10 secret of effective communication from the great leaders

To communicate effectively with others, you need to know yourself fully and be able to control your emotions properly in different situations. Effective Communicating makes others respect and trust you.

Effective communication makes life fruitful, but only if we learn the skills of that communication.  If you do not act very effectively in communication,You will find your life  incomplete in one or more dimensions.

10 Secret

You cannot become a great leader unless you have the skills to communicate effectively.  Of course, I do not mean to become talkative!

To become a person with the ability to communicate effectively, you can assume that the world is like a university for you and you have to constantly learn things from it.  Even more than what can be learned at university.  In the classroom, we learn how to concentrate on expressions, words, personality, and grammar… , but there are subtleties that you need to learn to be a leader.

In this article, we want to express some features of effective communication that you can use to achieve better results in your communication.  To achieve this

Several important features, the behavior of the world’s great leaders have been examined.  Effective communication skills are an essential attribute of professional success and is considered one Interpersonal, intergroup and intragroup skills . Every knowledge and skill is valuable only when it can be developed.

One of the characteristics that is common in people with effective relationships is situationism and having a high sense of awareness.  The most successful people in effective communication,are the ones who listen the most and look at everything carefully.  The best people in the field of effective communication are the people who have a great skill in knowing  personalities. These people have the ability to guess others personality traits and characteristics according to the mood of others and even groups.  These are people who know body language well, predict the attitude of other people and how they deal with various issues, and know how each group of people expresses their values ​​and concerns in social communication.  People with the ability to communicate effectively, not only can identify their surroundings well, but also have an extraordinary ability to adapt to their surroundings.  It looks like these people have high emotional intelligence;  Because they are able to cope with it without arguing with the environment.  In fact, it does not matter Who is in front of them?  They have the ability to communicate with any individual or group, with any characteristics and attitudes.

Given the characteristics of people with effective communication skills, how can we know that our skills in this area have been perfected and are we ready to become a person with effective communication skills?

The answer is that you need to get to the point where in your interactions with other people you are constantly using the basic 10 rules that we want to  talk about.

1- Don’t  be hypocritical:

No one likes to work with someone they do not trust.  If people feel that their leader deserves to be trusted, they will support him or her and they accept the dangers along the way.  But if the leader has a weak personality and the members of his group realize his hypocrisy,they  never trust him or her like the way they should.  Remember, in only one way you will be trusted (at your best) to act honestly, think intelligently and be decisive in your decisions.  Remember, if there is trust, there is forgiveness and empathy.  People can forgive those one  they trust.  But you probably can not easily forgive those you do not trust.

2- Have a sincere relationship:

An intimate relationship does not mean letting everyone know everything;  This is not necessary at all!  But it is important that your communications with People be reciprocal.  You should not be the only one talking;  Let the people in your organization feel that you care about them.  When relationships are somewhat cordial, the conversation will be more pleasant and effective.  People do not care about you until they know how much you care about them and their feelings and they don’t care how much information you have or what you really want to say; This is a truth!

The classic model of business theory says that leaders should stay as far away from their employees as possible, that is, respect the position of the boss and how he differs from others.  But I say taking distance and staying in the shadows does not allow communication to take its true form.  If you don’t develop your relationships with your staff or friends and stay in the shadows, you will never know what is going on in their minds and you will know when It is too late to take any action on any kind of relationship.

3- Be clear and simple:

A clear, distinct and precise character is better than a complex character.  People are less secure in the face of mysterious and complex characters.  Instead of behaving in a way that makes the other person feel that you are trying to confuse them to disarm, it is better to learn that there is no need to play with the other side to compete with him.  Keep your goals in mind and try to achieve them, but also care for others and their goals, too.  Do not try to win the field by exaggerating and confusing the other side.  Another important point is that if always candid and go straight to the point, you have a better chance of communicating and the audience is more eager to hear what you have to say. But the more you marginalize, the longer and more boring the other party will think, and the less he will listen to you.

