Good marriage: Should we marry someone like us or very different?

For married people: What should we do if we have a wrong marriage?

Sometimes we see young people who have expressed interest in very different people and believe that marrying a very different person causes them to evolve.  On the other hand, there are people who believe the opposite and consider similarity as the key to happiness.

Maybe both are right and maybe both are wrong. In this text, we prove with purely scientific reasons that none of the following is not a good thing at all?

Characteristics of a good spouse in terms of different schools

Each school or ideology, based on its definition of man, offers man a set of characteristics for a suitable spouse.  In this article, we enumerate the features that are applicable in all schools.

First of all, we must say that a suitable spouse calms a person in life and is his friend and companion in hardships and problems.  But a wrong marriage and an inappropriate spouse make life bitter for a person and cause despair and depression. This person regrets his marriage and wishes to return to his single life.a period that removes unsuitable people from the list of his friends and makes him communicate  with new people.

Among the most important factors that have been addressed in different schools are:

1.beliefs  and creed (similar or different?)

Almost all schools agree that if there is similarity and compatibility between men and women in this area, they will have more consensus in life.  How you look at life, the universe, married life, etc. all make couples more relaxed and all of these prevent fights and conflicts.

2. Chastity (Is there anyone who agrees to betray his wife or husband?

It is unlikely that anyone on the planet would agree to be unfaithful to their spouse and consider it a good from chastity we mean that having a relationship in a proper way. It is natural that if  a man has unreasonable and unhealthy relationships with other women and to observe moral boundaries that this person is not  trustworthy and in married life he is more likely to go for the  other women again.Also a woman who wants

To be the  mother of a child should avoid unnecessary and unhealthy relationships with other men, and this behavior should be observed before marriage.

3.Ethics(kindness can also hearts people)

Sometimes it is not possible to recognize exactly what morality a person has ?!  Or what is the characteristic of a good-natured person ?! A person might be very kind but very irregular and reckless and lazy.  So it cannot be said that good morals only mean kindness to others.

Kindness can also hurt others.

Wisdom tells us that :

  • The way of behavior in society
  • The way of dealing with crisis
  • Paying attention to personal hygiene and tidiness,
  • The level of interest in communities such as family parties
  • Shopping, humorist or serious, calm or sharp
  • being compassionate or apathy and …

They all can be Criteria for distinguishing good morals.

Although all of these factors are numerous, we have categorized them into four general categories based on physical condition.

Personality types (what kind of animal you are)

1.Features of hot and humid personality type( Relevant animal: Popular lion)

1.Features of hot and humid personality type( Relevant animal: Popular lion)

  • Tall
  • Charming
  • High level of energy
  • Smart
  • Fat in whole part of the body
  • High voice tone
  • Usually has a red chick
  • jokes a lot.
  • High self-confidence
  • Popular
  • Powerful and strong
  • very interested in women. It has high sexual power and is prone to sexual perversions.

2 .Hot and dry personality type Trait (Related animal: Fiery cheetah)

2 Hot and dry personality type Trait (Related animal: Fiery cheetah)

  • Tall and thin
  • Yellow skin
  • His mouth is bitter in the morning,
  • Energetic
  • Aggressive and angry
  • Smart but low concentration
  • Generally bad-tempered
  • Thirsty
  • Sharp and agile
  • Insensitive and serious
  • Proud and selfish
  • Ambition
  • Frank and outspoken
  • Don’t afraid of anything and daring
  • Lack of patience
  • Most men, especially in their youth, fall into this group.

3.Cold and dry personality type trait (related animal: reclusive spider)

3.Cold and dry personality type trait (related animal: reclusive spider)

  • Sullen face
  • Slim body
  • Silent
  • Low energy
  • Isolated and seclusive
  • Obedient and lowly
  • Sturdy and dignified
  • High accuracy and obsession in everything
  • They are so shy that even in class, they are not able to ask their question from the teacher
  • They are very compassionate and pity others more than themselves
  • Can not express their feelings. For example, if someone does not follow their turn in the shopping queue, they will suffer within themselves and  In appearance they say nothing
  • They are constantly seeking peace and reconciliation, and at any cost, even at the cost of losing their rights to strife and conflict.
  • They do not have the ability to get rich at all, they lose money in constant buying and selling.
  • They do not have the power of risk, because they are afraid of everything and the fear of failure and it bothers them so much that they can do nothing and can’t start a work.

