Delicious and healthy foods with and without meat

If we look at the eating habits of people from different countries, we will find that social, cultural, environmental conditions, The economic and even political dominance of different societies can be very important in people’s eating habits.  Having three main meals is a common feature among different ethnic groups and countries, although the value of each of these meals in the diet of people in different countries is different.  In the meantime, the customs of people eating and cooking in different cultures are very interesting.

National food reflects the cultural identity and culinary tradition of each country.  Of course, there are countries that do not have official national food.  In such countries some foods Which have found  many enthusiasts are practically considered as national food, of course they are informal.

It was in 1945 onwards that the FAO, which is actually the name of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, celebrated October 16 on the anniversary of its founding named the  World Food national day.  In this article, we are going to introduce a number of foods that are prepared with or without meat and a short brief critique of the diet without meat or overeating in meat.


 Modern food with meat

 1- Mutton balls

The stir-fried meat prepared with pomegranate paste and fresh vegetables has a very pleasant taste and your friends and family will love it.  These balls are made of meat, Minced onions, garlic, fresh vegetables, rice, eggs and olive oil.



2- Kebab pan with tomato puree

Kebab pan including minced meat, grated onion, spices that are fried in butter and tomato puree for 45 minutes.Prepare tomatoes to make them taste stronger.  Sumac and angelica are suitable for this food.



3- Meat loaf of meat

Minced meat is the main ingredient in the preparation of meat loaf and some vegetables and sauces are also used in the composition of this delicious dish.  Mitt Luff is one of the delicious foods that everyone will love and no one will refuse to eat them.  Meatloaf is very tasty and delicious and can also be served  at informal and family parties.  There are different recipes for preparing meat loaf and there have been using a variety of vegetables in its composition and cooked in various sauces.



4 – Shell pasta with minced meat

Contains oyster pasta, tomatoes, meat, cream and cheddar cheese. If you have  ever put pasta with sauce on the heat, you have noticed the starch, a lot of starch along with extra cream and cheese multiplies the pleasure of eating this food.  Cheddar cheese is great, but any cheese You like works great in this food.



Turkish meat dishes

Turkish foods are very different and different cities in Turkey have their own food.  However some of the most delicious Turkish dishes are popular and have become more famous.  In the following, we will introduce the most famous Turkish dishes to you, which are known as the most recent dishes in Turkey. These foods include the following:


 1- Doner Kebab

Turkey is famous for its delicious meat dishes and without a doubt one of the most famous Turkish dishes is Doner Kebab.  This kebab is also called Turkish kebab, a large volume of meat or chicken is placed layer by layer on a rotating skewer, and by turning the kebab near the fire, the meat gradually grilled and cooked.  To serve, cut the kebab as needed and serve with ingredients such as onions and peppers.  Turkish Kebab is one of the most popular foods in Turkey and this type of kebab is served both as a sandwich and in other ways.



2- Lahmajun, a popular Turkish pizza

Lahmajun food has been cooked differently by the Turkish people in recent decades, which is a kind of Turkish pizza.  Travelers and tourists from every country that enters Turkey, the first type of food they try is this modern food with meat in the heart of Turkey.  Ingredients that are used in this food make the homage tasty and delicious.  Ingredients include thyme, pepper, cinnamon, Mediterranean spices and local vegetables that are poured into dough and put in the oven for a quarter of an hour to get a different taste.



3 – Pide tastes different from Lahmajun

The composition of the ingredients of pide is quite similar to  Lahmajun  and the only difference is in the appearance and the bread they use. You will Experience the special and different taste of Turkish food.It is a food that is completely Mediterranean in taste.



4-Kokab Kokartam is the main taste of Turkish Kebab

Kukab Kokartam is different from other kebabs you have ever tasted and the ingredients of Kokab Kokartam are fresh lamb, tomatoes, onions,  Olive oil  and fried potatoes.  This kebab is one of the best dishes in Turkey.  Fans with special tastes are fans of such food  and this food is cooked in most restaurants in different cities of Turkey.



