How can vaccines control the world’s population?

How can vaccines control the world's population?

How exactly does the vaccine work?

Vaccines are made from killed or attenuated germs or viruses.  The immune system is attacked by these germs and viruses, and in result it increases  secretion of antibodies in the body.  These antibodies remain active in the baby’s body

They stay and protect the body against the virus or germs if it is exposed to a real disease.

How is the vaccine made?

An animal is deliberately infected.  The disease is isolated from the body of the animal.  Transmit and inject  the virus to another animal and after it gets sick, they remove the virus from its  body again.  They repeat this operation until the virus

Weaken it so that if it is injected into the human body, it won’t  make him ill.  Another way to get vaccinated is to get it from dead or inactive viruses.  By injecting this type of vaccine, the body starts to make an antidote.

How long should we use vaccines ?!

Dead and weakened bacteria are injected into the body through a vaccine, in which white blood cells destroy these bacterias  and find the type of bacteria and how to destroy it. But in this way we have to inject hundreds or thousands of weakened  bacteria or viruses to our body  to be safe against the illnesses .  In the sources of the past, many factors such as disease prevention or the same vaccine,have been introduced.  The method of rational vaccination is to strengthen the immune system and other systems of the body against all diseases.

Who are the supporters of the vaccine?

Globals are the main sponsors of vaccination.  Unfortunately, there is not enough information about the nature of globalism

We briefly discuss globalism and its goals here.

The US Congress passed a law to protect the vaccine industry with absolute legal immunity;There is also always support for the production and sale of defective products that even lead to injuries and deaths.

What is Globalism?

What is Globalism?

The definition of “globalism” should be brief:

Globalism is an all-encompassing and global movement that deals with the phenomenon of globalization.  Globalism in the term means global vision,

global politics and globalization, and the globalist is an individual who advocates a vision of globalization and globalization.  Just one of Their goals is to help the population reduction program through various methods, including global vaccination management.  Definitely

You have heard  about the famous inscriptions known as  Georgia Guidestones  installed 40 years ago that the ultimate goal of population control is to reduce the number of people to 500 million.

What is Globalism?

What is Globalism?

One of these wealthy supporters is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.  He founded a charity that the foundation’s main goals is  to strive to increase health care and reduce global poverty.  To this end, the foundation vaccinates and prevents deadly diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis every year.

But in recent years, the vaccination has been met with serious criticism.  It may not be conceivable to readers that  what  faces are behind the lucrative vaccine industry.  Seemingly justified figures who distribute a variety of vaccines in Third World countries with benevolent and humanitarian claims.  Vaccines which kill children and they have irreparable consequences for them.

Bill Gates and ineffective vaccines

Gates said in a speech in 2010:

“If we do our job well in vaccinating children, we will reduce the global population  10 to 15 percent. ” . “The question is,why  global population reduction?  Due to this, In Kenya, the use of the HCG antigen in the vaccine has reportedly made women infertile, and the pediatric vaccination program in India has not only helped eradicate polio but also lead to polio in many children.  Importantly, these Gates vaccination programs are approved by the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

In an interview with PBS reporter Bill Moyers in 2003, Bill Gates acknowledged that his father was the head of the Parents’ planning Foundation. And this  institute was founded on the notion that most humans are “thoughtless reproducers.” and “people who are like weeds” must be uprooted !!

During the interview, Gates also acknowledged that his family has been widely involved in fertility issues for many years.

He also expressed his opinion and said that he was a supporter of “Thomas Robert Malthus” who believed that the population must be controlled by using birth control methods.

Bill Gates and seeds for controlling population

For years, the Gates Foundation has invested heavily in changing the agricultural system in Asia and Africa and using genetically modified seeds.  Gates’ approach at his institute is to reduce the world’s population by using vaccines and organisms.

“The Newscientist wrote in a report” :

“The Gates Foundation hired Dr. Robert Horsch in 2006  which has produced a weedicide called Randup. ”

Research has shown that “round-up” increases the birth rate of malformed babies in rural areas that this weedicide  has been used extensively in their agricultural lands.” Also in a report by Via La.”Campesina was published in 2010 and claimed that the Gates Foundation has invested about 80% of its investments in the biotechnology Department.

