness and opacity make a face,Lose its beauty. The condition of the face indicates the condition of the liver.  This important organ, if it performs its duties properly, The face will keep its beauty stable.




If you do not have thick eyebrows, follow the tips below to make your eyebrows fuller.  Hairy eyebrows impact a lot on the beauty of the face.  Never use tattoos or chemical dyes on the eyebrows, they change the color of the face and the face loses its radiance.




A beautiful smile can greatly enhance your beauty.  So add to your charm by beautifying them. Avoid from consumption foods such as sweets, sugar, fast food and coffee.  Remember  overuse toothpaste can also damage your teeth.  If your teeth are normally dark or yellow in color, you should Take care of your teeth more.




The eyes should be perfectly large and open.  Eyes that do not open completely indicate problems such as anemia, abnormalities in  Liver or kidney function, etc. Fix it by investigating the cause.  Dark circles around the eyes, incomplete opening of the eyes, not being clear and shiny diminishes its beauty.




A healthy person, with good blood and liver status, has cheeks.  If the person is also bloody, the color of the cheeks are  approaching red .  Instead of injecting gel, you can have a beautiful face naturally.




Problems such as cracking, dryness, peeling of the skin, discoloration and loss of protrusion of the lips are issues that are threatening their beauty.  Each of these problems has a solution that will be addressed below.  Things like Injecting the gel in addition to the lips threatens the health of the whole body.



How to make different parts of the face look the best?

 Face color:

The human face in any color and skin, should be fresh in its natural state.  The right lifestyle increases this freshness and the darkness disappears.  Some of the most important factors in improving and brightening the complexion are:

1- Improving water and oil: Natural water in the mountains, which is called spring water, and also boiled water is better than plumbing urban water and makes the skin clear.  The oil should  better be  olive oil or other natural oil.

2 – Do not rub towels, cloth, etc. on the face: After washing your face, let it dry naturally.  This  Increases blood flow to the face and increases freshness and vitality.

3 – Sleep regulation:sleep 2 hours before midnight and get up 2 hours before sunrise and start your activities.  Have a short nap one to two hours before noon and do not go to bed in the evening or early at night. Sleep on your back so that there won’t be any problems such as wrinkles on your face.

4 – Food adjustment: Stop eating before the stomach is full.  Full stomach causes all kinds of diseases and the first effect is on the face and destroys the water and freshness of the face because of the large amount of food that is being digested in the stomach and causes  excessive concentration of blood flow in the stomach and puts pressure on various other organs.

5 – Using a mixture of lime, natural arsenic and henna powder to remove blemishes and even moles:  in the past people use this mixture to remove excess facial flesh or to remove  excess body hair, which is rich in natural ingredients and it does not contain any synthetic substances that are dangerous for the skin.

6- Rubbing violet oil which is prepared from olive oil.  Apply it every night to the hair and eyebrows and the benefits.  For ladies only hair and eyebrows.

7- Sit in the sun( Sit in the sun to absorb vitamin D or receive sun energy)

8 – Unhealthy sexual relations (Healthy sexual habits are useful in the family. avoid sexual habits outside the family that are very harmful)

9 – apply henna on your head.  Hold henna on your head for 1 to 5 hours.  Applying henna on the head purifies the blood and refreshes it and makes the face more beautiful.

10- Eating pumpkin makes the skin fresh.

11 – Excessive consumption of pomegranate syrup cures pimples and skin clarity,mix a spoonful of pomegranate paste + a spoonful of honey +  a glass of water.  This drink is useful for strengthening the liver and kidneys and eliminating anemia, and opens and cleanses the facial arteries of blood and is soothing and joyful.



12- Sometimes due to chronic diseases, a person suffers from anemia and no matter how much medicine he uses , this anemia won’t disappear. For example assisted kidney disease is a chronic disease that also causes pallor.  Such a person must first Treat kidney disease.  Crush and powder 2 walnuts every night and eat them with 1 teaspoon of anisette. It causes the kidneys to become overworked and overheated, and as a result, anemia is eliminated and the face becomes beautiful.




