32 Problems and Complications of Apartment Living

32 Problems and Complications of Apartment Living

From the beginning of life, all human beings have thought of having a safe and secure shelter so that they can spend hours away from the community around them.  Buying and choosing this shelter has principles and features that are useful to know.  But today we are facing a new type of house that is called apartment. The apartment has affected human life in many ways today and is one of the causes of unrest and stress in humans. In this article, we will examine the features of the apartment and compare it with old houses.


Some of the side effects of living in an apartment

1- Children accused of hyperactivity:

Restricting children from playing and charging children with hyperactivity, resulting in the administration of narcotics such as Ritalin, which have worse addictive effects than Ecstasy and … are one of the complications of the apartment.

1- Children accused of hyperactivity:

A house that has a yard and flowers, trees, pets and a pond in the yard, definitely spends most of the time and energy of children in this yard And is no longer prescribed under the pretext of drug inactivity.  Ritalin, just like drugs such as opium and heroin,by  increasing  brain contamination it increased children focus and relaxation.

2- Decrease in population:

Limiting families in having children due to harassment of neighbors.  Naturally a family of 8 with 6 small and large children, in an 60 Meters apartment can not live.  In addition to the small size of the house and the small number of rooms, the neighbors are also annoyed by the noise of these children.

3- Increasing the consumption of ready meals

Due to the restriction of free cooking and cooking of smoky foods (such as kebabs) or fragrant foods. In the past, the kitchen had several windows for ventilation and the smell was not annoying for other parts of the house.  With the advent of open kitchens, the problem of ventilation has added to the problems of other small homes and it changed the style of cooking.

On the other hand, when the kitchen becomes private and becomes a decor for the whole house, it is no longer possible to function as before. Traditional foods are often prepared with a lot of ingredients and several dishes must be used to prepare them.  They also take a lot of time and each have their own smell and their own hassle that it is practically impossible to make in a small decor with limited space and makes families eliminate the cooking of these foods. The smell of food and fat throughout the house is not something that the housewife will accept and tolerate; for this reason, it is looking for alternative ways to reduce the consequences of using an open kitchen.  On the other hand, so-called scientific statistics showed that the smoke from cooking food that is spread at home acts like cigarette smoke and is just as harmful to family members.

Turning to canned food and ready-to-eat foods was the solution that families found to solve these problems, and gradually this nutritional culture stabilized among families. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house.  Open kitchen is part of the mafia companies’ plan to change the human lifestyle and increase the consumption of ready-to-eat foods, which leads to filling the pockets of companies producing these foods.

4- Increasing corruption:

Apartment families and children living in these modern cages go to the park for fun.  This is the concentration of the population and is a good opportunity for criminals to make money by spreading drugs and deceiving children and young people. But in the old days, all this fun was in the grandparents’ house, where all the families would gather together and have fun in the big yard of the house.  Monitoring this space is easier to work with, has no cost to governments, and leads to less corruption.

5- Creating depression and losing family vitality:

For reasons such as not seeing:

  • Water and greenery
  • Lack of fragrant flowers and plants
  • Not seeing the sky
  • not breathing fresh and cool air

The human psyche is endangered in our apartment today.

6- No yard and no sunlight:

In the past, clothes were hung in the yard so that both the clothes were disinfected by sunlight and the woman of the family was blessed with light and sun and its benefits.

On the other hand, washing clothes and dishes, taking care of the garden and pond, taking care of pets, increased the movement in the yard.

The kids’ play was also in the yard.

The bustle of selling vitamin D pills and ampoules and the commercialization carried out by pharmaceutical companies is one of the effects of the lack of light and apartment living.

6 - No yard and no sunlight:

7- Changing culture:

Shrinking houses and lack of rooms reduce the number of parties and, as a result, the parties that result in the transfer of the experiences of the elders as well as the reading of different books, have disappeared, and everyone is busy in their own house with TV and social networks, and so on. Even children cry in some hours of the day, and it annoys the neighbors, let alone parties and commuting.  In fact, the apartment is not a private house.  A house that is all small and big works of the person are exposed to the eyes of others.

8- General issues:

Many private matters such as family disputes and legal problems or travel with friends and relatives and even some relationships and sexual issues, which are the most private issues, in apartments, become public issues that everyone is aware of !!!  Living in an apartment makes a lot of personal work public and has to be done with knowing of others.

Some apartment rules:

  • Prohibition of any change in the facade or private balconies without the consent of the majority of owners,
  • Prohibition of internal and external repairs and alterations that cause damage to the building skeleton,
  • Installing awnings, guardrails and clothes hangers that can be seen from outside the building and damage the facade of the building,
  • It is forbidden to install or hang air conditioners and other devices on balconies, without coordination,
  • It is forbidden to place personal belongings outside the window, public footpaths, in front of the entrance of the apartment and parking lot,
  • Prohibition of placing incendiary materials, washing machines, bird cages and any dangerous objects in public places,
  • Prohibition of commercial use or renting of apartment warehouses without the coordination and permission of residents,
  • Prohibition of tampering with building equipment and facilities, without coordination with the manager,
  • Prohibition of cooking and holding celebrations and mourning ceremonies in common places,
  • Prohibition of entry of guests’s vehicles, washing and changing of cars vehicles, inside the public parking lot,
  • Prohibition of handing over the entrance key of the building, parking lot and terrace to non-residents.

