The most effective way to eliminate failure

The most effective way to eliminate failure

Tricks to relieve fatigue and recharge the body without long sleep and drinks

In the office, in a shopping mall or on a walk with your child, fatigue and exhaustion can occur, and sometimes fatigue is due to stress and lack of exercise and  sometimes is due to poor diet and work environment, but wherever you are and whatever you do, there is a way to boost your energy without 10 cup of coffee or 10 hours of sleep.  In this section, we have reiterated energy booster tricks to help you fight fatigue and recharge.

Fatigue and its causes:

There are several general and specific انcauses of chronic fatigue that most people face it nowadays :

  • Fatigue due to lack of nutrients and vitamins and minerals
  • Fatigue due to the severity and prevalence of cold on organs such as the liver and brain
  • Blood concentration is one of the main reasons for permanent fatigue
  • Sedentary
  • Consumption of cooling foods, especially on cold days of the year such as yogurt, buttermilk, milk, pickles, lemon juice, juice, vinegar, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and …
  • Smoking, especially hookah, cigarettes, etc. When the cold caused by tobacco overcomes the human, the function of individual cells of the body will be affected by this cold and this slowness of its function will also cause blood concentration.
  • Fatigue and constant drowsiness as a result of moving away from nature and the fruits of industrial and urban life and sedentary lifestyle and the use of foods contrary to the nature of the body.
  • Most of the permanent fatigue today that especially the young generation suffers from is due to the presence of these coolants in their body. (by coolants we mean the foods that like yogurt, slow down the body’s interactions.

A few tips to relieve fatigue:

1 .20 minutes nap:

Researchers believe that the best time to take a nap is 20 minutes, which makes you feel alert and energized after waking up.  While, deeper and longer sleep at night will completely heal your body and mind, a 20-minute nap during the day will give you more energy for continuing your work.

2 tips on how to nap:

  • Take a nap in a cool, dark place without distractions.
  • Use a sleep mask to clear the light.

1 .20 minutes nap:

2. Sit up straight:

Studies have shown that sitting upright helps us fight fatigue by increasing the level of oxygen in our blood.  Other experiments have shown that people who sit upright have a better mood than the one who sit crouched and feel less negative emotions.  You can also do some light stretching behind your desk to improve blood circulation and gain more energy.

3. Laugh out loud:

Laughter has many health benefits, including more energy and alertness.  When we laugh, we breathe in oxygen-rich air which stimulates our heart and muscles and increases the level of endorphins in our blood.  As a result, laughter boosts our true energy.  So, when you feel low energy and can not go about your daily activities, watch funny movies and photos or read funny articles.

4. Smell a fragrant perfume:

Cinnamon has a wonderful effect on the human brain.  It boosts brain activity and fights memory loss and nervous tension, which is what makes us think faster.  Another perfume that can make you more alert is Narcissus.  These scents, if they are natural, have a wonderful effect on the brain.  Relieves nervous tension and relieves fatigue.

5. Let the sunshine in:

When we are in dark places, we get tired and dizzy. Darkness leads our bodies to produce less serotonin.  Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that makes us feel drowsy.  Remove the curtains and allow some sun in, or walk outside.  Breathe in fresh air.  Enjoy the sun’s rays, you will probably feel more fresh and energetic.

6. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for fatigue

There are many recipes for a natural and energetic drink that you can find on the internet and one of the simplest of them just includes 3 ingredients: lemon, honey and water.  Make a teaspoon of lemon juice and add a tablespoon of honey to it and mix well with a glass of water.

6. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for fatigue

7. Just a glass of water:

According to doctors, dehydration is one of the main reasons for fatigue.  Other symptoms of dehydration include headaches, dizziness, and mood swings.  Many of us  do not drink enough fluids daily and often drink only a glass of water when we feel very thirsty.  Therefore, whenever you  feel drowsy and dizzy, drink a glass of water and see what happens.

8. Sing:

Singing, like exercising or walking, wakes up your brain and increases blood flow.It makes you feel the ups and downs more.  In addition, singing is anti-depressant and can take your mind off from everyday problems.