To beautify and fill your eyebrows, apply a few drops of violet oil to them every night while sleeping. Don’t use chemical colors for your eyebrows.  With violet oil applied to the eyebrows, the face becomes beautiful.  Violet oil in addition to filling the  Eyebrow,  prevents gray hair and treats chronic headaches and sinusitis.




Eat blood-forming foods to brighten your lips.  Foods such as mutton kebab, roasted wheat powder, grape and date extracts, berries, figs, etc.  In addition to those that are hematopoietic, the liver and spleen should also be cleansed.  One of the easiest ways to cleanse the liver and spleen is to use olive oil.  By purifying the spleen, the lips will be  beautiful.




You do not need to use plastic toothbrushes and chemical toothpaste to have healthy white teeth.You can restore beauty to your teeth by using a wooden toothbrush regularly.  This type of toothbrush does not need toothpaste and It contains antibacterial substances that clean the teeth.  This toothbrush also has scaling properties and can Whiten the  yellow and black tooth. If you brush your teeth with natural salt (sea) after brushing your teeth with wood, the strength of your teeth will increase.




To have beautiful and prominent cheeks, you should eat foods that increase body moisture. For Example  consumption of (roasting wheat  powder , barley, etc.) along with olive oil, sesame and cucumber along with dates can provide this moisture. You can also use a cucumber mask.




Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by anemia, increased blood concentration, enlarged spleen or accumulation of dirty blood in the spleen, under the heart and, ect. Increasing concentration of blood in the body or in the head can be  due to various causes such as insomnia, constipation, etc.  Sinusitis can also be the reason for  dark circles around the eyes.  Water supply problems and dehydration also cause dark circles under the eyes Which is associated with Kidney problems.


Treatment of dark circles around the eyes:

  • Having constipation. Consumption of beef, ice and cold water, fast foods, indigestible foods, excessive body fatigue,  Lack of proper principles of life such as sleep deprivation and insomnia, stress, sadness and depression as well as constant use of electrical equipment such as cell phones and computers cause dark circles around the eyes.
  • The first solution is cleansing and improving digestion. If you have constipation, you must treat it first.  It is possible with treatment of constipation, the darkness around the eyes will be treated too .  To correct and strengthen the digestive system, it is recommended to take flixweed with a little honey and boiling water  three times a day, Flixweed cleanses the body.
  • If eating this tea makes the stomach sour, this problem can be prevented by adding a little plantain.
  • Also, using the infusion of thyme, rhamnus  and flixweed eliminates dark circles under the eyes and opens the face.
  • One of the causes of dark circles around the eyes is sinusitis. Prolonged, correct and complete bath is one of the basic and important treatments and it is used for many diseases, including sinusitis.
  • Use of blood purifiers such as lettuce, rhamnus, etc.
  • At night, apply sweet almond oil or violet oil to the eyes and around them.
  • Sometimes the cause of dark circles around the eyes is liver problems.  Drink a glass of rhamnus juice a day( useful for anemia and liver)
  • Continuity in daily consumption of chicory vegetables
  • You can make dough by mixing pea flour, lemon juice and honey. Apply it around your eyes and let it dry.  After drying, rinse it with cold water
  • By observing the above points, in addition to the darkness around the eyes, other problems will be solved. Like not opening eyes completely and other problems.



Sagging and loose skin

Due to surgeries, cesarean section and untimely sleep, body moisture increases.  If this moisture is accompanied by cooling of the body,it will cause sagging skin.