Toxins in vaccines

In 2015, the report of the center of disease control on the toxic contents of vaccines was  Published in the United States, in which it showed several toxic compounds in the contents of vaccines.  Dr. Mercual says:

If all Americans knew about the ingredients of the vaccine, they would probably think more before going to a vaccination center and vaccinating their children.

Here are some of the ingredients in vaccines:

  • Thimerosal

● Thimerosal

Ethylmercury-containing substances, widely used as a preservative and topical antimicrobial. More than 165 studies have shown that it is harmful to human health, of its destructive effect on the nervous system. We can name  diseases such as Alzheimer’s, autism, hyperactivity and mental retardation.

  • Aluminium

Aluminum is added to vaccines to induce an immune response and can lead to neurotoxicity.  In 2011, a study from Columbia University in the United Kingdom found that more children were developing autism as the dose of aluminum in vaccines increased.

Diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bone Diseases, Autoimmune Disorders, Allergies, Epilepsy,Constipation, heart problems, hyperactivity, kidney diseases, osteoporosis and schizophrenia is  in communication with high aluminum intake.

Add these diseases to the list above :Gastric ulcer, Inflammation of the intestine, Liver failure, Anemia, Nervous disorders, Tooth decay, Sour food, Dry skin,losing memory , confusion, headache, behavioral and learning problems in children such as hyperactivity and inattention.

  • Formaldehyde

It is a substance according to the standard of the US Food and Drug Administration and it is useful to inactivate the germs in the vaccine.  But the report of the World Health Organization, is in the list Human carcinogens. It is said that the dose of this substance is less than allergenic for the human immune system, but it should be noted that the immune system of children is much more sensitive than the adults and The use of such hazardous substances should be reconsidered.

  • Phenol

It is a preservative and, like thimerosal, causes neurotoxicity;which means by killing nerves cells causes damage in the nervous system.

  • Phenoxyethanol

It is an antibacterial substance that has a negative effect on the kidneys, liver and nervous system.

The above are just a few of the toxic substances in vaccines, which for summarizing  this article We don’t mention them.

Harm of the vaccine

Autism and Cancer, Vaccination for Children

There is a significant association between MMR vaccination, chickenpox and hepatitis A with the development of autism neurological disorders.  With analysis Statistical data from the governments of the United Kingdom, the England , Denmark and Western Australia at the SCPI Institute, the Scientists has been concluded that in individuals receiving vaccines containing human embryonic stem cells (embryonic cell lines, from embryonic abortion is prepared as a raw material for vaccines) the incidence of autism has increased. Dr. Teresa Disher noted that in addition to autism, common childhood leukemia and lymphoma are side effects of vaccines infected with embryonic cells.

Recently, the CDC Centers for Disease Control refused to released a report on the significant increase in autism among African American boys who have been  vaccinated before 36  months.Surprisingly, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) despite of knowing  the risk of mutation due to the use of human embryonic cells has again ignored this fact.

Numerous studies have been published on the association between human embryonic vaccines  and lymphoma in children.

MMR ll and chickenpox vaccines , as well as all common or embryonic cell-derived vaccines, have many side effects.and parents and professionals have a right to know this.

On 23 of September in2014 , in an Italian court in the city of Milan, a boy was diagnosed with autism as a result of receiving a  Hexavalent vaccine.  The ruling was announced following a complaint by the child’s parents to the Ministry of Health;  Mercury and aluminum available in the vaccine is the cause of autism.  The court found evidence of the onset of autism symptoms from the time the child received the vaccine and the presence of these metals mutations in the nervous system.Two years earlier, on 23 of May, in 2012 , a similar order had been issued in Rimini, Italy. This time the MMR vaccine was diagnosed as the cause of the boy’s autism. This is while the results

Similar lawsuits have been pending in the United States, and the US Vaccine Special Court has ruled in none of the parent complaints it  declined to comment on the link between the vaccine and autism.

According to media reports, the trend of autism in Iran is increasing and the number of autistic children is about

one hundred thousand people.

Continuing to provide evidence of vaccine ineffectiveness in other countries, which has even led to the cancellation and change of vaccination schedule.