9. Foot massage relieves stress:

Stress is one of the reasons we feel tired by the end of the day.  A foot massage can surprise your body.  Our feet contain more than 7000 nervous ends ,19 different muscles, 107 ligaments and 26 bones, and proper pressure applied to specific areas of our foot can reduce pain, stress and fatigue.  Foot massages usually involve gently rubbing and pressing pressure points for a few seconds with the thumb or fingers.

10. Eat some almonds:

Almonds are a great choice for an energetic snack.  Almonds contain riboflavin and carnitine.  Elements that are associated with increased brain activity. It is also rich in magnesium, manganese, copper and other vitamins and minerals that improve the overall health of the body and counteract memory loss.Almonds are a good friend to the nervous system.  Fatigue is often caused by a lack of minerals in the body.  A strong and ready body gets less frequent fatigue and lethargy.

10. Eat some almonds:

11. Hot shower for relieving daily fatigue:

To calm your body system, take a hot shower to speed up blood circulation and increase your alertness.  First relax your body with a hot shower and then refresh your body with a little olive oil after bath.  Of course, it is better to sleep for 10 minutes after a bath.  By eliminating boredom by 10 minute nep you will be ready to be with your family and friends.

12. Eat protein snacks:

If you are drowsy and tired during the day, eat an apple with kernels, peanut butter, turkey sandwich and dried fruits as a snack.

13. Vitamin B for relieving daily fatigue:

Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency in the body are: lethargy, lack of concentration, anxiety and depression.  If you are constantly tired, you have a low B vitamins group. A spoonful of honey or a few dates or 3 figs will provide your body with vitamin .Anemia and weakness can be seen in most people nowadays.  Because humans do not have healthy sleep and proper nutrition.  They eat but are deficient in minerals and vitamins.  Because they don’t eat in the right way and they don’t  consume healthy foods, but only to enjoy the taste of food. foods full of sauces and preservatives not only  don’t meet the needs of the body but also make the body weaker.  You get fat but you are tired.

14. Eat small and numerous meals:

To get rid of drowsiness, do not eat heavy meals and improve calorie circulation by eating small and numerous meals.  Consuming 2 healthy and balanced servings helps to relieve fatigue and have a strong body.  This 2 meal is better if it is breakfast and dinner. Eat nuts like almonds and dates during the day. .

15. Walking to relieve daily fatigue:

A simple walk after a few minutes will increase your alertness.  If this walk is in an environment full of trees and flowers, it will have much more impact on relieving fatigue.

16. Meditate:

If you feel deenergized, do a simple meditation practice by sitting on a chair with your back straight.Put your hands on your knees.  Close your eyes and think of positive and energetic thoughts.  We suggest that you take deep breaths and hold  your posture to calm your mind and then increase your mental and physical alertness.

16. Meditate:

17. Nutritional recommendations to prevent fatigue:

Eat a complete and healthy breakfast.A healthy breakfast is one that provides energy that a person needs so that they do not even need lunch.Breakfasts such as milk, wheat and honey, grape juice and butter, etc. are considered a nutritious breakfast.  During the day also consume small meals at intervals.  For example have, on day 2 main meal + 3 snacks.  Reduce sugar and caffeine intake to prevent fatigue.Fatty and caffeinated foods can disrupt your sleep.  Tea and coffee do not relieve fatigue, but only deceive the brain.

18. Do you know what a wonderful on time sleep has on relieving your fatigue?

Go to bed 3 hours before midnight.  This is a golden hour that only happens once in 24 hours and if you miss it you can no longer make up for it in another hour.  Sleeping 3 hours before midnight is considered a golden sleep because it is 9 times more effective in relieving fatigue than the day.  As we get closer to midnight, the effect of sleep on fatigue becomes less and less.  The same goes for waking up time. If you wake up late, you will feel permanently bored and you will not experience life until nightfall.

Waking hours are not 6 am or 7 am!  Rather, it is the time of awakening according to the time of sunrise. It’s very convenient  If you wake up 1 to 2 hours before sunrise.  At this time you can use the active oxygen in the air.  In the early morning there is much more oxygen in the air.  if you breathe this good air, you have connected your brain battery to the power plant!

These tricks have been shown to be quite effective in many people, but still, if you feel tired for several days in a row and it does not seem to be anything to help you, it is better to refer to your doctor for treatment to completely eliminate the condition that causes fatigue.


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