Treatment of sagging skin: 

  •  Massage improves blood circulation, delivers fresh nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and removes toxins and helps the Recovery.  It opens the fat nodes trapped in the body organs and removes waste products from the body.
  • Light exercise
  • Consumption of various natural nutritious powders
  • Eat fennel tea
  • Consumption of body heaters
  • Rub coconut oil on the spot
  • Rose oil + honey as a mask on the stand


 Pimples :

  • The cause of pimples in primarily levels is being single because sex hormone enters the bloodstream causing a blood infection. Liver repels toxins according to its natural function.  These pimples are the same infections that the liver brings out from different parts.
  • The second cause is the wrong food culture due to the consumption of old eggs, old walnut kernels, fried foods, spices and Pickles cause poisoning and infection of the blood. According to its function, the liver expels it in the form of a pimple.
  • Pimples can be caused by factors such as hormones and their disorders and the use of certain medications and improper diets Containing fat and fast food and greasy and inappropriate cosmetics and most importantly, stress.
  • Pimple in the middle of the eyebrows indicates a liver problem caused by eating fatty foods.
  • Pimples and blemishes around the eyes and even dark circles around the eyes indicate a problem in the kidneys and by drinking liquid fluids like apple juice, it gets better.
  • If the cheek has pimples more than other places, the problem is in the respiratory system and allergies, which will be treated  by eliminating smoking and following a Proper nutrition diet.
  • If there are a lot of pimples on the nose, heart care and consumption of B vitamins should be taken seriously.
  • Hormonal disorders and stress should be eliminated if there are pimples on the chin and around the lips.
  • If there are pimples on the ears, there is a problem with kidney function.


Pimple treatment:

  • 10 Lettuce leaves should be eaten in the evenings.
  • Avoid alkalizing the skin with soap
  • Drink a glass of chicory every night after dinner.
  • Avoid foods with saturated fat or greasy creams.
  • Rub some oranges or other citrus fruits on the skin.
  • Rubbing raw onions cures pimples quickly.
  • Increase your intake of water, fruits and vegetables.
  • Rubbing violet oil on the face is suitable for under skin pimples.
  • Pour 100 grams of barberry in a glass of boiling water and leave for a few hours and drink it early in the morning with some honey after breakfast.
  • The safest and easiest treatment for pimples is to strengthen the liver by consuming grape vinegar syrup with grape juice, Which should be eaten after dinner for three tablespoons.
  • Learn how to use a mixture of lime and yellow arsenic and apply it to your body and in that way Dispose toxins of the body.  After that, apply henna all over your body.  Simultaneous use of these two items can even fix moles.  For simultaneous use: Mix the desired powder with henna and then make a paste with hot water and Put it on the mole.  It is better to cover the mole with a thin plastic to increase the effect of this substance by retaining moisture.Do this for 2 weeks and put it on the mole for 2 hours every day.



Eliminate pimples on the skin:

  • The best cleansers for blood and liver are vegetables, olive oil and fruits. The benefits of these foods are not just for  the beauty of the facial skin.These foods also prevent skin cancer.
  • Rubbing chicory extract
  • Rubbing vinegar after bathing
  • Rubbing olive oil on the pimples


Treatment for dry face:

  • Do not drink tea and use herbal teas instead.
  • Use fennel cream.
  • Apply wheat germ cream to the skin.
  • Use fruits, vegetables and salads.
  • Apply violet oil to your skin twice a day, morning and night. Rubbing oil softens the skin and increases the strength of the brain and Removes dryness and blackness of the skin and brightens the color of the face.Rubbing oil at night causes the oil to enter the body and flow in the arteries and soften the skin.


The destructive effect of overeating on the beauty and health of the body:

Overeating does not mean that we should continue to eat after we are full. But actually being full is harmful and it has bad effects on facial beauty.  Among the disadvantages of food satiety and overeating are:

  • Constipation
  • Gastric reflux
  • Falling eyebrows
  • Abdominal fat
  • Short life
  • Inflating the bowel
  • Confusion of the senses
  • Increasing blood pressure
  • Pale face
  • Gallbladder destruction
  • Increasing blood concentration
  • Sour burping or kyte burn




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