4.Characteristic of the four personality types (related animal: sleeping koala)

4.Characteristic of the four personality types (related animal: sleeping koala)

  • Fat,especially in the abdomen
  • Lazy and sleepy
  • White face
  • Apathetic and carefree
  • Poor memory
  • Their mouths often taste sweet when they wake up.
  • They have a weak will. To the extent that they are even lazy in taking essential medicine.

By knowing the moral character of different people and ourselves, we can more easily choose the right couple.

In the following we talk more about whether or not they are similar and analyze the different types more.

Examples of inappropriate marriages of different types

If a high energy person  (lion and cheetah) marries a low energy person (spiders and koalas).

If a high energy person (lion and cheetah) marries a low energy person (spiders and koalas).

Example 1: If someone with great strength and high mobility, marries someone who is weak and has little desire to move he will be very upset with his wife and runs away from her little by little.  He thinks that his wife is deliberately sedentary and considers her lazy.The energetic person gradually starts abusing himself and complains to his wife and is aggressive towards the smallest issues.Now, the greater the power difference between the two is , the worse their lives will be.

Example 2: It has been seen that a member of a man’s family doesn’t  give him his rights.  For example, he had a partnership with his brother and now he is asking for it.  If a man has the characteristics of a spider, he won’t  have the courage to defend his rights.  If a woman has a cheetah  moral qualities,she will be angry with her husband . She considers him a coward and impartial.  This woman is constantly upset and angry and suffers from the fact that she doesn’t  have a strong husband, and she expresses this grief in the form of anger over her husband and she evacuates and starts shouting.

Example 3: Most men, especially in their youth, have the characteristics of a cheetah.  They are not very emotional.  They find it ridiculous to buy flowers for their wife and say to themselves that as soon as I strive for life, it means that I love my wife and my life.  But most women, especially after childbirth and during breastfeeding, have the characteristics of a spider.  Women love men to pay attention to  what they need.  Be careful what they like and what they don’t  like and what  scares them and generally, they want to be noticed by their spouse.  These allergies are annoying for men and are important for women.

If a high energy person  (lion and cheetah) marries someone like itself.

If a high energy person (lion and cheetah) marries someone like itself.

If a quite  energetic man and woman (lion and cheetah) marry with very close energy levels like themselves , in cases where there is a difference between them, they can not easily solve their problem. They may have a lot of conflicts and it will be difficult for them to reach an agreement.

Usually, one person is dissatisfied at the end because no one wants to back down.  This problem can show itself in the smallest decisions even in setting a place for the weekend or buying a dress or gadget for the house and even the name for the child.

If a low energy person (spiders and koalas ) marries someone like itself.

If a low energy person (spiders and koalas ) marries someone like itself.

If a man and a woman with very low energy levels  (spiders and koalas ) marry with very close energy levels like themselves , they can’t find a solution when they are in trouble . A man and a woman with the characteristics of spiders and koalas who have financial problems, can’t find  a good job and a good life and  can’t provide themselves with dignity.  They are both arrogant and lethargic and have low self-esteem.  They are not optimistic, creative and brave and they soon get frustrated.  When they want to do a job and economic activity, they do it with enthusiasm and motivation first but they give it up and leave it after a short time. The character of the spider soon becomes frustrated and the character of the koala becomes lazy.

At least one member of this family must have relatively high energy to be able to make definite decisions and get things done.

Recommended for singles

Instead of getting to know each other, most young people focus on the insignificant and marginal issues during and before and after courtship.  The essence of marriage is the personality of two people.But they pay more attention to subjects like money, jobs conditionsTransient emotions,educational degrees and so on. Similarities in these cases do not lead to similarities in beliefs and morals. We recommend to focus on the most enduring and important issues, namely getting to know each other accurately.  Love can make people’s morals tolerable to some extent  but life does not always revolve around love.

