Eat and sleep and get rich!

There are lots of people who are looking for the ways to get rich ،but only a few will succeed. We want to address the issue of whether a few can really get rich or whether the possibilities are really limited and not enough for the whole of humanity, and inevitably some have to live in poverty??

Through various researches , we will find strange ways to get rich. Ironically, doing them is very simple and available to everyone.In fact, everyone can become rich as long as they do not consider only luck and effort as the only factors to become rich and think about other things as well.


You must have heard this cliche:

The secret of both wealth and poverty lies in the human being himself.


From this point of view, poverty or wealth is defined in human beings. Sleep and food habits also create energies in us, the balance of which determines our success rate. In fact, it can be said that :


Sleep and food are the builders of our existence and how is it possible that  Have the wrong sleep and food and hope for success??


At first we refer only to a European habit:

In Spain and many other European countries, nap is a very important issue, so they usually feel refreshed during the day and certainly they are more successful and happier  people.


Norwegians have an interesting habit of sleeping in the open air, based on which they sleep outdoors. They believe that fresh air helps them relax while sleeping.


We now turn to the basic rules of sleep and wakefulness and eating, each of which has a great impact on a person’s energy and hope in life and, consequently, his success.


Getting up with nature

One of the most important factors in our existence is to be in tune with nature.

For example, the time of our sleep and wakefulness is in accordance with the sleep and wakefulness of nature. Unfortunately, due to lifestyle changes, we see many people who sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning.

Human is a natural being from the heart of nature and must have a system of behavior in accordance with nature.

Based on the opinions of experts, we conclude that the body’s waking time should be 2 hours before sunrise. Waking up at this time makes you enjoy completely hematopoietic and useful air.

Fresh air at the end of the night and the beginning of the morning has the best quality and the highest amount of active oxygen.

The functioning of the organs of the body, including the heart, brain, and liver, is in harmony with nature at this time.It also corresponds to the position of the sun relative to the earth. Awakening at this time strengthens the heart and brain, cleans the liver and kidneys and other organs of the body. Totally the person who has a strong heart can achieve his goals as well.A person with a strong liver can act purposefully and be saved from confusion.human must have mental and physical health to be successful in life.  Regulated sleep and wakefulness is one of the most important factors for our success and regulating our body’s energy level.


Sleep with nature

Sleeping should be three hours after sunset. Sleep at this time relaxes all organs of the body. Good and adequate rest detoxifies the body and strengthens the organs. If you want to do work or study, don’t stay awake, postpone your work until early tomorrow morning, because the efficiency of work and study is very low in the middle of the night.

Some people try to stay awake by consuming tea and coffee, which cause a lot of damage to their body and soul. Midday sleep is not comparable to anything else and has a great effect on the body’s recovery.


You may ask what is the connection between these things with getting rich??

We will explain with two more examples:

A person who wakes up very early in the morning receives a lot of oxygen and is highly prepared.Such a person can more easily tolerate dissent during the day and interact well with people and has more peace. This peace and good morals also help him in economic affairs.

At dawn, the kidneys give urine to the bladder to empty. If a person is asleep, this urine is returned to the kidneys and re-enters the bloodstream. After waking up, a person does not have a sense of vitality and freshness, is pale and does not have good morals. All of this causes bad dealing with events and lack of rational reactions and lowers energy levels.


How do the rich people sleep??

Lots of rich and successful people had said that waking up early in the morning is one of the reasons for their success.

But this  early waking  is not at 6 or 7 in the morning, but depends on the time of sunrise which is different in the winter and summer. The table below shows the hours of sleep and wakefulness of some rich people of our time:

  • Tim Cook _apple ceo_9:30 at night _4:30 in the morning.
  • Richard Branson _founder of virgin groups _12 at night_6 or 5 in the morning.
  • Bill Gates _co-founder of Microsoft _12 at night_7 in the morning.
  • Indra Nooyi _Pepsi ceo_11 at night _4 in the morning.
  • Ariana Huffington_  founder of Huffington Post _10 at night_5 in the morning.
  • Jack dorsey _Co founder of Twitter _10:30 at night _5:30 in the morning.
  • Tim Armstrong _AOL ceo _11 at night _5 in the morning.
  • Marissa Mayer _yahoo ceo_12 at night_4 or 6 in the morning.
  • Helena Morrissey _ceo of Newton investment management_11 at night_5 in the morning.
  • Jeff bezoss_Amazon ceo _10 at night _5 in the morning.
  • elon musk _Tesla ceo _1 in the midnight _7 in the morning.
  • Jayne Anne-Gadhia_Ceo of virgin money_10:30 at night_6:20 in the morning.


Eat to get rich 

Chicory the plant for getting rich :

It is interesting to know that eating can also help to get  rich or poor. There are many foods that help  to balance the body’s energy and have a great impact on the human psyche. One of the best foods is chicory, which has the most positive effect on the liver, heart and brain.