 5 – Sliced ​​steak with tomatoes, Turkish kebab with vegetable broth

Fresh lamb is sliced ​​and mixed with tomatoes and olive oil, onion and thyme to give the food a delicious taste. sliced ​​steak is one of the best Turkish dishes that is especially popular among tourists.



6 – Delicious lamb kebab with thyme sauce

To cook such a dish, they use fresh lamb, and to flavor it, they use grated tomatoes, and at the end of the work,they add black pepper and thyme , which gives the food a great taste.



Turkish dishes without red meat

Turkey is a country with a civilization of several thousand years, where all kinds of ethnicities have emerged and disappeared at different times.  Now imagine each of them have left at least two types of food as souvenirs, so it can be guessed that there are more than 1000 food models with a variety of colors and smells.  Here are the turkey dishes without meat that we list them for you.


 1- Turkish spinach burek

Spinach is the kind of vegetable that everyone wants to eat.  When spinach is combined with other flavors, the taste of burek is several hundred times more delicious that you will never forget the taste. Burek is made in Turkey in various ways and flavors, one of the most delicious one which is  made without meat is spinach burek.  A combination of spinach, garlic, onion, sesame, milk, pizza cheese and spinach poured into yufka.



2- Grilled beans are the most delicious Turkish meatless dish

Grilled beans are one of the 100 delicious dishes of Turkey, which is very popular among Turkish tourists and is one of the most popular Turkish dishes. Delicious combination of this food: beans, onion, green and black pepper and two eggs, which makes a great combination.



3- Ravioli with potatoes

Turkish ravioli with potatoes, black and red peppers, tomatoes that give the pasta a great taste, so that without meat, it is considered one of the most delicious dishes in Turkey .



4- Pumpkin, the most popular food in Turkey

The composition of this food is olive oil, dried onion, garlic, pumpkin, red pepper, salt and tomato, all mixed together to give a wonderful taste.  When you eat, you can smell fresh vegetables, and it multiplies the pleasure of eating this food, and it conveys a great feeling.



5- Eggplant rice, different taste of food

Eggplant rice is a tasty local food that in addition to the Turkish people, tourists are also interested to try this food.  A mixture of eggplant and rice that is the most enjoyable feeling in the world.  They use special rice to make this food that they add Two cloves, eggs and local oil or butter to this food.



Side effects of eating too much red meat

Eating two to three servings of red meat a week is necessary to provide the body the daily iron it needs and protein, but consuming it a lot means more than two to three times during the week, increases the risk of developing the following diseases .


1- stroke:

Nitrite, nitrate and sodium in processed red meat are also a risk factor for stroke.  Daily consumption of red meat increases the risk of stroke by 13%, and the risk is 15% for those who eat processed red meat every day.

Other research warns that people who eat at least 102 grams of red meat a day are 42 percent more likely to develop vascular occlusive diseases in the brain than the one who consumes less than 25 grams of red meat.


2- Diabetes:

The researchers found that people who ate 100 grams of red meat a day are 19 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.In addition, the researchers found that consuming just 50 grams of meat products a day, such as sausages, increased the risk of diseases up to 51 present.  Replacing healthier protein sources with meat will reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


3-  Colon cancer:

The link between red meat consumption and colon cancer becomes more likely when these meats are eaten processed.  Products like Bacon, sausages, etc. contain very high amounts of nitrate, nitrite and sodium, which are directly linked to cancer.  There is no level of security for consumption of these products and the only way is not to consume them completely.  Research has shown that eating 5 servings of this type of meat in daytime increases the risk of colon cancer by 18%.  However you can counteract the negative effects of eating red meat with healthy habits;  Such as consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables and adding spices and pickles along with antioxidants to the diet.


4- Heart disease:

The saturated fats and cholesterol in red meat undoubtedly increase the risk of heart disease.  Sodium and salt in this type of meat especially when processed, are a risk factor for high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease. IN addition, new studies show that eating red meat has worse results in patients with heart failure.


