18 tips about ((Women’s brigade for men))

What clothes should women wear to please men?

What are the characteristics of the popular female brigade in the eyes of men?

Do we look sexy to men by arousing sexuality?

Which part of a woman’s body do men like to see and which part do they hate to see?

Sometimes what is in women’s mind and what they imagine would be sexy and favorite for men is far from what men really like. For example :some women think that tight clothes and semi-naked clothes will make them attractive. While men, seeing this type of clothing, only experience sexual arousal and no love in their heart and their brain . In fact, at first men have a tool glance towards women who are half-naked or with stimulus cover.Of course women are also to blame for presenting themselves in this way at first glance and using their limbs as a tool to attract men’s attention.


  1. Midi and straight skirts

If you think men like very tight skirts, you are wrong. Among women’s clothes  that men like, They are more interested in midi and straight skirts. You can wear a blouse and skirt set in cheerful colors and fascinate the man of your life.


  1. color of the cloth

Men like to focus easily on the beauty and the speeches of their wife and also on their face and they don’t like the hustle and bustle of women’s appearance because it distracts them. The monochrome and simple color of women’s clothes helps men to see her other beauties as well.


  1. Jewelleries

As it was said men don’t like the hustle and bustle of women’s appearance So please do not showcase your body with all kinds of jewelry and try to attract your ideal man with a simple and beautiful  necklace.


  1. Well-shaped women

Contrary to some people’s beliefs;  Men do not like thin women, but men are fascinated by the curvature, and delicate curves of women’s limbs.


  1. Light makeup

Men always like women who have a natural face and a little makeup.  So note that in appearance beautification don’t overdo it and don’t  have too much nasty makeup.


  1. Simple and fat-free faces

The most attractive feature of women in the eyes of men is the simplicity of their faces.  This criterion is almost the same everywhere in the world. Researchers selected 861 men from the south of France to better understand this issue, and the faces of women were randomly displayed on the screen and men were asked to rate these figures.

This research showed that men more like lean faces because lean faces are usually simple. They have a smooth texture and few wrinkles and are accompanied by soft contour lines. The human brain tends to simple stimuli, and such a form is easy to process in the brain.  Facial fat loss can justify 10 to 15 percent of the variety in attractiveness and open and pave  the way for other biological, cultural and individual factors that men consider.


  1. Do men like fat women?

Sometimes you may hear that men like fat women, that’s bull sheet. In addition to being bullshit this is a lie too. Just because of this reason that you see a man who is with a fat woman doesn’t mean that fat women are in his priority. The reason is that he hadn’t  any other choice at that time! Just this.


  1. Do men like thin women??

It is not really this. Most men have no desire for very thin mannequins. In fact bodies like these are a little scary and do not look healthy at all. But unfortunately nowadays in our culture  being slim and thin is becoming an aid for women. Lots of women are trying every day to become slim and thin to impress other women. But this isn’t right. You must try to keep fit.


  1. Which part of the body should be seen?

Men have different desires in different situations and every time a part of a woman’s body is attractive to them.  For example, when they are talking seriously, they like the woman’s face to be completely towards them and to see the front part of the woman’s body completely،This gives them  a sense of attention and confidence.  When men are busy and have a lot of mental conflict, they do not want to see feminine behaviors from their wife at all because it makes them less focused.  When they are having sex, men also don’t  pay attention to the points which are not involved, this distract them.


  1. Be a lady

Men do not like women to use masculine appearance.  They want a woman to be truly a woman and no mask to cover femininity do not imitate any other behavior.  Men do not really want the woman they want to be like a mannequin and hide his true self in seven layers.


  1. atractive faces in men’s point of view

The results of a study in the journal Sociology showed that men found those faces attractive to look at that involved fewer nerves in their brains and made their coding steps easier in the brain.  In fact, whatever the face is more open and simple and free of different makeup and colors, it is easier for men to recognize it.

The results of this study showed that symmetrical, open and young faces are more attractive because they show fertility and freshness. And as people prefer landscapes such as the sea and the forest that are simple and relaxing they also like simple faces more too.


  1. The factor that makes you more beautiful

Men actually love demure women. Girls who blush, like in the movies and can’t even speak,and look directly into the other person’s eyes. And some women are quite contrary and make up falls from their faces. They laugh loudly in the streets and they have no fear from fights with taxi drivers. If this woman is the beauty queen of the world, she is hated  by men and is not worth living with.


  1. Long hairs

According to extensive research, men generally prefer women with long, thick and shiny hair.  studies show that men subconsciously display these feminine features as a sign of physical health, sufficient vital energy and even a sign of the high fertility of women.

Of course, other symptoms include women’s hair because healthy women always have shiny hair while unhealthy Women with  Improper physical condition have matte and colorless hairs. And of course having long thick shiny  hairs is one of the features of an attractive woman that attract men.


  1. Color of the teeth

When researchers wanted to determine the effect of a person’s smile on their attractiveness, by changing the location and distance of the teeth through Photoshop and showing them to people achieved interesting results: by showing photos of men to women and vice versa, it became clear that a woman’s teeth are very important for men, and even regardless of the age issue, this indicates the remaining fertility in her. Thus, women who want to have more feminine attractiveness, it is better to care more  about their oral health, because in the eyes of men, an attractive woman is a woman who has beautiful and white teeth.


  1. Curvature of the spine

Everyone knows that women like women with curves and body twists, and in their opinion, an attractive woman should have curves and post high in your body.  But simply having a bulge is not attractive to men because it may be bumps and curves are the result of being overweight. So men consider a woman attractive that has natural curves in the waist and spine areas. a psychologist named David Lewis from Bilkent University conducted two experiments in this field. At first, a number of men were asked to look at photos of women who, with the help of digital technology, had changes in their waists and these changes were displayed from different angles. Men find 54-degree curves in the waist very attractive.  In the second experiment, the researchers decided whether men would use this angle to make women’s buttocks more prominent or feminine beauty and charm state lies in the curvature itself.  The result of the experiment showed that the curvature itself caused the attention and in this case, the size of the hips does not matter much to men.


  1. The effect of women’s manicure and nail polish on men

Opinions are different.  Half of men do not pay attention to nails.  And the second half admitted that the nail polish is unnatural. They do not like it and almost all men have mentioned that they do not like long nails either. So it is better for women with a simpler appearance and appear in the presence of men without nailpolish. The natural beauty of the hand is more attractive than any nail polish.


  1. mens favorite eye color

Almost the most important part of every human beauty is the eye. The main way of transmitting various messages, especially  romance messages through gestures.  Body language is also one of the best ways to identify the emotions of people that reveal them is their eyes.  You can tell through a person’s eyes whether he or she is telling the truth about himself or herself.

It is interesting to know that blue-eyed men have a strong desire to marry blue-eyed women.  According to the genetic law, a couple  will undoubtedly have a child with blue eyes.  Because men have a strong desire to survive their genetics, They know women  better to look like themselves, especially in terms of eye color.


  1. Do not wear a mask

Sometimes we see faces in society who do not have most of the beauty factors of a woman, but still some men like them They have shown desire and have even had many suitors. This is because of the wrong criteria for marriage between the two parties, such as wealth and sexual arousal and similar cases or because of their true self means that the man in question who attracts a woman without  Appearance charm is likely to be pleased with the purity and simplicity of appearance and esoteric that this criterion has an effect on other human beings. An honest  person is always popular and the majority of society considers him an attractive person.



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