A plant named chicory makes humans rich. This plant has an extraordinary role in cleansing and healing the liver and causes the secretion of substances in the liver that give a lot of energy to the body and the person works hard and hopefully to gain wealth. A person who consumes enough of this plant will reach the level of ambition to strive for his world. Of course, this ambition is positive and causes energy production in the person.

There is a group of people who have a weak heart and liver and think that going after wealth is a bad thing.  They consider successful and rich people to be materialistic human beings, while we know that wealth and using it in the right way does not create any obstacle to human well-being.People who hate wealth, in addition to psychological and belief problems, also have problems in their liver that cause the body and blood flowing in their arteries to not provide enough and healthy energy for effort, hope and vitality, and a depressed mood to rule their lives.


Eat and rub olive oil and get rich

Many people say that we do not consume oil in just a few drops, but they don’t seem to know what effect healthy oil has on the human body. Olive oil cleanses all organs and gives you health, including the important properties of this oil is to strengthen the nerves and create good morals for a person that this characteristic is a prerequisite for getting rich. Good morals and control over the nerves are the first and foremost need for success.


The effect of fast food on ethics

Don’t eat fast foods. These foods are not healthy and are prepared with old, reusable ingredients. They have a lot of spices to stifle their bad smell and you do not know what you are eating.Too much spice, oil and fried is one of the main causes of immorality and aggression of modern humans.The rotten blood produced by the consumption of these rotten foods in the body also affects human actions during the day.


Black grapes for the depressed ones

If you are depressed and you feel hopeless you have to strengthen your heart. As we said strong heart is the season for getting rich. eat black grapes. This grape eliminates sadness.  Humans struggle with many problems throughout their lives. Sometimes these difficulties lead to grief or resentment in the person.The effects of these problems can be seen in the heart and liver. To get rid of these contaminants, they should consume natural ingredients appropriate to their problem. Black grapes are one of the main factors in restoring vitality and strengthening the heart, liver and brain.


Pour milk over the meat

One of the other ways of strengthening the body, especially the heart, is by consuming milk and meat.The  best milk refers to cows and the best meat refers to sheeps. You can add some onion and wheat and a little healthy natural salt to it. This nutritious and delicious food strengthens all the organs of the body, especially the heart.


Slimming causes poverty

Contrary to popular propaganda in all media, we see that weight loss is very harmful and dangerous. Of course, not every type of obesity is useful and healthy. Obesity due to the accumulation of water and fat in tissues is harmful.

But meat obesity is very useful and keeps a person healthy. There are two types of slimming: low-energy skinny and High-energy skinny. High-energy person is more prone to anger, aggression and harassment of others. Low-energy person is calm, patient, timid and lethargic.This person does not make much progress in life and suffers from poverty, especially if he is self-sufficient and hesitates to take his money from others. His heart burns too much for others and he forgets himself.

His priority in every way is others. These people should be hired and not start their jobs and postpone starting their work until after strengthening their heart.


Rely on infinity

Man is a creature of God and must be connected to the source of his creation to live happily and safely in this turbulent world.If this relationship is good and strong with the Creator, the heart will be strong and the troubles of his life will not cause him any serious problems.


Treasures of wealth at parties

Perhaps you have also experienced how much joy and happiness you feel after a family party. This happiness is beneficial for all the basic organs of the body.  The heart expands as if all its arteries are open and there is no blockage. The liver produces a better blood . The kidneys easily purify the blood and the brain produces the hormone of happiness.This comprehensive recovery in all organs leads to the health of the body and soul, and this health and happiness has a great impact on human performance in the face of events.This comprehensive improvement in all organs leads to the health of the body and soul, and this health and happiness has a great impact on human performance in the face of events and leads to the right decision and consequently success in life.


Healthy sex relaxes

Relationship with the opposite sex who is not considered a human partner is one of the causes of many diseases, including immorality and consequently poverty.While the peace of marriage and relationship with a spouse are the main factors to increase life expectancy and reduce cardiovascular disease.Unhealthy sexual intercourse destroys the liver and causes the production of unhealthy substances in the liver, and as a result, these substances flow into the bloodstream and affect the psyche and nerves.


Doing good to others is actually doing good to ourselves

This goodness can be a very big thing like saving a human life or it can be a simple smile. This goodness makes a person feel very good and makes him happy. This good feeling can not be compared to anything.Solving someone’s problem Satisfies the sense of usefulness and the need to love in human beings. Doing good to parents is the best kind of good that we actually thank our creator for saying this.Parents are our Creator, and doing good to them is doing good to ourselves and to thank the original Creator.


Feeling useful and self-satisfied is very effective in attracting the golden opportunities of getting rich and other successes.

Certainly a calm and happy person attracts more opportunities and successes than a restless, sad and angry person.



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