 Side effects of not eating red meat

Iron in red meat has high quality and is easily absorbed by the body, while iron in plant foods such as cereals and vegetables is less absorbed and 80% of the consumed iron is wasted.  Meat, poultry and eggs are rich sources of zinc and other micronutrients needed to strengthen considered the immune system and growth aware that , decreased ability to understand issues, reduced short-term memory and decreased the level of health in the immune system disease control is related to the deficiency of this micronutrient.  Vitamin B12, on the other hand, is found in animal products to build cells during the growth process (in children and adolescents) is necessary, and its deficiency causes anemia and nerve breakdown.


1- Protein deficiency

Low consumption of red meat reduces the level of protein in the body.  Daily consumption of a piece of lean red meat provides about half of the body’s required protein .The protein you get from red meat has all the amino acids needed to build and repair muscle.  Proteins, Produce hormones and enzymes  that are effective in preventing disease.  Protein also helps us lose weight, because it makes us feel full for hours.


2- Anemia

One of the most important side effects of eliminating red meat, especially for women during pregnancy, is anemia.  Anemia causes fatigue, dizziness, Headaches, paleness and lack of concentration can greatly affect the overall quality of your life.  Although vegetables and cereals contain iron But the iron in them has a low percentage of absorption.


3- Hunger and weakness

According to studies, protein is the most important food that induces satiety in the brain and improves metabolism, especially If you want to lose weight. You need to eat more than 2 cups of cooked red beans that contain more than 450 calories to get the protein in 100 grams of lean meat (fat less meat ) that contains 250 calories. . Meat is a rich source of protein that can be part of a healthy  weight loss program.


4- Zinc deficiency

Zinc, like iron, is another important mineral found mainly in meat, especially red meat.  Decreasing sense of smell and taste, weakness of Immune system and slowness in wound healing are some of the disadvantages of lack of meat in the body.  Zinc in plant proteins, such as vegetables, Fruits and cereals are not absorbed as much as animal proteins.


5- Lack of cholesterol

Although cholesterol has a bad reputation, scientists have recently found that dietary cholesterol has a direct effect on blood cholesterol levels and doesn’t affect cardiovascular disease, because most of the cholesterol in your blood is produced by the liver.  Cholesterol is found only in animal foods, such as meat and It plays an important role in your body.  It is present in the membranes of all cells in your body and is used to synthesize sex hormones, producing  vitamin D and improving  memory and  Learning .


6- Decreased energy levels

There must be a reason why children are told that eating meat helps them grow up faster.  Red meat is a rich source of iron that we need it to make hemoglobin in red blood cells.  Without enough iron, all of these processes slow down.  Therefore, iron plays an essential role in maintaining a person’s energy level.  In case of iron deficiency, the person will feel lack of energy, shortness of breath and headache.  Iron can be obtained from Legumes, cereals and vegetables, but the type of iron found in meat is different from that of vegetables.


Complications of eating chicken

Nowadays , due to the injection of steroid ampoules into chickens to accelerate their growth, consumption of chicken meat causes dangerous complications and diseases for people.  Usually, chicken has a special place in people’s food baskets these days, but it is better to know that it should not be consumed excessively because of high demands, using drugs accelerate the growth stages and cause various diseases such as heart disease, obesity, infertility and cysts, etc.


1- Increased risk of heart disease:

Protein-rich foods such as meat, dairy and eggs are high in cholesterol and saturated fat, according to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention dietary cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world.  So eating Too much chicken can raise cholesterol in the body, which increases the risk of heart disease.


2- Increased risk of cancer:

Because chicken must be cooked at high temperatures, it can form heterocyclic amines, carcinogenic compounds that increase the risk of cancer.  Chicken and other fried meats have higher levels of carcinogens.  So you can increase the risk of breast cancer among diseases.  In addition, research shows that frying food at very high temperatures can double the risk of colon cancer and can Increase anal cancer by 60%.


3- Infertility and preterm delivery:

As we said, they inject steroid injections to accelerate the growth of chicken.  Consumption of these hormonal chickens, especially its wings and neck may affect infertility and cause the prevalence of preterm labor in pregnant women.




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