Conclusion :similar or different or neither?

We said that if the power difference between the two people is high, they will have a very difficult life.  But if the power and energy of 2 people are very close to each other or at the same level, in case of disagreement, they can not reach a single decision and each has its own word that they want to be accepted by another.  The best case scenario is that the power of the man is a little higher than the woman in decisions.that finally, one person has the final say.  It is very necessary that they have high levels of power and energy.  Otherwise  they don’t make much progress in their lives and cannot be effective and important people for society.

Compare the behavior of different types in a completely similar situation

Imagine that you  haven’t observed your turn  in the shopping queue. His reactions refer to his physical and Mental and psychological states.

  • The lion character decides to defend his right and strongly and energetically protests against you.
  • The cheetah character gets very angry and is ready to fight with you.
  • The character of the spider is upset and a commotion arises inside him. But he is afraid to speak up and fight.
  • The Koala character looks apathetic and does nothing. He is preparing for a detailed sleep.

We see how the same behavior is responded to from the perspective of 4 different personality types.  Most people treat the nature of their body that it  calls the unconscious in the language of psychologists.  Most people do not act on the basis of correct and logical training.

They don’t control themselves even if it’s hard for them  to behave rationally.

For example  laziness is bad, and even if you have a koala personality, you have to repel the  laziness.  If you have a cheetah character, you have to stop being angry

and control yourself.

For married people: What should we do if we have a wrong marriage?

If you are unintentionally or unknowingly in a situation and you live with someone who hasn’t  a lot in common with you, join us to help you  in this  field. I must say that in many cases, intellectual differences due to this difference in the level of power and energy.

In this section, we list the required solution for each feature:

If you have a lion character and you are very strong and energetic,

  1. You have a lot of blood.  You can draw some extra blood out of your body in different ways.  Methods such as blood donation, cupping, purification, etc. Of course, note that the blood donation method causes the cleaner part to come out and the remaining blood becomes thicker , which causes serious health risks.
  2. Eat less meat.  Red meat has lots of  iron and produces good blood.
  3. Do things that consume your power and energy.  Things like sitting at a table that have little mobility will lead to many problems.  If you have to do such things, do a little exercise and light exercise like walking.
  4. Do not eat anything at noon or if it is difficult for you, do not eat cooked food to balance this energy level.

If you have a cheetah character and you are very quick-tempered and angry and you don’t  accept the slightest word of opposition, do these things to have a better mood and thought.

1 – Be sure to go to bed early and wake up early.  The best time to wake up is 2 hours before sunrise.

2 – Do not eat fatty and fried foods, unless prepared with unrefined fragrant olive oil.

3 – Do not eat cocoa, chocolate and sugar and sauce and fast food, because you get more angry.

4 – Go to the bathroom every odd or even day.  You will both gain weight and experience more relaxation.  After bathing apply olives oil  to your body.

5 – Play with water. Drink water when you are angry.  Sometimes wash your face with water and do not dry it until it dries.

If you have a spider personality and you  are weak and depressed, do the followings:

  1. Eat blood-forming and tonic foods.  Like all kinds of mutton, camel, partridge and …
  2. Take a bath every day and apply olive oil on your body.
  3. Eat seasonal fruits, especially fruits that produce good energy.  Do not eat transgenic fruits.
  4. Do not use chemical perfumes and colognes.  Instead, constantly smell natural fragrances such as daffodils.  Make sure that it doesn’t have chemical essential oils.  In this case, the harms will outweigh the benefits.
  5.  Do not use  razors to remove excess body hair.  Instead of that use the natural shaving powder that was used in the past. It is better if this powder contains arsenic element.  Because it burns the waste of the body . As the material Chemotherapy burns cancer cells.

If you have the character of the  Koala  and you get up by force, do the followings:

1- Eat 1 tablespoon of red sugar jam at night.

2 – Combine natural salt (sea) and thyme powder and taste this mixture first and last.

3- Brush your teeth a lot with a wooden toothbrush. But do not brush while sleeping.

4 – Increase your olive oil consumption.  Be fragrant and unrefined.

5 – Do not eat cold foods such as dairy, fish and chicken.


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