6 examples of the impact of food and climate on the morals of people in different parts of the world

  • The anger of the Iranians
  • the beauty of the Lebanese
  • Japanese depression
  • Indians love
  • Africans white teeth
  • Arab polygamy and high birth rate



High anger of Iranians :

Many people, including Iranians themselves, may have wondered why Iranians are so angry. Most people see economic problems as the main reason for being nervous. We have approached this issue from a different perspective.

With a little study of different geographical areas, we see that Iran is located in a hot and dry region of the world. Based on the opinions of scientists such as Abu Ali Sina and others, we find that climate is the most important factor in the blood status of humans.This climate causes people born in this region to have high energy levels.  So far no problem.  We all know that not everyone with high energy levels is angry.From the past until now, the people of Iran have been brave, courageous and warlike people with high strength and energy. But a problem that has arisen in recent decades، has changed the morals of the Iranian people.

This problem goes back to the lifestyle that causes the high level of energy that the people of this land have not been properly provided to them and new problems arise. It will overflow like rain if it can rain and fall on the unpaved path. If human energy wont be in the right direction, it will cause a person to overflow and cause destruction.

Here are some examples of the main reasons for anger among Iranians:



1.Changes in foods:Delicious food that is a disaster for Iranians.

Today’s food consumption has changed compared to the past. These foods are mostly produced in factories and almost all of them contain preservatives and are not compatible with the human body .This causes damage to the liver and the production of unhealthy blood. Healthy blood brings good manners with its self . Conversely, unhealthy blood makes a person immoral. It is very difficult for a person to control emotions such as anger. In the past, the people of Isfahan in the summer, when they were suffering from extreme thirst and heat, consumed natural and cool foods that made their liver and blood healthy.this action has made them have a good mood moral despite the hot weather of summer and high levels of energy. But today in hot days of summer most of the drinks and foods that are eaten by people are produced by factories which causes blockage in the liver and makes people angry and aggressive. These foods include non alcoholic  beers and a variety of drinks and ice creams.

Changes in lifestyle, especially changes in food and unhealthy eating patterns, have weakened the nerves. Factory oils, sauces, pastes, and canned foods are a collection of unhealthy foods that cause anger and poor control. Rain cells, like the gears of a machine, must be well lubricated to function well throughout the day.  For this reason, good oils such as olive oil are very important in consumables.




2.Changes in sleep and awakeness

In the past people started their work by sunrise and they ate their food after sunset  and went to sleep. This early sleep, in addition to relieving physical fatigue, also helps to relieve nervous tension.With the arrival of the electricity industry in Iran and the lighting of houses, after sunset, TVs and telephones were gradually brought to homes, and the Iranian people became accustomed to sleeping late.by sleeping late at nights organs of the body , especially important organs such as the brain, heart and liver, don’t  get enough rest.When a person sleeps late, he inflicts the worst damage on the health of his body and soul, and the brain is on the verge of exploding, so he becomes angry with the slightest inconvenience during the day.



3.Changes in clothes

Clothing is one of the most important tools for human comfort and health. Comfortable clothing made of natural materials causes easy blood flow in the body and brings comfort and convenience to the person.The same calmness helps a lot to control a person’s nerves and increases his tolerance in the face of adversity, but today, tight clothes, dark and plastic with pressure on the body and loss of muscle energy and pressure on the person’s nerves cause a person to be immoral and reduce his patience.



4.Taking chemical drugs

The people of Iran are one of the most widely used countries in the field of chemical drugs. In the refrigerator of every house, you can easily find a lot of medicine that has been bought even without a doctor’s prescription. Iranians don’t know much  about the many side effects of these drugs and sometimes use them easily in large numbers.The main side effects of these drugs are that they deposit in the liver and lead to unhealthy blood production.  Although Iran is the cradle of all kinds of medicinal plants, still all kinds of chemical drugs and surgeries have many fans.Weak liver and poor quality blood, which is a side effect of chemical drugs, leads to brain weakness and, as a result, complete lack of control over the nerves.