9- Increasing the age of marriage:

In the old days, when the houses were big, the boys got married easily and lived in one of the rooms of their father’s house for a few years, and they used the experiences of the elders. But today, the biggest concern of young people for marriage is mortgages and rental housing, and this issue is one of the factors increasing the age of marriage.

After marriage, due to the inexperience of girls and boys, traditional and healthy foods are removed from the family food basket and fast food, chicken, etc. are replaced..  As a result, health is compromised and a negative culture replaces the old positive culture.

10- Small house, polluted air:

One of the disadvantages of apartments is that due to the small size of the house and the lack of a yard, the noise of cars and motorbikes can be heard in the house and to prevent this, the windows are double glazed.  These windows block the flow of air and do not allow air conditioning and purification.  This is what caused Durability of pollutants caused by heaters and air conditioners.  On the other hand, the best air purifiers, which are fruit trees, have been removed from the houses and this will cause more pollution.  Cold brains and unheated hearts are one of the results of breathing polluted air.

11- Removal of privacy:

There is no more privacy in today’s homes and apartments.  It means a room that no one could ever enter and the security of the family was kept in it.  In the old days, the movement of men as well as strangers was limited to the outside of the rooms, which had no connection with the owner’s wife and children.  Today, when the front door of the apartment opens, everything is clear.  From the bathroom and kitchen to the bedroom, everywhere is in front of the eyes.

12- Pathogenic birds:

Naturally, pigeons, chickens and roosters cannot be kept in a 75-meter apartment.  This is why ornamental birds are often genetically engineered enter the houses.  Like all kinds of parrots and Dutch brides, etc., these birds bring diseases such as parrot fever that kill members of the house. The presence of mice or other pets can also cause the disease.

13- Contaminated water:

Having a well in the yard was a great blessing that gave clean and purified water to the family.  Today, the worst poison in the world (chlorine) enters our waters that this chlorine is absorbed by the body through eating and peeling and inhalation and causes disease.  On the other hand, plastic and metal pipes that have cold nature and increase the body’s coldness are pathogenic.

14- Increasing the nursing home:

In the old days, men and women who were getting older were engaged in light work at home, such as cooking, watering trees, etc., and brought their experiences of several years, practically into their homes.  Young people used the experiences of others and older people didn’t suffer from depression and loneliness and…. But today all these experiences are buried in nursing homes.

15- Deprivation from the sky:

One of the most powerful sedatives is looking at the sky.  Today’s lifestyle and apartment houses, in addition to polluting water, bread and air, have taken the color of the sky from human beings and many people do not see the sky on consecutive days and are deprived of this blessing.

16- Increase traffic:

In a neighborhood where there were a hundred large houses and villas, a hundred families lived in this neighborhood.  But today, the same hundred large houses have become four hundred apartments and have shrunk and naturally the population of this area has quadrupled and the traffic has at least quadrupled, thus increasing traffic and pollution of environment and noise and telecommunication pollution are increasing every day, and even parking places and commuting have been affected.  Alleys: Until years ago, five or six families used to go there; today, at least thirty families go there.  It is natural that all kinds of infections and traffic and ….become more.


There is no problem for human habitation on earth today.  The problem is that many people want to live in big cities, and that Demand is driving up house prices in big cities.

17- Stairs or elevators:

Stairs reduce life expectancy and increase joint and bone diseases.  Elevators are also harmful to the heart due to changes in air pressure.

18- Increase of the hospital:

In the past, the bath replaced the hospital and many pains were treated in the bath.  But by building small bathrooms inside the small apartments, practically four- or five-hour baths that used to be used have become two- or three-minute water games, and all the benefits of bathing, including excessive sweating,

And the use of natural shaving powder, henna, massage, etc. has been eliminated and all infections, pus and feces inside the bodies have been trapped and caused the spread of diseases.  Combating public baths and replacing swimming pools with chlorinated water is part of lifestyle change programs that lead to a variety of diseases.

19- Apartment depilatory:

Another problem of apartment living is the use of no smell shaving powder, which has no therapeutic properties and, conversely, is harmful.  Foods should be without smell to not to harass the neighbor.  Shaving powder must also be without smell, otherwise dozens of families will find out that you have used natural shaving powder!!!  This is the reason that causes the family to turn to razors and eventually fragrant powders but without healing properties. Because these scented powders contain barium sulfide and other additives that increase cancer and also retain feces in the body.

20- Source of pollution next to the kitchen:

The bathroom is the most polluted part of the house that should be built in the farthest part of the yard because the vapors of waste cause diseases and all kinds of brain and nervous problems.  For this reason, talking, brushing in the bathroom is forbidden because foul-smelling vapors are pathogenic.

