Key Strategies that can heal the depression deeply

Key Strategies that can heal the  depression deeply


Nowadays, with the departure of people from a healthy lifestyle and the spread of machine life, depression has increased in different societies and day by day taking sedative pills is expanding.  Apart from taking pills, people do a lot of things to be happy.  Like listening to music, watching comedy movies, laughing for no reason and …

  • Have different medications been effective in treating depression?
  • Has listening to music, watching comedy movies, and laughing a lot really been effective in treating depression and happiness?
  • What effect do these drugs have on treatment other than that they calm the patient for a few hours and after a while they lose their effect completely Or the amount of medicine increases or the type changes and the patient has to continue taking the medicine for the rest of his life?
  • What has been the effect other than the increasing number of depressions in the world?

You may not feel well sometimes, but you should know that this is a part of life.If feelings such as despair and hopelessness persist and don’t go away you may be suffering from depression and this is one of the signs and symptoms of depression.  Depression makes life difficult for you and doesn’t let you enjoy life like you used to . Just try to get past this period which can be very unpleasant. No matter how frustrated you may be, you can get better anyway.  By understanding the cause of depression and recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression You can take the first step towards feeling better and overcoming your depression.

What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

Signs and symptoms of depression vary from person to person, but there are some signs and symptoms of depression that are common to all people.  Remember that these symptoms may be part of life’s natural problems.  But the more severe the symptoms and the duration be longer you stay, the more likely you are to become depressed.

10 signs and symptoms of depression:

  1. Feeling helplessness and disappointed: Nothing will ever get better and nothing can improve your situation.
  2. Not interested in daily activities: Entertainment, recreation, social activities or sex are not as important to you as they used to be. You can not feel joy and happiness.
  3. Changes in appetite and weight: You may significantly lose or gain weight (change of more than 5% of body weight per month)
  4.  Sleep changes: insomnia, especially in the early morning or late waking up.
  5. Anger and irritability: Feeling confused, restless and angry.  Your level of tolerance is low and everything and everyone makes you angry.
  6. Lack of energy: feeling tired, lazy and physically weak. Your whole body feels heavy and even small tasks may be unbearable and take a long time to do.
  7. Feeling of self-loathing: intense feelings of guilt.  You strongly blame yourself for mistakes and errors.
  8. Irresponsible Behavior: May have elusive behaviors such as drug use, gambling, abnormal driving, or dangerous sports.
  9. The problem of decentralization: It will be difficult for you to concentrate, decide or remember things.
  10. Unknown pains and sufferings: Increased physical problems such as headache, back pain, muscle and stomach pain are other signs and symptoms of depression.


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Distinguishing between depression and bipolar disorder:

Bipolar disorder, also known as depression-mania disorder, involves serious changes in mood, energy levels, thinking and behavior. Because this condition is very similar to depression in the weak state, it is often overlooked and misdiagnosed. Taking antidepressant medications for bipolar disorder can cause serious problems and make things worse.  If you have ever experienced phases In which you experience excessive happiness, decreased need for sleep, competitive thoughts and violent behavior, do a Bipolar disorder test for Diagnosed.

Distinguishing between depression and bipolar disorder:

Changes in the signs and symptoms of depression based on gender and age:

Depression often varies with age and gender, and the signs and symptoms of depression vary between men and women or young and old.

1 – Signs and symptoms of depression in men:

Depressed men are less likely to admit to feelings of self-loathing and frustration.  Instead they often complain from fatigue, irritability and sleep problems and have no interest in work or leisure.  Symptoms such as anger, aggression, irresponsible behavior, and abuse are also more likely to be  experienced by them.

2 – Signs and symptoms of depression in women:

Women are more likely to experience depressive symptoms such as extreme feelings of guilt, oversleeping, overeating and being overweight.  Depression in women during Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are influenced by hormonal factors.  In fact, the effects of postpartum depression have affected up to 14% of women experiencing depression from childbirth.

3 – Signs and symptoms of depression in adolescents:

Most acute symptoms in depressed adolescents include irritability, anger, and confusion (not sadness) . They may also complain from  headache, stomach pain , or other physical ailments.

4 – Signs and symptoms of depression in older adults:

Adults often complain more about physical signs and symptoms instead of emotional signs and symptoms (such as fatigue, Unknown aches and pains and memory problems) they may also not pay attention to their appearance and stop  taking important medications for their health.

Causes of depression and risk factors:

Causes of depression and risk factors:

Although some illnesses have a specific medical cause and are easy to treat, depression is a more complex illness.  Depression is not the only result of  chemical imbalance in the brain that can be easily treated with medication.  The disease is due to a combination of biological, psychological and Social.  In other words, lifestyle choices, relationships, and social skills (if not more) are just as important as genetics.

Risk factors that make a person more vulnerable to depression include:

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Lack of social support
  • Stressful experiences that have recently occurred in life
  • Family history of depression
  • Marriage problems and emotional relationships
  • Financial pressure
  • Psychological trauma and sexual harassment in childhood
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Unemployment and hidden unemployment
  • Health problems or chronic pain

What can you do to feel better:

When you are depressed, you feel like you have a long way to go and the hardships have no end.  But there are many things you can do to Improve and stabilize your mood by doing them. It is very important to start with small goals and slowly upgrade from here, try a little more every day. It takes time to get better emotions, but you can make positive choices about these emotions.

