What is sea salt and what are its properties?

Disadvantages of refined iodized salt:

All salts come from a sea or a body of salt water.  Sea salt is a type of salt that is produced by the evaporation of seawater.  Evaporation process is done in the open air or with a faster evaporation process.

Some of the valuable sea salts available today are often obtained by evaporation by sunlight.  When you eat less processed sea salts, in fact you use salt that contains minerals that are good for your health.  It also has a natural salty taste and color that makes it an interesting addition to cooking as well as home beauty products.

Sea salt can be refined or unrefined, although to enjoy all the health benefits, it is recommended to use Unrefined sea salt. On the other hand, refined sea salt contains harmful additives.

Difference between sea salt and refined salt:

All edible salts are produced from dried lake salts, sea evaporation and mountain salts.  intact salt naturally has 94% to 96% sodium chloride (NaCl) and about 5% contains very important and useful minerals such as:

  • (K) Potassium
  • (Mg) Magnesium
  • (Ca) Calcium
  • (Zn) zinc
  • (Cu) cooper
  • And …

As well as nanogram contaminants such as mercury and lead.

Difference between sea salt and refined salt:

What happens in the salt refining process?

According to WHO standard rules for salt purification, the amount of sodium chloride should increase from about 95% to 99,2%.  If the company can purity of only two elements of sodium chloride reaches 99,2%, it can get a license to sell table salt.

There are only two common ways to bring salt to this purity today:

1. hydromill

In this method, natural salt (sea or mountain) moves on a wide roller and is washed with pressurized water, the crystals are broken and the salts separated and sodium chloride remains with the heavy metals and the purity of sodium chloride easily reaches 99%.

2. Recrystallization

In this method, salt is dissolved in water and chemical solutions are added to it so that it can be more easily separated by potassium catalyst, magnesium, calcium, etc.  The remaining salt is the work of salt pulp because all its salts have been taken!  More interestingly in this process Catalysts are not used to remove heavy metals because no one buys lead and mercury at high prices!

The amount of lead in natural salt per kilogram is about 0, 01mg, but in refined salt it increases to 0,07 mg due to concentration.

Before refined salt can be marketed, industrial iodine , which is used in agriculture as a poison, is added to it, and because iodine is unstable needs to be accompanied by a chemical stabilizer.

Finally, to prevent the pieces of salt from sticking together, it should be added to the anticaking, which is made of petroleum derivatives or hazardous Minerals compounds  such as sodium nitrate or aluminum silicate!

What happens in the salt refining process?

Importance of sea salt:

In modern medicine, salt is poison.  But really, if salt is harmful, why did so much salt have a high and sacred status among the ancients and there is no prohibition,

No special duties or restrictions are mentioned for it, except for not extravagance ?!  This importance has been so great that it sometimes leads to wars between countries and different ethnic groups were created to provide the salt needed by the people!  In the past, due to the use of natural and healthy salt, the initial rate of disease was very low and life has been much longer than our time.

Opinions of great professors and researchers about salt:

1- Dr. Hassan Akbari, a specialist in cell pathology and a member of the faculty of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, says:

There is a great deal of controversy over salt in medical circles today, many of which is due to a lack of knowledge about salt. Nowadays the salt Which is available in the market as edible salt has become a cellular toxin due to industrial purification and is harmful to health.

Certainly what has been said in modern medical books about the harms of salt has been refined in relation to this industrial salt.  While what has been about the benefits of salt, It is not about industrial salt, it is about natural (balanced) buffering salt. Consumption of pure industrial salt,is such as the use of  pure oxygen instead of air, that we will definitely lose our lungs!  So we have to see what kind of salt is useful that this much emphasis has been placed on its consumption and how should we find it?  Natural salt that has not been manipulated by humans  exists in nature (such as sea salt) contains sodium, chlorine, potassium,Iodine, magnesium, zinc and calcium are necessary for the body and are not only harmful but also beneficial!

2- Dr. Hossein Ravazadeh, one of the traditional medicine physicians and the head of the scientific-medical collection “Revival of Iranian Comprehensive Medicine” writes in the book “Nutritional Health”: Salt has always been referred to as good throughout history, and if there is a controversial discussion about salt today,is related to the same salt on the market. Based on the results of a research project conducted on some salts at the University of Tehran, it is concluded that because of a series of changes due to manipulation in the nature of salt, its positive effects have completely turned  negative and harmful.

Opinions of great professors and researchers about salt:

Dr. Hossein Ravazadeh believes that the consumption of industrial iodized salt is one of the causes of spontaneous abortions.

3 – Dr. Bran Wald, a cardiologist says: the presence of sufficient amounts of magnesium, calcium and potassium in sea salt, a factor in lowering blood pressure by 4,6 milliMeters of mercury in people with high blood pressure and the amount of 2,5 millimeters of mercury in normal people, and the most important of these elements is magnesium, that the amount of which in Daily food  consumption is so low that it is not significant, but it is found in abundance in natural salt.