4- Influence others:

The best people in effective communication do not just focus on learning and gaining skills or receiving information; They have special skills in conveying ideas, prioritizing expectations,Inspiring actions and expanding their perspectives.  Always remember that the key to influencing the other party is having a good heart. The more you focus on helping others (that is, put more energy into wanting to be energized), You have got your goal . You may think this view is wrong or inconclusive;  But it is better to think about a right relationship than to pay attention to the result. You may think that he is taking advantage of you by paying attention to what the other person wants.  But rest assured if you pay attention to balance, you will achieve the desired result and you will not feel that you have been abused.

5- Keep an open mind:

In most cases, insisting on the old way of thinking we have lived with for years is our biggest limiting factor against new opportunities. The characteristic of a good leader and a skilled person in effective communication is not to take a stand against new ideas and opinions.  This leader with a desire to seek to prepare its mind to accept opposing views and positions so that it can satisfy them if necessary and take them with him.I’m surprised that people are afraid of opposing views;  While they should really be interested and curious to receive these comments and use them for their own purposes.  Because each new and different opinion opens a new horizon of the subject in the human mind.have an open conversation with the ones that are in touch with you, let them challenge you, these conflicts will make you progress.  Remember that It does not matter if they agree or disagree with you, it’s important that you show that you want to listen to them calmly and patiently and chat with them.  Discuss with people with an open mind and try to learn things from each other.

6- Talk less and listen more:

Of course, just because you talk does not mean that you are in a conversation and that a conversation has begun.  The most conventional form of conversation is formed during a conversation, not during a speech, nor when you are talking to yourself.  Learning is not earned by talking;  Because in this case you only transfer the information and do not receive anything to add to what you have learned.Prepare your ears to listen to the first step in gaining effective communication skills.

7- Replace selfishness with empathy:

I know wise leaders who believe that man should not trade his inner and moral qualities for anything. A good communication  is formed in a time when frankness in individuals is accompanied by empathy and attention to the other party, not by arrogance due to selfishness.  Know that empathic communication represents the originality and transparency of the inside that is less present in individuals and societies.be careful In your relationships with people that trusting and empathizing with them is far better than communicating with selfishness and extreme self-centeredness. The more the parties involved selfishness, the more fragile communication becomes .  Understanding this reciprocal principle in communication, turns anger into respect and doubt into trust.

8- Also read the unwritings:

This principle means that you do not pay attention only to what you see.  Try to have a high understanding.  Everything should not be said! You need to understand some things about issues and people unspoken. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.They have an extraordinary potential to understand the unspoken, the unheard, and the unseen.  It’s like that they can read the whiteness between the lines of a text.  Therefore, they know that the path to progress does not mean distancing oneself from individuals and the society under their leadership. Close your eyes and lips for a few seconds and listen well;  You will be amazed at being able to understand new things.

9 – Have enough control over the topic you want to talk about:

Gather a lot of information about the topic you want to talk about (even if you do not use all that information when talking). Others feel when you are talking about the subject but do not have enough expertise, it is rare for them to give you their time. Most successful people are not interested in listening to someone who does not add anything to their knowledge.

You must have heard it said, “It does not matter what you say, it matters how you say it” . There is an important truth in this sentence.” I’m here to tell you that by the way it’s very important what you say.  People who have the ability to communicate effectively,care in both cases (What you say and how you say it) and keeps them from not falling into the trap of becoming merely talkative.

10 – Pay attention to each member of the group:

Leaders are not always supposed to communicate individually with individuals.  A person with effective communication skills should be able to have the necessary flexibility in his speech in its kind. He must be able to speak easily to the 10 or 10000 people present in the conference room, That every person feels is being talked directly.  If you are in a place where you are talking to everyone present at the same time, you should be able to earn credit for yourself and gain people’s trust.  Having the right understanding and communication are the key to successful interactions.

The leadership lessons mentioned here are used at all times and for all types of communication.  When you want to send a message to establish communication (directly or indirectly through a third party) make sure your message is conveyed correctly,it’s  reasonable, and according to business logic, it is recognized as valid. The most important thing is to feel that connection is not for addressing yourself and is done in order to interact with others.  If in communication, the other party is given normal importance, a number of communication problems will be solved and your relationship develops.


What is said in this article about the principles of communication applies to any type of communication.


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