In today’s cages, toilets are built next to the kitchen as well as near people’s bedrooms.  This exacerbates colds in the brain and nervous diseases.

21- Houses without food storage:

In the old days, when houses were large, there were rooms for preparing all kinds of materials needed by families. Vinegar, raisins, pickles and dried fruits, etc. are among the main ingredients needed by families, which were prepared by house members in every house.  But as homes shrink, all of these materials must be sourced from the market, and naturally the Ministry of Health considers vinegar, pickles and household items unsanitary and does not allow people to sell or supply it.  This has led people to replace natural grape vinegar which strengthens the intellect and destroys desire to have illicit sex, use citric acid, which is sold in stores as vinegar, instead of dried leaves and raisins. And … use chips and puffs and other licensed transfers.

22- Sudden entry and exit of cold and heat:

The hallway was one of the most important parts of the house in ancient times, which prevented family members from suddenly entering the heat or cold in winter, Sudden departure from the heat of the house to the cold outside causes a disease, and also in the summer, the sudden entry from the heat to the cold inside the house, Exacerbates diseases.  This is especially becoming more common in small homes today.

23- Apartment flowers:

Another problem that causes many diseases is houseplants that cause disease.  Instead of pots contaminated with flowers apartment, we should have gardens full of vegetables and fragrant and beautiful flowers to enjoy both the countless benefits of eating vegetables and the aroma and use the color of the flowers.  All houseplants, without exception, are pathogenic and cause diseases such as asthma, shortness of breath, colds, etc.

24- Permanent house building:

Old buildings had a very long life.  Older houses, all of which have been converted into dining halls and museums, are much healthier and more durable than modern apartments.  The one who built the house provided for the next few generations, but today thirty-year-old houses are considered old and People have to change or build a house several times during their short life.

25- Cool old alleys:

Old houses, due to the high height of the wall and the narrow width of the alleys, caused the amount of sunlight to the alley to be very low, especially in summer and only in limited hours of the day, the sunlight warms the alley.  Secondly, in winter, it prevented the wind from falling in the streets. It means building in ancient times, there was urban planning and the type of construction in ancient times was such that not only did the houses not need heating and cooling equipment, but also the alleys also had a balanced atmosphere throughout the year.  Existence of many trees also made the alleys cool and beautiful.

26- Loss of health:

In the old days, there were two or three fruit trees in each house, which provided the health of a neighborhood.  Someone who had a grape tree in the house, from this Grapes made vinegar, juice and raisins and kept grape products in storage all year round.  Grapes are a treatment for depression, anemia, etc. Someone who had a pomegranate tree and consumed pomegranate paste throughout the year was safe from all blood diseases.  Apple is the best fruit for the stomach and heart.  But today, people are looking for a pine tree in the parks, along with the polluted, oxygen-free air of the pine tree and some of the pine’s allergens to have fun.

27- Fire is high:

It is enough for the first floor of the apartment to catch fire.  Due to the inherent nature of fire and it ignites upwards, the whole building is exposed to fire and in some cases even the smoke of the fire reaching the upper floors has caused suffocation and death of the residents.

28- Natural hazards:

Imagine an earthquake happens. Those who are in a villa house are more likely to save their lives or those who are in apartment units? Which houses are more comfortable to escape? If it breaks down, is it possible to save someone who is under the rubble of a 20-floor apartment? If not In the event of a power outage, how can people on the upper floors of the apartment move up and down stairs?   How elderly and sick people can save their lives?

29- In search of light and air:

Apartments block the flow of light and air in the surrounding houses. The most basic rights of every human being are violated by skyscrapers and apartments.  But the big old houses did not cause the light and air of the neighbors to disappear, and the people of each house constantly benefited from clean and fresh air and sunlight.

30- Increasing power consumption:

In the old houses with courtyards, they could easily spend a cool summer by planting three or four fruit trees.  But the floors of the apartment that are exposed to heat and direct sunlight from early morning until late in the evening. They should use more cooling devices. Higher floors of the apartment, absorb more heat.

31- Sports and additional costs to play work at home:

The crowded alleys and the excessive increase in traffic, which is the result of the increase in apartments, have made it impossible for children to play at home and in the alleys and they should go to sports clubs to drain their energy.

Increasing costs, aimless and ineffective activity, changing human pattern and increasing traffic and pollution are the results of sports clubs that these clubs are the result of modern apartment culture.

32- Production of trash and waste:

The skin of fruits and vegetables is the best fertilizer for the soil and the leftovers of meat, rice and food are the best food for animals.  This waste in the past became fertilized and fed other organisms and made the cycle of nature better.  But today all these turned into garbage and because they become trapped in plastic bags, they become rotten and produce a foul odor, contaminating everything.  If these wastes become buried, the underground water becomes polluted.  If burned, the air becomes polluted.  If dumped into the sea, marine life will be destroyed.  Waste and pollution problem is only in the new lifestyle. None of the previous civilizations had a problem called air or water or soil pollution or waste production.



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