4 – Dr. Mohammad Daryaei, a specialist in biological sciences, writes: “According to the detailed studies that are common today, the presence of salt is more and more a necessity of survival.

But which salt ?? !!!

He also writes: By consuming NaCl, blood pressure always remains constant and regulated . Original sea salt, (natural) containing iodine, and other Micronutrients needed by the body include magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, silicon, bromine, fluorine, phosphorus, vanadium and copper!

The body needs the presence of copper and magnesium to consume and metabolize iodine, and silicon is needed to build bone tissue. To complete the synthesis operation It needs manganese, potassium and magnesium, which unfortunately all these items are separated in the salt refining process and only chlorine and sodium remain!

In this detailed book, Dr. Daryaee deals with the subject of salt and proves with dozens of pieces of evidence and documents that the unrefined sea salt, especially  Urmia lake salt is the best food salt for humans.

Types of useful edible salts:

1 – The best salt is sea salt.( Treatment of 70 or 360 diseases)

2 – Rock salt or mineral salt are secondary.

Tip 1: Refined salt (chemically iodinated) is harmful.

Tip 2: Natural salt has fine, coarse and coarse grains in appearance and has a little stickiness and its color is dull.

Some properties of sea salt:

  • Rich in rare minerals
  • Prevent dehydration and fluid balance
  • Loaded with electrolytes
  • Improves brain, muscle and nervous system function
  • Support digestive health
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Rich in minerals

Treatment of some diseases with sea salt:

1 – Preparing the body to accept food by using salt to start food (due to the sharpness by stimulating secretions such as saliva acts as a warning) .

2 – Effective in treating insanity by eating salt at the beginning and end of food.

3 – Treatment of bleeding, purulent and enlarged wounds for wound dressing by filling the wound with a combination of olive oil and salt

4 – Treatment of puffiness under the eyes (if the cause is a thyroid problem that causes obesity of the whole body).

5- It is effective in treating hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism by using sea salt and rock salt instead of iodized salt.

6- Treatment of uterine polyps (excess meat in the uterus) by sitting in a mixture of water and sea salt.

7 – Treatment of nasal polyps by spooling water and salt or using installments and salt.

8 – Treatment of helpless goiter by consuming sea salt.

9 – Treatment of congestive heart failure and opening of closed arteries by consuming thyme and salt.

10 -Removal of tooth yellowing by brushing with Arak wood and sea salt.

11 – Treatment of cysts and gum infections by salting.

12 – Treatment of gingival laxity(to strengthen the gums) by tasting salt water and rubbing salt on the gums and teeth( If the salt is with the seafloor, it also whiten the teeth.

13 – Treatment of eye inflammation by rubbing salt.

14 – Effective in treating excess body moisture by using a mixture of thyme and salt.

15 – Effective in the general treatment of poisoning( food poisoning, poisoning, snakebite and scorpion bites, internal poisoning due to the kidney or spleen disorder, etc.) by rubbing sea salt on the site

16 – Strengthen sexual power by using a combination of salt and thyme.

Where to find sea salt and how to use it?

Due to the recent popularity of sea salts, you can find a wide range of sea salt brands in most major grocery stores. Pay attention to the food label and choose a product with minimal additives to make sure you get the best possible quality.

Once you have access to a high quality sea salt, there are endless ways to add it to your diet.  One of the easiest trick is to simply replace it with the chemical salt in your recipe and use it to spice up your food.

In addition to using sea salt in cooking, you can also make some of your own beauty products with sea salt.  try to get rid of dry skin, get rid of dry skin by mixing coarse sea salt, coconut oil and choosing essential oils.

You can also make a sea salt spray and style your hair: spray sea salt with water and a little aloe vera gel in a spray bottle.

Benefits of starting a meal with salt:

A German doctor said that we came to the conclusion that the advice of the Prophet of Islam who says to start eating with salt,and what is the benefit, due to the spicy taste of the salt it acts as a warning and stimulates secretions such as saliva to prepare the body for food.

Benefits of starting a meal with salt:

Some important tips:

  • So-called refined industrial salts or iodized salts on the market are not approved at all and are harmful to the body.These salts are more harmful to people with high blood pressure or patients than other people.
  • The chemical iodine in some of the industrial salts on the market is more than twenty times the body’s need, which causes problems for people.
  • If you do not have access to safe and secure salt, do not look for unknown sources and use from known sources that have been known by the natives for years.

Disadvantages of refined iodized salt:

Disadvantages of refined iodized salt:

Industrial refining salt causes high blood pressure and excessive use of it causes osteoporosis, stomach disease and kidney disease.  Chemical iodine inside the industrial salts is carcinogenic and brings neurological disorders.  The exponential increase in thyroid disease indicates that refined iodized salt could not solve the problem of iodine deficiency.  Pollution of the sea is not enough to pollute the salt, in addition, salt removes the pollution.


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