Americans vaccinated against mumps get sick

Vaccines are a very lucrative industry.  In 2015, Pfizer earned $ 6,25 billion from a single vaccine.  Even Ineffective vaccines such as MMR are also lucrative for their makers.The same specific disease occursPrevalence repeatedly among vaccinated individuals, and this indicates the fact that the vaccine doesn’t  work as advertised.  Evidence indicates that 41 Harvard students have recently contracted mumps;  While each of these people has been vaccinated.  Four similar cases have been reported in four other Boston colleges, and thirteen cases of mumps have been reported in


According to Dr.  Amesh Adalja an infectious disease specialist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the vaccine only works when a person is exposed to a small amount of the virus.  when the virus is exposed highly  to the environment (like an epidemic in a dormitory) it will not work and a higher concentration of antibodies is needed to protect the body against infection.

In 2009, more than a thousand cases were reported,of which 77% of them  were vaccinated.  In 2006 also more than 6500 People with mumps were mostly students who received two doses of MMR.  MMR vaccine injection between years 2003to 2015  resulted in 98 deaths and 694 disabilities.  This is while only one to ten percent of  the effects of the vaccine have been reported, and the actual number is estimated at 980 deaths and 6940 disabilities. A natural infection with mumps will rarely lead to death;  According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control, no one has been dead by infecting mumps  recently.

Bioterrorism in Africa

The world’s great powers are looking forward to Africa’s resources, and there is fierce competition for their resources.  But noneThese powers do not see the benefit of preserving Africa’s existing population.  The Chinese believe that bringing skilled workers from China is more economical than educating the existing population.  Westerners also believe that the average IQ in Africa is below 70. so Many efforts have been made to eradicate this population like Spread  of HIV / AIDS through vaccination, through charitable foundations,Like the Bill Gates Foundation and it has been one of those ways.

This source reports the sterilization of the Kenyan people through the tetanus vaccine by UNICEF.  While basically Kenya didn’t  have a problem of tetanus prevalence.

In the case of South Africa, international organizations have launched a so-called AIDS outbreak that can affect South Africa’s population and cleanse the area of ​​its rich resources.  The program has seen a sharp rise in AIDS in recent years, and a decline in hope life in South Africa lasted for about 45 years.later the government of South Africa tried to control this disaster. There are currently 707 million people living with AIDS in the country, and the government is spending heavily to control the disease.

 Natural vaccine alternatives

In general, the best way to get vaccinated against any disease is to live a normal life and stay away from anything that causes weakness and  artificial life that  rules us.  Of course, this doesn’t  mean disconnecting from technology, but rather

It means that our food, clothing, and lifestyle maintain their general state as technology advances, conforms to the nature of the earth.

Natural childbirth

Natural childbirth is one of the best natural vaccines that prevents many diseases and problems.

1.Prevention of respiratory problems: due to the removal of ammonia from the baby’s lungs at birth, prevents asthma in children and other respiratory problems.

2.Strengthening the baby’s immune system: When the baby passes through the birth canal, it takes the protective bacteria that these bacteria strengthen the body’s immune system.

3. Better blood circulation: Due to the stimulation of the baby’s cardiovascular system, blood circulation improves.

These are just a few of the benefits of having a normal birth.

Not obsessed with hygiene

There has been research  in the West and it has been concluded that children who are very clean are less resilient.

Excessive hygiene in a way that becomes obsessive, weakens the immune system due to lack of communication and coping

with bacteria and viruses.  Some viruses and bacteria are needed for the body, but this statement should not lead to laziness in hygiene.  Live a normal life and do not overdo it.

Playing  with soil

Today, most children’s toys are made of plastic.  Plastic is medically harmful and this tactile toxin creates very bad effects in the body;  Including a variety of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis and fungus and skin cancer and respiratory diseases like asthma in children and …

Touch toxins through toys, pacifiers, chemical detergents, petroleum products, carpets and plastic beds and artificial  fibers,they are absorbed into the skin and cause many diseases.

One of the alternatives to plastic toys is playing with soil, which strengthens the immune system. Children’s bodies after exposure Continuously resistant to a microbe, can make the necessary antimicrobial or antibody.


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