Coping with depression:

Connect with others. Withdrawal exacerbates depression, so( even if you like to be alone and do not want to be a burden for others) connect with friends and loved ones. The simple act of talking to someone in person about your feelings can be Very useful.  The person you are talking to does not have to be someone who can improve you.  It is enough to be a good  listener, be someone who listens carefully without upsetting or judging you.

Be mobile.  When you’re depressed, even getting out of bed is daunting, let alone exercising.  But regular exercise can be equally effective with antidepressants in treating the signs and symptoms of depression. Take a short walk, listen to music. Start with small activities and improve your mood.

Have an ethical diet.  Reduce the consumption of foods that may have detrimental effects on your morals (like Caffeine, alcohol, trans fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates) . Moralizing foods are listed below.

Find ways to reconnect with the world.  Spend time in nature, take care of pets such as chickens, roosters and pigeons, Volunteer for philanthropy, choose a habit you already enjoy, or choose a new job that you enjoy. You may not feel this at first, but you will feel better if you reconnect with the world.

Confabulate with someone you trust:

There are many benefits to talking to someone you love and trust. Talking about what has happened  in your life and hearing other people’s opinions helps you to see things from different perspectives.  Also talking about emotions,In addition to helping you find a solution, it will give you the emotional support you need from others.

For many people, opening up is a little difficult at first, but don’t let that stop you, talking to friends and family will help you find new ways and circumvent problems, and you will probably use their help in more practical tasks, such as: Companionship you to new places or helping to restore order and organization in things.

Do soothing activities:

Depression can make you feel disconnected from your surroundings, according to a 14-year study by Dr. George Crook.In addition, the destructive effect that depression has on sleep patterns can cause you to become extremely tired, so it’s important  to find a way to bring peace back to leisure.  You can do activities such as yoga or other relaxing sports or even make it easier for your mind and body to relax by going to the sauna or hot bath.


Temporarily releasing the hormone endorphins increases the feeling of well-being.  It may also have long-term benefits for people with depression.  Regular exercise encourages the brain to transform in a positive way.


Treat depression with walking:

In addition to increasing cardiovascular activity, walking also prevents depression, and nature can have more beneficial effects on mental health.

Eat healthy food:

1 -raisin:

Never forget raisins. Raisins strengthen the nerves and eliminate fatigue and bruises, improve morals and calm the mind and alleviate sadness..

2 -francolin meat:

Anyone who has a heartache and is in a lot of grief should eat this meat.  If someone is suffering from sadness and depression and is unaware of the cause, should eat francolin meat that will relax.

3 -Figs:

Anyone who wants to have a kind heart should always eat figs.

4 – Quince fruit:

The fruit relieves sadness and grief. Especially in autumn, every morning, est 1 of this beautiful and colorful fruit with its kernels. In addition to relieving depression, it greatly strengthens the heart, liver and brain.

5 -Meat:

Eating meat provides the basic needs of the body and brings happiness.  It is better to use young mutton. Mutton meat produces better blood than older sheep.


7 -talbinah:

Talbinah is a dish made from wheat flour or whole wheat barley and eating it saves a depressed heart from grief.

How to prepare Talbinah:

Pour 2 glasses of lukewarm water into pots (it should be a copper pot), add 3_4 tablespoons of whole wheat flour and stir well to dissolve Then put it on the flame to cook with a gentle flame for 10 _15 minutes.  Turn off the flame and sweeten it with honey.  If you want, add a natural decoction glass of milk and mix well.  The main ingredient is barley flour. The rest of the ingredients can be changed according to taste or disease.

Lifestyle treatment for depression:

Here are some simple but very effective tips that will help you feel better forever and save you from depression:

1- Washing the head with cedar:

2 – Wash your head with hollyhock:

3 – Wash your hands before and after meals:

4 -Yellow clothes and shoes:

Light colored clothes, especially yellow, are highly recommended.

5 -Smell:

It smells good, brings joy and vitality.  But it should be noted that the pleasant smell of a chemical cologne aggravates depression after a short time. Natural perfumes without chemical essential oils should be used.

6- Rubbing henna:

Apply henna to your body.  This makes the vision clear and the hair grows and smells good.  Removes wind from the ears, clears the eyesight, softens the nose, deodorizes the mouth, strengthens the gums, eliminates excessive thinness.  Henna causes beauty and cleanliness.

Henna purifies the blood and prevents various diseases such as stroke, clogged arteries and skin diseases.

7 – The liver must be repaired:

Depression originates in the liver.  Those who are depressed and anxious should try harder to repair their liver.

8 – Proper sleep program:

One of the major problems caused by depression is disruption of the sleep cycle.  Sleep is difficult for people with depression and Lack of sleep can aggravate the symptoms of depression and endanger the overall health of the mind and body.  To solve this problem also by creating Small changes, over time, you will reach the desired level.  Go to bed at a set time each night and wake up at a set time each morning.  Make a good bedtime routine and try to avoid snoozing during the day as much as possible.  Before going to the bedroom Turn off, TV, radio and cell phone or your computer and tablet and create a good resting environment for yourself.


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