5.Changes in mental patterns

Iran has been colonized by different countries for many years. This has had many consequences.  During the colonial years, many members of wealthy families traveled to European countries to continue their education.After returning from Europe, these people brought European culture and lifestyle to Iran.  One of these cultural cases is the aristocratic lifestyle. This culture was gradually transmitted to the middle and lower strata of society through the elites of society.To the extent that people who sometimes could not eat a meal of rice for a year could consume rice every day after the lord and serf period, but they are still upset and angry because their ideals are very different from their current situation.  And they compare themselves  with  countries like Switzerland and Germany.This comparison adds to their dissatisfaction.



6.Maximum international pressure on countries

It should be noted that international pressure has put the Iranian people under severe sanctions.  Naturally, it puts a lot of pressure on the people, and the same economic, political and military pressures cause constant anxiety and preoccupation of the nerves, and if these pressures are not released and are not evacuated by social education of different sections of society, it gradually reduces tolerance and patience of people.



Indians love

Fiery love has existed between men and women since the beginning of human creation. But this love is rare among some tribes and abundant among others. Indians are those kinds of people that among them ,this fiery love is very common.We now turn to the root causes of this issue:

1.The climate of India is hot and humid and in some areas it is hot and dry. This heat originates from the way the sun shines in this country .It has caused the physiological structure of the people of this country to be hot, which means that they have high energy levels. They have hot and active liver. The person who is born in this area has high body strength. One of the problems seen in strong people is high sexual desire.  In low-energy and weak people, sexual strength is low.

2.foods which are being consumed in this country causes a lot of energy in the body. These foods produce warm blood. The warm blood person has more sexual strength and desire. While a person with low energy and power is weak in expressing his feelings and is not able to convince another person to marry him or he constantly procrastinates whether to express his desire or not?

The same hot climate and ،hot and energetic foods are the main reasons for the high energy and high sexual potency of the people of India, which has made them fall in love a lot.



Arab polygamy and high birth rate

The Arab countries, like the Indians, have a strong and powerful body due to the very hot climate.  In addition of Getting high energy through the sun, healthy and energetic foods such as dates are very popular among the Arabs.Hot air with  High-energy nutrition increases sexual desire and makes childbirth easy.The physical strength of the Arabs is as high as  Indians and is very high because they are not limited to monogamy and have multiple wives.Even Arabs men who have on wife  also have many children due to their high strength and that of their spouses and the culture of non-contraception and abortion.



the beauty of the Lebanese

For all women, having a beautiful face has always been a desire. It is good to introduce the ones who are in this good   position. Lebanese women have beautiful skin due to their Mediterranean diet.  Olives and their products in this land have many fans.If you do not have access to olives, you can use its oil.  This oil has many properties for the health of the body, including the health of the skin.  The main beauty secret of Lebanese women is the excessive use of olives and olive oil.  Of course the favorable climate of Lebanon, which has a Mediterranean climate, also has a great effect on the beauty of the skin and body.



Japanese depression

Unfortunately, the Japanese people have been suffering from many psychological and family problems in recent years.  Along with lifestyle changes that have made a lot of problems;  Excessive consumption of fish has caused them to suffer from depression and numerous mental problems. Consumption of fish along with its benefits for the body, (if not accompanied with dates as a moderator and reliever of side effects by fish), causes depression, physical disability and decreased sexual potency, and etc.



Africans white teeth

Africans, despite not having a high level of health, have healthier, whiter teeth than the rest of the world.  The best teeth belong to the people of this continent.  Their climate has made them strong and resilient.  As every year we see in the World Athletic Championships that the winners are from African countries. Natural food and a less altered lifestyle have made them powerful.  In addition, they don’t  have a toothbrush.  New research shows that if you wash your  Teeth with plastic toothbrushes can damage tooth enamel. The life and food of the perfectly natural Africans and the distance from artificial devices and unhealthy foods, has caused them to have clean and dilute blood, which causes flexibility in the body and strength on top of the muscles and as a result their body and teeth are healthy.



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